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Retrievers of Truth

A new Hanso Foundation commercial aired during an episode of Boston Legal on ABC last night and during the Lost re-run tonight. We’ve asked the question about dissemination of information before and it looks like we now know how they plan on sending us new updates and websites. My question though is, do we have to TiVo ABC on Tuesday and Wednesday nights now? The following is the website:

And a screen cap:

Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé
“His life was a hellish nightmare of neglectful parents, and a near fatal accident until a kindly yellow lab pranced into his life and change him... forever. “

O.K. Here is where the whole thing gets really weird! Dr. Vincent “Wally” Bolé… On the LOST island the golden retriever is named Vincent and Walt is his owner. Vincent Wally….? Weird, huhh? To top it all off, in the season finale when the large foot with four toes is first seen Sayid states, “I don’t know what’s more disconcerting… the fact that the rest of the statue is missing or that it has only four toes.” Hmmm…. How many toes does a dog have???

You can add your e-mail into the box at the top right of the page and it looks like they may send you more information (which remains to be seen). However, if you type any text into the field and hit enter or click on any of the links on the page you will be redirected to the following:

Another Hacked Site??

Clicking on any of the links on the Retrievers of Truth homepage will send you to the following:

which seems to be a website built by Verizon employees who are angry and disgruntled by the Hanso Foundation’s involvement in their company. (See update below – I can’t seem to reproduce the Verizon employee forum now and this site page reverts back to the Retrievers of Truth webpage.)

“Subjugated by the Hanso Foundation”

Retrievers of Truth Website


Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé
His life was a hellish nightmare of neglectful parents, and a near fatal accident until a kindly yellow lab pranced into his life and change him... forever.

Bolé Repartee
"Our best friends are indeed trying to tell us something."
-- Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé, to the UN General Assembly

"It's not just that they're trying to talk to us, they're also listening... intently."
-- Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé, at a conference in Australia, 9/22/2005

"The things that aren't said can be more important than those that are."
-- Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé, to the members of Hanso Foundation, 9/21/05

Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé is a pioneer in the field of canine parapsychology and neuroveterinary medicine at La Ville Du Chien Jaune Université (village of the yellow dog – The Alt 1) outside of Troisvierges (Three Virgins – The Alt 1), Luxemburg. (Luxembourg is spelled incorrectly - The Alt 1)

The nickname Wally comes from the family's trusted Labrador Retriever who saved his life when, as a child, he fell into an abandoned well on the family estate. After this incident and because he had less-than attentive parents (his father was a near-famous neurosurgeon, his mother a saucier and the co-host of a little-watched TV show) he came to look to the dog as his surrogate parent. The bond that developed between them and a chance encounter with The Hanso Foundation CEO and founder, Alvar Hanso, at a life-extension workshop in Rangoon would inspire Dr. Bolé to expand his research and eventually create the Retrievers Of Truth Institute for the Advancement and Research into the Mental Abilities of Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Dr. Bolé has written several books on the subject of canine telepathy including, "Yellow dog, you know my mind," "Don't say fetch, think fetch," and "They may not speak but they say so much." Sadly, at this time all books are out-of-print.

Friend. Companion. Soul mate. The yellow lab can read your mind. Hear you thoughts. Sense your pain. They can communicate without making a sound. Are you receptive?

Lab history & notoriety
Labs of all colors figure large in our history, celebrity, and have insinuated themselves into our very lives. Coincidence, I think not.


Canine clairvoyance facts
How do they know you so well? Why do they show unconditional, unquestioning love? The answer; they speak to your very soul!


History and NOTORIETY
The Andrex Puppy - This precocious yellow lab is the iconic mascot for Kimberly-Clark's Andrex toilet paper brand in the UK.

Buddy - Labrador of President William Jefferson Clinton. He once explained, "If you want a friend in Washington you have to get a dog." Buddy was killed by a car while running loose near the Clinton's NY home in 2002. He later received another Labrador named Seamus.

