Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Evidently, Rachel is unable to get any information from Mittlewerk other than he is studying 100 year-old shipping lanes. So, off to Hugh McIntyre complete with a link to the old Hanso Executive Bio hack for Hugh found here at:

Photos of Hugh & "Friend"

Then begins the search for dirt on Hugh. And how is this going to help us find out what Mittlewerk is up to? The sign above the door in the first photo is "pas de colportage" and is an anagram for "locate page drops" and "cataloged ESP pro" and "PC data log repose."

Who is the Corporate Liaison for the Global Wealth Consortium Hugh is seen with here:

Does anyone see her name listed here and is that an ID number just below her photo? E-mail me if you find anything interesting.

And this press release:

Press Release

The Hanso Foundation is pleased to announce that, as a result of the efforts of the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program, the Global Welfare Consortium has named the Foundation a Partner in World Health, a status granted only to those organizations at the forefront of the battle to curb the spread of infectious disease. The Global Welfare Consortium was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1952 to respond to and anticipate the health needs of an increasingly global society. Current membership stands at 186 nations, with the recent expulsion of several African states due to long-standing charges of ethnic cleansing. While those regimes no longer receive GWC funding, the Consortium continues to work at the local level with private organizations, such as The Hanso Foundation, to provide key medical resources to embattled territories. While the GWC's primary focus is on the combat of diseases such as SARS, AIDS, and avian flu -- infectious, congenital, and degenerative -- its mission, standing in alignment with that of The Hanso Foundation, is to bring the citizens of the world to the maximum level of wellness. This indicates not only a state of being free from infirmity or disease, but a point of balance between the emotional, physical, and social states. With 8 regional offices and 150 country offices, the GWC is well poised to quickly react to emergent situations, as well as to maintain high minimum health standards globally.
In the GWC's thorough review of The Hanso Foundation's major programs by the regulatory Corporate Compliance Committee, The Hanso Foundation was found to exceed the GWC's standards of corporate excellence in the areas of environmental impact, social outreach, and workplace safety/well-being standards.
Hanso Foundation Communications Director, Hugh McIntyre: "As a Partner in World Health, The Hanso Foundation is now a key private-sector aid to the GWC's ongoing and constantly evolving programs. We are proud to have this distinction bestowed on us."
Hugh McIntyre
Communications Director

About the Hanso Foundation
The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race. For forty years, the foundation has offered grants to worthy experiments designed to further the evolution of the human race and provide technological solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.

“From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity. Our most precious gift, without exception, is the desire to know more - to look beyond what is accepted as the truth and to imagine what is possible.” Alvar Hanso, Address to the U.N. Security Council, 1967
Media Contact: Hugh McIntyre

(206) 861-5017/

Hidden link:

but it has not changed. We still see the creepy flickering upside down image of Rachel?


Monica said...

Do you think Rachel Blake is related to Alvar Hanso (maybe his Daughter)? Don’t you think it is awfully strange that a person would put herself in danger just to find some strange man she never met?

The Alternative said...

That is a common thought among some of the players. We're definitely looking into this as a possiblilty.

The Alternative One