Monday, June 19, 2006


There is a great deal of speculation and commentary on all the other forums and blogs concerning the Rachel Blake video. Someone searching the site originally found the video. Reports vary on who this may have been and how they found it but that is another matter and somewhat supports my Lost insider spoon-fed clue theory. My opinion has always been to confirm that something is “in-game” before posting it here for fear of giving false information and leading people down the wrong path and I continue to hold that position. There is also a great deal of speculation about why the video was pulled and weather or not it was posted prematurely. With that being said, I do believe that Rachel Blake is “in-game” and that she may be the conduit for the next few clues in the game. For some reason the Inside the Experience site has removed all mention of Ms. Blake from their comments and the video is gone from the site (see sidebar clue “??” for original site). Evidently, someone captured the video and published it on YouTube for viewing here at:

Rachel Blake

There is a possibility that it is fake and/or fan based and in reality the video gives us no new information at all. To me it looks like an introduction to those who have not fully immersed themselves in the experience (newbies) as a starting point to enter into the game at this point. As a marketing ploy it make sense to be able to include new players to the game (and sell Jeeps, Sprite, Verizon and services at the same time.)

When, and if, the video is verified as truly “in-game” we’ll add more commentary and report more in-depth about Rachel Blake. Until then, this message and the links to the video will be all that we list. And, in the event that Rachel Blake is found to be “out-of-game” then I’ll apologize to all. In the meantime, I expect today to be a full day based on the June 19 clues that were posted prior to June 19.

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