Monday, June 19, 2006



Just when everyone thought the Hanso Foundation page was down and out for the count we find another clue buried in the source code. Found was, after much speculation and two days of discussion, Rachel Blake's blog [!--] at This is confirmation that Rachel Blake, and by extension her video, is indeed "in-game". Now if we could only figure out what possible clues might be found here… We will certainly post more when we find it!

After examining the page a bit we’ve observed the following: 1) text box at the top of the page inside “My Euro” of My European Trip, 2) a password will be needed for the “Extra Info” box, 3) there is no information in the “profile” of Rachel Blake, 4) highlighting the text box and pasting it into a word document gives you a different message than the one evident on the title page: “My European Trip” becomes “My European Holiday.”, 5) the European map that is shown in the background looks decidedly like the map from Alvar Hanso’s trip through Europe, 6) and there is more here than meets the eye.

Inside the text box is found, in tiny script, “evident agenda” (see also Persephone Page update below). Type this into the “Extra Info” box and you will be directed to this very strange site….

Enter your birthday and you are brought to Rachel’s real web site. And what do we find but … damage control! Yep! The first thing you see is an entry in which Rachel explains away how her video got posted early!

At any rate there is a lot to see here and I will be updating on the fly and adding below as more becomes available.

So it looks like our next clue is with the Engineering Development Center (EDC) in Atlanta and a Dr. Hackett. It looks like our Rachel has made a deal with Mel0Drama (worst fake name ever) and will be sending videos to host. In return we get to look for clues. Put on you thinking caps folks the second part of the game has begun in earnest.


The Persephone Page has changed again toady. An inverted image of a woman can be seen and strange strung-out Twilight-zone music with Morse code? can be heard in the background. Periodically a woman’s voice, talking backwards I think can be heard. There is the sound of a music box which also can be heard every once in a while. Others have reported the numbers as 101 118 105 100 101 110 116 32 97 103 101 110 100 97 which ends up decoding dec/char as “evident agenda” the clue for the Rachel Blake (above) website “Extra Info” log-in. This is a very odd/creepy/eerie image and the clue has yet to be solved.

I believe this may be an image of Bjork! D.J. Dan may have been on to something. Of course, I don’t see the Swan dress anywhere. (Note: Its probably Rachel but I couldn't help myself.)

Oh, and just a quick note that my early posts all pointed to June 19th as a banner day and they sure did not disappoint!

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