Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I get the feeling that since the first few of Rachel's posts are numbered from Copehnagen that posts later on may come from other cities and locations.


Observations, clues and/or thoughts (not necessarily in that order):

Rachel states that the importance of her video diary is imperative and needs a place where THEY can’t hack or shut her down (shades of D.J. Dan.) She has decided to sneak the videos “onto some major corporate websites” that will be password protected and we’ll have to check back periodically for the “keys.” Obviously, this has become our new home for clues since the closing of the Hanso Foundation site (which I cannot access anymore at all except for the red inaccessible page.) And she certainly has a penchant for stating the obvious: be prepared to watch more commercials while following Rachel’s exploits. She thinks that TRUTH is a price worth paying for. As long as the TRUTH isn’t a soft drink, vehicle or technological service, I’m game…

Conveniently enough, along comes a poster to the comments named Mel0Drama who has a proposition for Rachel. But first a story about a Dr. Hackett. Mel0Drama tells Rachel that he is “in our heads” and that he is in Atlanta at the EDC where Mel0Drama works in the archive. Later we learn that the EDC is the Engineering Development Center. Mel0Drama wants to trade video hosting privileges (in which she alone has the keys) in exchange for a hack into the mainframe and company vault. Hmm… Sounding more and more like Persephone to anyone?

So Rachel and Mel0Drama are now working together and our next big revelation will undoubtedly come from the Engineering Development Center and its website/phone number/blog/executives/etc. Stay tuned for more…


Rachel seems to be a bit discouraged. Things are harder than she anticipated.

The comments section has gotten out of hand very quickly. They’ll need a full time monitor before too long. There are a number of strange comments from “Anonymous” in Rachel’s second Post (not even sure if this is a real player or not) and a lot of sophomoric rhetoric from many others that has taken over the board. Time-wasting posts to say the least and a bummer for the true players. I notice that most of the usual players have even given up posting comments.

Rachel's cover website background map:

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