Friday, June 30, 2006


New updates included on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday, July 2nd.

Sorry for all the multiple posts at one time… I’ll explain later in this entry!


Armand Zander is now missing and Rachel went to his house where cops and reporters were milling about and rumors are flying that Zander set the fire at the VIK Institute. And to top it off Mittlewerk is gone again. Rachel has linked to D.J. Dan’s podcast which means she is listening. And the Valenzetti Equation looms heavier every day. And, wait for it… huge revelation… RACHEL is PERSEPHONE!! Remember we called it over a month ago!

Rachel Blake Update – Friday, June 30, 2006

Does Rachel Blake know who Russell Andrews is? She states in her update that he is "a random guest on a podcast known to exaggerate"! How would Rachel know that if she didn’t have some first-hand knowledge of Andrews? Mittlewerk is on the Italian Riviera and GIDGETGIRL knows from first-hand experience (not explained) that the Valenzetti Equation is one of the highest items on TWM's agenda.


The D.J. Dan podcast has been posted today as well as an update. First the podcast… At the Retrievers of Truth page enter your e-mail address to the system. You will receive the following e-mail from Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole:

Dear friends,

I want to thank you all for registering for my newsletter. Things in the world of Bole and the Retrievers of Truth are very exciting as of late. The RoT is getting worldwide recognition and I will be appearing on several television shows in Korea and Australia in the very near future.

The other day I was walking along the river, Bien Ecouter, near a friend's home in Switzerland. I was contemplating the nature of things and eating a buttercream torte when a yellow lab came out of nowhere and blocked my path. I stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity stunned by this intrusion all the while wondering what the creature's intentions were.

The yellow lab is a highly evolved creature, as I have stated on my website and in my many books. When they venture into our personal space it is usually for a reason and at this moment I could not fathom what this particular stranger wanted of me? Had he heard of me from other retrievers? Did he sense my willingness to communicate? Was this all just a coincidence?

After a few seconds our eyes locked and we communicated. He stated his name was "Wand Prowess." He then stated that I should remember his name, "not as it is but as it can be." Then he began what seemed like a poem, "In the Pacific I'm in the ocean bare, when I'm up north I'm the sea bear." I tried to question both statements but he just looked at me, turned and as he was about to walk away he said, "I'll leave you with two things to ponder" and he then turned and ran off. These are they:

Maslow's hierarchy

Keep who's eye on the prize?

I only tell you these tales of my journeys to entertain. But I do hope these incidents in my life will inspire you to look more deeply into your own. Yours truly, Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole

PS: Consuming a diet high in fiber can be beneficial to the BLOOD.

Note: Bien Ecouter means "listen well" or "pay attention" in French.
"wand prowess" is an anagram for "new password".

From the above e-mail we note that the "ocean bear" and the "sea bear" are clues to the real password, which is "polar bear". "wand prowess" = new password = polar bear. Enter polar bear to the ROT e-mail box and you will be re-directed to the ROT Verizon Forum. Under the thread "By the power of gravy…" you will find this website listed:

D.J. Dan Podcast 06/30

Part 1
Announcer: Coming to you live, from the fire in your belly...
Singing: D.J.Dan…
Announcer: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man!
D.J. Dan: And I'm here talkin’ to Russ...
Russell: Russell
D.J. DAN: Yeah, yeah, Russell Andrews...
Russell: Who's...
D.J. DAN: Who, uh...
Russell: ...Who's here to tell yo...
D.J. DAN: Russell...
Russell: —that we are in a lot of trouble and most of us don't realize it!
D.J. DAN: Russell.
Russell: We have an ecosystem that...
D.J. DAN: I'm trying to be polite here, Russell.
Russell: Huh.
D.J. DAN: Tell us, what is your job?
Russell: Okay, I've already explained, I'm a mathematical forecaster, and...
D.J. DAN: Now, now, hold it right there, just hold. My listeners hear "Mathematical Forecaster" and (snaps fingers) they're disconnected. Now Russ, tell me, what does a Mathematical Forecaster do?
Russell: Okay, basically I use algorithms to forecast systematic...
D.J. DAN: Ah! You use math to predict the future! But Russ, nobody can predict the future.
Russell: Not true.
D.J. DAN: I repeat, nobody!
Russell: That's not true!
D.J. DAN: I don't care who you are. What you do. Who you pray to. What kind of computer power you're packing. What kind of degrees you're holding. What kind of tarot cards and star charts and tea leaves and coffee grounds and pig's blood and moon runes you read—you'd never ever predict what is coming out of my mouth right now. Gimme... give it a shot, come on, try, try, try...
Russell: Uh....
D.J. DAN: Six backward church dummies, you know, Madagascar? Huh?
Russell: So, so, so what?
D.J. DAN: So I just proved my point.
Russell: Look, DJ Dan, if what I'm saying is so far off the mark, tell me, why would the U.N. hire Enzo Valenzetti in 1963 to apply the laws of statistical probability to predict the future... of, of mankind?
D.J. DAN: Enzo Venza.. What, ah? What, ah?
Russell: En... Enzo Valenzetti. He was the greatest mind in mathematical history.
D.J. DAN: Then—then how come I ain't heard o’ him?
Russell: Because he died before his prime. He was piloting a plane from Naples to Paris, and it just... disappeared. He—he was killed, killed, DJ Dan, uh, to hide the truth.
D.J. DAN: And what truth might that be?
Russell: Uh, okay, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.N. decided to apply my field, uh to the problems of humanity. They hired this brilliant grad student, Valenzetti, to come up with an equation, that would help look into the future...
D.J. DAN: Alright, alright, alright, alright, Rusty...
Russell: ...of mankind. Russell.
D.J. DAN: Rusty, Rusty, Rusty, uh, what did this equation say?
Russell: Well, nobody knows. It was an oral presentation to the U.N., and then, then the whole thing's been suppressed. And he developed it on his, on his, own in seclusion.
D.J. DAN: Then, then how do you know this Valenzetti Equation even exists?
Russell: Because a book was written about it. I've been trying to get my hands on it for years, but it's out of print, and somebody just bought the original publisher.
D.J. DAN: Yeah, sounds like a real conspiracy theory, Rusty. And who, pray tell bought the publishing company?
Russell: The Hanso Foundation...
D.J. DAN: SHUTDOWN!! Very clever, Russ, very clever, but I've seen enough parlor tricks in my day to know when I'm being had. Next caller!
Part 2
Woman: Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to shut down your callers, D.J. Dan.
D.J. DAN: Oooh, a feisty one. You, uh sound way too hot to be one of my ConspiraSpies, so who am I talking to here?
Woman: Here's what I know. Remember your VIK Institute show?
D.J. DAN: Mmm-hmm.
Woman: Mental hospital run by the Hanso Foundation full of number-crunching savants in the mysterious third basement?
D.J. DAN: Yeah, yeah.Woman: I know for a fact it's full of mathematicians. And those savants? They're running an equation over and over. It's just like what you said. Mittlewerk doesn't want a data trail.
D.J. DAN: So, uh, so, so what. So you think they're running this, uh... Valentiki equation? Woman: Guess you are as smart as you look.
D.J. DAN: Oh-ho-ho-ho. If I wasn't married I'd take you to the Puerto Rican beach where I grew up and marry you on the spot!
Woman: Too bad you're married.
D.J. DAN: (In Spanish - Well, ah, maybe you can humor me and... uh tell me what you're, uh what you're wearing, please? )
Woman: You want to know what I'm wearing? Something cute!
D.J. DAN: Oooh.
Woman: Too bad the Hanso Foundation wants me dead. You'll never get to see.
D.J. DAN: Wait a minute, who is this really?
Persephone: Persephone.
D.J. DAN: What… Persephone? Tonya!... Quick… Perseph…Tonya, quick! Trace the call, trace the call right now, trace it, c'mon!
Tonya: Trace it?
D.J. DAN: Go...just...get...go...
Tonya: With my pencil?
D.J. DAN: Just—aww… D.J. Dan, more in love than ever before.
Announcer: You're listening to D.J. Dan, shutting down the man!

