Thursday, June 29, 2006


Rachel has updated her post again today and it seems she is definitely reading the comments. For all those with negative criticism please remember that it does nothing towards moving things forward and is only distraction from the important things. For those of you with valid important ideas, thoughts or observations please keeping posting. Let’s all move more towards helping Rachel find out what is really going on and to help find Alvar Hanso. Enough said, on to the post.

It seems Rachel believes that Gary Troup had no idea what was going on at the VIK Institute and I agree. I am sure there was a lot that he did not know concerning things in Iceland. The Valanzetti Equation is, no doubt, important but we will assuredly have to wade through much more before we see the end of this. And there is NO PROOF that the equation they are talking about is THE Valenzetti Equation or that the VE has anything to do with the hieroglyphics.

So, the glyphs are those used by the savants (and in the hatch) and seem to mean “Death” or something close to that in definition. Should we look at the glyphs one by one? Rearrange them? What might that mean?

And to top it all off… Zander does not answer his cell phone and his e-mail bounces back each time Rachel tries to e-mail him. Something is rotten in, uhm, Iceland!

An addition was posted to Rachel's secret site today:
01.53 P.S. ROT

BLOOD Verizon ROT Clue?

Just a word on the clue (or whatever it may be) that is being reported on some of the forums. When a clue, by virtue of the method it is obtained, is so arcane and as oddly hoop-jumping as it is reported being then we have trouble believing it to be a true and actual clue. Perhaps, the BLOOD clue is real but we will personally feel deeply disappointed and surprised if turns out to be an “in-game” clue. It seems odd that only those who own a particular software program should be able to view and find these clues seems rather suspect to us. The developers of the Lost Experience have only reached out to the world masses in the greatest ways possible: television commercials, hard cover novels, large endorsed partnerships, websites, etc. Why would they purposely eliminate a majority of fans from playing this portion of the game? It does not make sense to us. We, therefore, group this clue with the AIM / Verizon chats and Save Joop clues that, at least to us, seem to be diversionary at best. While fun and even entertaining in there own right, so far, none of those clues have had any bearing on helping Rachel move forward towards her goal. In retrospect, almost every major “in-game” clue obtained to date was done so by a method of searching, deduction, reasoning, hard work and even a bit of luck but when you have to stand on your head, close one eye, open Photoshop and squint… well that’s where we think the whole thing has literally jumped the dharma shark (pun intended). We will continue to monitor and observe and report on any clues that we feel are noteworthy but will stay away from wasting time on what we feel are diversions. In the end, we hope that our reporting is judged on what we have found to be truly “in-game” and not based on guesses.


The clue within a hint inside a clue near a hint…
The first word was the first word in the first song of Cabaret. That is 'Wilkommen' which is Welcome. The second was given by DSLerator on AIM in a code that spelled Your. The third and fourth came from Mandrake Wig's blog on Myspace in his 3rd and 4th Jeopardy clues which are Next and Video. So we're assuming that it spells out 'Welcome! Your next video...' and the last two words are????


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