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From the Verizon forum page of Retrievers of Truth click on the new entry: “Too legit to quit” and the Verizon guys are at it again. They have included D.J. Dan as an associate fighting for the same cause (against Hanso no less) and have left the following website to his newest poddcast.

D.J. Dan Podcast 06/13/06

The file is called "ElectromagnetismAntenna" and is 3 minutes 30 seconds long. Find the transcript below:

Announcer: Coming to you live from your conscience.

Singing: D. J. Dan

Announcer : You’re listening to D. J. Dan. Shutting down the man.

D. J. Dan: Mind control, people. We’re talking about mind control. Come on… we all know why MDMA and LSD and PCP and GHB and LMNOP are illegal. Because the man doesn’t want you to have the very weapons he’s dumping in our drinking water and our mac and cheese. So, I ask, have you been brainwashed? Are you being brainwashed? Do you wanna be brainwashed? We’re taking your calls…

Dubuque: Hi, I’m Dubuque from Albuquerque.

D.J. Dan: You’re kidding, right?

Dubuque: Parents can be cruel, D.J. Dan. Anyways, uhh… Dan, I, I feel like you’re right! We are being brainwashed. I mean, I’m pretty close to Las Alamos and all their nuclear experiments and I, I just feel this pressure on my brain, all the time.

D.J. Dan: Yeah, uh that could just be your sinuses Dubby. Just throwin’ it out there.

Dubuque: What I’m sayin’ here is that I notice somethin’ when I was makin’ my cinnamon raisin toast. My toaster… it blocked the rays. When I was toastin’ I felt as close to clear as day.

D.J. Dan: Fascinating, Dubuque. Turn down your toasters people. Next caller.

Jerry: It’s, uhh, Jerry from Ontario.

D.J. Dan: Uh-oh, we’ve got ourselves a Canuck!

Jerry: Yeah, we come in peace. Listen Dan, I wanted to say in response to what you were saying earlier about the Hanso Foundation. Do you really think they are involved in mind control?

D.J. Dan: It’s just the tip of the iceberg Jerry. Tip of the iceberg. It’s like, who are these guys? To recap those of you who missed it, my legion of conspiraspies has been following the Hanso Foundation since ’92 when they were forcefully ejected from the Congo. I mean seriously To be forcefully ejected from the Congo… how bad to you gotta be? What does a clown have to do to get ejected from the circus? What does a rat have to do to get ejected from the sewer? So, some of my conspiraspies went deep-sea fishing off the coast of East Asia? Cause, eh, they heard about our Hanso friends little off-shore research platform. And they can’t see it but, ah, but what they can see is this skinny little line sticking way up in the sky. Now, what do you guys think that might be, uhh? Who are we kidding? Hope you have your foil helmets on boys and girls. Next caller!

Franklin: Dan, this is Franklin. I teach bioengineering at a Big 10 University.

D.J. Dan: Hut, hut, Franklin! Hike me the info!

Franklin: Well, what I’m worried about is nano-technology.

D.J. Dan: Uh, nano-tech-what?

Franklin: Nano-technology. It’s essentially the miniaturization of machines down to the molecular level.

D.J. Dan: Uh, wait, wait, whoa, whoa! You mean robots so small they’re invisible? That sounds awful! Why would anybody wanna do that?

Franklin: Well, there’s lots of useful applications. Medicine, computers… For example, you could capture billions of these nanites.

D.J. Dan: Nanites? Nanites… is that geek for invisible tiny robots?

Franklin: Right! You could capture them in an electromagnetic field and have them float over, say, wheat fields acting as a poison-free pesticide.

D.J. Dan: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! Wha… what does that even look like? If a, a, bunch of these nano-thingies got together? What are we talkin’ about here?

Franklin: Something like a stormcloud!

D.J. Dan: (Laughs) O.K. Franky, sometimes a storm cloud is just a storm cloud. So, so wait a second. Wait a second! So, so you’re saying that these tiny invisible robots can kill?

Franklin: Yes! And they can think!

D.J. Dan: Well, you heard it, folks, tiny invisible killer brains. And I was worried about the Hanso Foundation. D. J. Dan. Back in three… Have to slip into my impenetrable lead suit.

Outro music

Announcer: You’re listening to D.J. Dan. Shutting down the man!

And another tie-in to the series. I think we all know what the island smoke is now! Nanites unite!!

P.S. On the D.J. Dan website if you go to the Conspiracy of the Month and click on the top image of the shark it takes you to the site with the podcast for 06/08.

P.S.S. The following countries are located in geographic East Asia: The People's Republic of China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Republic of China (Taiwan), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Republic of Korea (South Korea), Japan, and Mongolia.

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