Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Please note that there where three updates today!!!


After Persephone’s countdown clock has reached zero the IGA page reverts back to its original form. There are some differences however. The images of cells are now glowing and there is a text box which can be found under the photo of the two people in the image. This is where I have a slight problem… it seems someone has given us a password of “parthenogenesis” which they state comes from putting various clues together and means reproduction without male fertilization. I find this explanation highly unlikely and continue to contend that someone inside the game is feeding answers to certain players. UPDATE: It seems the password "parthenogenesis" was actually found in the source code of the richerbroaderdeeper website which was buried in the Verizon forum. And I now feel better about it. Pardon my earlier skepticism. Also, if you do a google search for Japanese mouse and father which is another clue inside the Retrievers website the first few links contain the word "parthenogenesis" in the page descriptions.

In any event, enter the password into the text box and you will be taken to the image of a person standing in a clearing in the forest/jungle. You can hear birds chirping in the background, see sunlight filtering down through the trees, and hear the soft sound of the surf in the distance. This person in the image is wearing a Dharma Initiative jacket or HAZMAT suit but the face cannot be discerned.

If you click on the image of the person in the background another image will appear. This is an idyllic jungle scene (complete with floating insects) with jutting rocks on a beach seen in the distance. Presumably, this view is from the perspective of the person in the jungle in the first image.

Click on the mage of the rocks in the background and a new image will appear.

This looks like a close-up of the beach in the scene above. The difference is that there is a body of a dead shark on the beach here. The sound of ominous music is playing in the background and the sound of harder surf can be heard. Click on the image of the dead shark to continue.

The following image will be displayed:

Notice anything familiar. Does this resemble the image of the Dharma Shark from the D.J. Dan website? I think so. What is the image though? It does not look like a Swan to me. It resembles a palm tree more than anything else. However, I’m having trouble identifying the image myself. Anyone have any suggestions?

Click on the Dharma image to continue back through to the IGA page.

For those having trouble with the site you can view the island by clicking on the following:
(from the Speaker - Inside the Experience)

Please note that if you hold your mouse over the shimmering cells at the top of the IGA page they spell out, "Retrievers of Truth."


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