Tuesday, June 13, 2006

D. J. DAN PODCAST 06/13/06

Go to the D.J. Dan website and you will notice that a new podcast is up. Click on the 6/13 date. You will be taken to the Retrievers of Truth page. Dead end?!?

From the Electromagnetic picture clue we know to look at the radio tower on the cresent moon image. Click on it and this image on the D.J. Dan site and this image appears.

The file name is magiceye.jpg. From


If you stare at the image (the magic eye a.k.a. stereogram) long enough [another diversion!?!] you will see imbedded the word “conspira”. Add this to the word spies and “conspiraspies”, from the D.J. Dan webpage, becomes the clue for the ERI page.

Later this turned to a link at the following:
which gives us both parts of “conspiraspies”.

Next podcast coming on 6/16…

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