Widgeon - Prince William's pet Labrador retriever aka The Royal Dog.

Bouncer - The star of the Australian TV series Neighbours - the longest running drama in Australian television history - was hailed as the finest actor ever to grace the show.

Harvey - The Labrador David "Son Of Sam" Berkowitz claimed "commanded him." He later shot the dog but it survived.

This page should serve as your introduction to notable events and individuals without whom this site could not exist. It is all too real. 40,000BC – Cave paintings of light colored dogs are found near Ceci Est Tout Faux, (“this is very false”) France. Scrawl around imagery is translated: yellow dog warns us all. (Is this a clue??)

1899 – A yellow Labrador is born to Black Lab mother in Australia. The Porter family, who owned the dog, insists it be burned as an abomination. He is saved by the child of a kindly servant named Lloyd.

1903 – Lord Dilfer of Trent barely avoids death from an oncoming carriage. He later says he was warned by a friend, though he was accompanied by no one but his loyal yellow Labrador retriever.

1938 – Vincent “Wally” Bole is born but not into greatness. That will be thrust upon him soon enough.

1959 – The government’s secret testing and experimentation on Yellow Labs is leaked to the press by a clerk at the hidden facility in the Yellowstone National Park. He tells reporters he was ‘compelled’ to reveal the information.

1991 – 12 homeless men sleeping beneath scaffolding of a building under construction in New York City’s east side escaped death before the scaffolding collapsed. When asked how they managed to get away without injury they told authorities that a yellow dog warned them. All were immediately committed.
2001 – After extensive work with yellow labs I create The Retrievers of Truth.

2006 – I launched ROT site to massive praise and overwhelming newsletter requests. Have you signed up?

canine clairvoyance FACTS

Yellow Labs, unlike any other breed of dog, have the power to "know us." And they do know us... intimately.

They know our thoughts, our souls, and our minds.
The yellow lab is a singular being put on this earth to enrich our lives and bring us to a better understanding of the world.

The government knows this. Why do you think most US presidents own dogs?

Secret Presidential "Breed Quality Life Enhancement" testing has been going on for years culminating with Buddy the chocolate Lab assigned to President William Jefferson Clinton.
While not as highly tuned to our mental plane as their yellow brethren, Buddy proved to be a positive influence for a troubled President. Today, amongst the nations of the world, President Clinton remains one of our most respected former leaders.

A coincidence?
When Buddy was killed in a car accident he was immediately replaced by another Lab.

His name is Seamus or SAME US - "one of us."

Canine Clairvoyance
What they want us to know

“I guard what is most important in your life – your wellbeing.”

“My bark will alert you but my thoughts will reward you.”

”I am here for a reason and that reason is you.”

“Listen with your heart and your mind and the wisdom they offer will enrich your soul.”

The Hacked Retreivers of Truth forum

Enter the word “porter” into the e-mail signup box and you will be redirected to a new page.

We've discovered that our beloved company, Verizon, is being used by the Hanso Foundation to further their plans for global domination - think rebel alliance vs. evil empire. We couldn't just sit on the farm and not get involved. So we got... involved.

We didn't want this job. We tried to ignore what was happening. But we saw something no ones else seems to have noticed... yet. The devil is not in disguise, he walks among us. He is the Hanso Foundation and he wants nothing less than our very souls. So we packed up our apathy and climbed the nearest electronic rooftop and shouted. And this is our voice. Open up your eyes, throw off your tattered skepticism and read in... the TRUTH

Another websites found in the messages: which looks like a Verizon advertisement site.
And this strange oddity:

And another important note: It seems that the Verizon page has been hidden from view. I am unable to redirect to it and now all the links actually connect to other pages. I will continue to monitor this situation and update as necessary. The above seems to have been during a webpage update. The forum can be accessed using the "porter" password.

Also: found in the source code "magic" and "normal". Clues?? Passwords??

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