So, it looks like Persephone (Rachel) and D.J. Dan have finally made contact. We wonder what that might mean? And the MF (and what does that stand for?) seemed to know more about Valenzetti than just about anyone else I’ve heard… including Gary Troup. Who is Russell Andrews? And is he now “in-game”? Valenzetti died in a plane crash… then simply disappeared? Which one is it Russell? And why would Rachel want to talk to D.J. Dan now? Stay tuned!!

Next podcast coming on 7/05...


Eyes on the Man – Who We’re Looking at This Month

Seeing as the page has been up since May shouldn’t it be “Who We’re Looking at Every Other Month”? At any rate, D.J. Dan has got his eye on Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk:

WELCOME (From the Cabaret clue, translated from Wilkomen)
YOUR ("25 15 21 18" clue given over AIM by DSLerator)
NEXT (From the Mandrake Wig Myspace quiz - Question 3)
VIDEO (Also from the Mandrake Wig Myspace quiz - Question 4)
NEEDS (Maslow's hierarchy of "needs" -ROT newsletter)
YOUR (Keep who's eye on the prize? -ROT Newsletter)
EXPERIENCES (Mandrake Wig Flikr Page - "Direct Observation")
CHECK (ROT clue - "You get it from the waitress! THE END")
TOMMRROW (Guessed by player Acts4Food)

Then at:
enter the following extensions to the website and a log-in box appears.
/welcome /your /next /video /needs
/your /experiences /check /tomorrow
Still checking for the user name and password.

Admin Log-in

And confirmed on the Mandrake Wig site with his post from June 29th.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank you all.

I want to WELCOME and thank all my new MySpace friends for visiting my page and reading my thought and mental excursions. I enjoy your questions and comments immensely. I hope you understand that at times I cant really answer all of YOUR questions with the specificity most of you would like. NEXT time you ask questions Ill try my hardest to supply as much information as I can provide.

One of my other hobbies is photography. I try to take interesting pictures and VIDEO as often as possible. As a young adult I often envisioned myself a young photojournalist getting the breaking story for the national news magazines... ah those childhood dreams and ambitions. So I really wanted to give my totally amateur photos a nice viewing place and found the gallery on MySpace to be wanting.

When I first joined MySpace I met a lovely lady named Lena. When she learned of my off-hours interest in photography she pointed me to a site called Flickr. If you get a chance or have some time take a look at my photos. And thanks again Lena for your helpful generosity, your discretion, and for just being you. You can meet some of the nicest people on MySpace. Enjoy.

ROT CLUE UPDATE - SET 2 (Fiberoptician)

Complete transcript (all three documents together):

"Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 20:53:06 - 0500
------>> To:
Subject: AP site -
After careful scrutiny of the census figures, geological reports, customs inquiries and gepgraphical surveys prepared by yourselves and the experts at the CCS, the core group has deemed, regretfully, that site alpha

-------- (4888), beta (1060), and delta (10120) remain unsuitable for carrying 00000000000000>>>> out the SPIDER PROTOCOL -- even taking into consideration the recommended parametric recalibrations. ---------

Despite my initial (and continued) retience, it seems that fate has dealt its card. We have no choice but to fall back

to the original island target. While THF has not utilized the site for some time, its unique properties render it more than adequate for our purposes at this particular juncture.


So perhaps I am wrong and the BLOOD clue is “in-game” or are there two BLOOD clues happening at the same time? It just didn’t (and doesn’t) seem right to me… oh, well… you can’t be right all the time. I apologize for my rant yesterday but I am still feeling a bit miffed that TPTB would not include everyone in all the clues. Onward!!!

A note concerning the Dick Cheever webpage (see sidebar for link):
The way to know for sure if the Dick Cheever's Blog is "in-game" is to find out if "the fixer" is named Paul. Cheever names him in his blog. If this turns out to be true then Dick is "in-game". I've been told that the Cheever website was first found in the source code at Broadband but have been unable to find it myself. However, with the quickness that some clues, videos, messages, etc. are removed from their host sites that should not be an indicator.

And a personal note to the loyal readers of this blog. Thank you for your continued support. I have been on vacation the past week and apologize for my very late postings (most done extremely late at night.) We will be returning home tomorrow and will update as frequently as things change… no matter which "in-game" venue it comes from. Again, thanks for reading!


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