Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well, Rachel has reached Iceland and her front cover page has been updated with the typical tourist information. In her secret blog page however, she directs us to the following page from a poster named UdonPaul331 who is from the same city (Kolobrzeg, Poland) as Vigi Benoffski.

“Dear ColleaguesI am taking a short job-related leave of absence in the months of June through August to spend quality time with the family and prepare for the Pattern Theorem speech for the 2006 New Millennium Symposium of Mathematics and Statistics in Perth, Australia. During this time I will not be reachable. Please take care of all the student and faculty issues as soon as possible.Sincerely,Vigi Benoffski”

The memo is in Polish and roughly translated (by Rachel) seems to say Benoffski was to appear at a mathematics symposium in Perth, Australia but the dates overlapped with the SAME DATE he died in the fire in Iceland. Something going on there and some players think he may have been lying. Chrck out Pattern Theory when you have a moment… remember Hueristics?

Rachel is staying in the capital city of Reykjavik of Iceland but made a trip to Vik and the VIK Academy (? What happened to the Institute?) The place was crawling with local police and reports and Armand Zander even made an appearance. Mittelwerk and a few of his henchmen (always wanted to use that word but never found the right place to do it) were also there.

Rachel also links to the VIK letter from Zander to Thompson (see post from yesterday) and evidently convinces him to see her. She has buried the video on the web again and expects us to locate it! Evidently he mentioned an enclave of world-renowned mathematicians. Rachel poses this question and I believe it is very important. Time will tell!

Why would Mittelwerk have these mathematicians hiding in a mental hospital, running some arcane equation through the brains of a bunch of autistic savants?

Clicking on the word “Video” in Rachel’s blog redirects you to the Gary Troup webpage. There were two ways to access the video (through the links page, either modem or broadband) but they were removed from the site. A few smart players preserved the video at YouTube at the following:

The video seems to be a discussion between our hero Rachel and Armand Zander, Director of the VIK Institute.

Here are my observations and thoughts:
1. Rachel pretends to be a concerned citizen. Zander ain’t buying it!
2. Rachel tells him that she has read his memo about the mathematicians, the savants and the third basement level.
3. She wants to know why Vigi Benoffski was at the VIK Institute.
4. The third basement is not full of mental patients they are the world’s finest mathematicians. Paid to work undercover and in secret but some of them are working under duress and not of their own free will. They work night and day on an equation (Valenzetti?).
5. The savants are autistic savants with computation powers are unsurpassed. They are running the equation over and over again.
6. The equation is a group of representational symbols that resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics. There are five or six symbols (our hatch symbols, no doubt). A vulture, a staff… Rachel asks to see the symbols.
7. Zander confronts Rachel… asks who she is and why she is involved but Rachel states that the answer to that question is a dangerous piece of information.

Last but not least, the Verizon Forum guys are directing people to go to the Mandrake Wig site (see sidebar.) Can you say red herring?


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