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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The Hanso Foundation website was updated today with the following statement by Alvar Hanso:

“To All:

The path of secrecy is a slippery slope. While necessity may dictate, at times, that we shade ourselves and our work from the all-too-often harsh light of inquiry; habitual secret-keeping can mire even the noblest of intentions in shadow. It is this shadow I feel prey to, blinded not only to the actions of colleagues like Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, but also to the works of my own hand.

I fear the lessons learned have cost many their happiness. Some few have even lost their lives. My regret for this is endless. But, I assure you now, as I did then, that the work of The Hanso Foundation has always been intended to bring rebirth to a dying land and a dying people.

Our methods must change. As of this moment, The Hanso Foundation enters a period of restructure and overhaul. Transparency and oversight will be our guiding principles, excellence in communication and response to feedback our greatest strengths. To save humanity, we need first tap into just that – our humanity.

Much time has passed – perhaps too much. Thanks to the tireless efforts of my daughter, Rachel Blake, and a worldwide movement set against the dark entity that was Thomas Mittelwerk’s regime, I have been exonerated and freed from imprisonment. Thanks to the grace and foresight of the Global Welfare Consortium, we at The Hans Foundation have been given a second chance to build a future that can support, enrich, and cradle us all in peace and joy.

It is to this I dedicate my life and my Foundation. My only hope is that you will join me.

Alvar Hanso
(Signed) Alvar Hanso


Life-Extension Project – Educational Outreach Imperative – Institute for Genomic Advancement – Mathematical Forecasting Initiative – World Wide Wellness and Prevention Development Program – Educational Outreach Imperative – The Hanso Foundation”
This is quite an elegant exit by Alvar Hanso and Company. Smells like sequel to me.

If you hover your mouse over the word “humanity” in the third paragraph you will hear the old music that indicated a change or a hidden clue. Click on the word and the screen flashes black, which brings back so many memories, and you will then hear the following message from Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk:

“You’ve taken a battle but that’s all it was, a battle. Humanity needs me now more than ever. I have the virus. I have the will and I will not fail.”

In the background this strange image of TWM floats.

Can you say TLE2?

Monday, September 25, 2006



Most of us stayed up late last night to listen to the final ramblings of D. J. Dan and crew (we’re going to miss you, Johnny!) And after the normal fare of nanites, doughnuts, aliens and other lesser conspiracies were given the opportunity to witness (hear) a sting operation concerning Thomas Werner Mittelwerk! During Rachel Blake’s call-in interview an anonymous caller phoned in and told Dan that he was monitoring a military or police frequency. The following transcript is of the last moments of the D. J. Dan Live Broadcast and that transmission:

James: Hi, D. J. Dan. My name is James. I’ll get right to the point. My friends and I, we have this little global network going on where we enjoy eavesdropping on all kinds of signals; civilian, corporate, scientific, military…

D. J. Dan: Yeah, yeah James I’m with ya, I’m with ya.

James: And right now at this very moment. Excuse me (clears throat) we are listening to… (Aside: yep, hold on!) We are listening to an encoded highly secure government frequency. I don’t know if its police or military but if you’ll allow me I want to patch you through.

D.J. Dan: Patch us through?

James: You and Miss Blake and the rest of your conspiraspies have to hear this.

D. J. Dan: Alright?!? Go ahead patch it through right now.

James: O.K. Hold on one second…

Sound of radio transmissions…

Alpha Leader: Report

Zulu Team: Zulu in position. Disable lift control?

Bravo Team: Bravo front lobby secure.

Alpha Leader: You have visual on target?

Bravo Team: Yes sir, tenth floor!

Alpha Leader: Is that confirmed?

Bravo Team: It’s a white coat and black ponytail.

Alpha Leader: Lunatics and their hair!

Bravo Team: Ninth floor now.

Alpha Leader: Confirmed tenth floor.

Bravo Team: Look’s like we’ve got a staircase between levels nine and ten.

Alpha Leader: Count on nine?

Bravo Team: We count three. No, four.

Alpha Leader: Armed?

Bravo Team: I’m sure! Target moving towards the elevators!

Alpha Leader: Bravo, we’re moving!

Bravo Team: We’ve been made!

Alpha Leader: Zulu, cut power.

Zulu Team: Cutting

Bravo Team: Alpha, go, Go! Go!

Alpha Leader: Bravo take nine I’ve got ten.

Zulu Team: Power cut.

Bravo Team: Then why am I seeing lights?

Alpha Leader: They’ve got auxiliary

Bravo Team: Freeze!!

Sounds of automatic machine gun fire.

Voices throughout: Freeze, get down, freeze!

Bravo Team: Behind you, behind you.

Alpha Leader: I see him, south corridor.

Bravo Team: Nine clear. I’ve got him cornered in an office. He’s barricaded.

D.J. Dan (in background): Who do they have barricaded?

Alpha Leader: We need a ram.

Sound of door being broken down.

Alpha Leader: Hands behind your back, knees to the floor.

Zulu Team: We’ve got him.

Bravo Team: No that’s not Mittelwerk. They look alike. Repeat, our target’s still loose.

Zulu Team: Where is he?

Voice of Mittelwerk: Gentlemen, I’m sorry to have to do this…

Bravo Team: We’ve got a radio over here.

Voice of Mittelwerk: I can’t have my work compromised. You should run!

Bravo Team: This place is wired. Go! Go!

Sound of people running…

Voice of Mittelwerk: Namaste!

Sound of large explosion and then radio silence…

So it would seem that Rachel’s Sri-Lanka video alerted the authorities to Mittelwerk’s activities. And they tracked him down (most likely in the same building we saw in the video) and attempted to arrest/subdue him. Of course, Tom Mittelwerk was once again one step ahead of those who followed and escaped. But most importantly, he destroyed any evidence of wrong doing when he detonated the building.


Rachel Blake’s Final Video has been pushed up to YouTube for those who did not get to view it last night. The final video contains the two components of the Sri-Lanka Video and a new portion of Rachel in Narvik, Norway. Here is the transcript (with notes):

Rachel Blake looks down into the hidden camera in her purse so that the viewers can identify her. She rings the doorbell of a very modern looking house. The video title: “Rachel Blake, Navik, Norway” crawls across a black screen. Then, a butler (?) opens the door and allows Rachel entrance into the home. Her camera is running and we catch quick glimpses of the walk from the front door to another room. Classical music plays in the background and we see a man standing in a highly modern Nordic-looking room. It is Alvar Hanso himself, older and looking extremely tired.

Alvar (to the butler): Leave us.

(He motions Rachel to sit with his hand.)

Alvar: (Sighs) Rachel Blake.

Rachel: You recognize me?

Alvar: How did you get past security?

Rachel: I have contacts inside your Foundation. The nurse who comes in regularly to take your blood was called away on a family emergency. I’m her replacement.

Alvar: (quiet laughter) Clever. So, did you come to draw blood?

Rachel: How can you joke, after everything you’ve done?

Alvar: You’ve brought in a recording device.

Rachel: No. This is between you and me.

Alvar: I can hear it Rachel, it’s in your bag. You must have thought you could walk into my home, armed with nothing but the truth, and extract a confession from me.

Rachel: Something like that.

Alvar: (quiet laughter again) I think your idealism is touching. And, since it’s the truth you came for, I suppose that is what I should give you. On tape.

Rachel removes the hidden camera from her purse and places it on the coffee table in front of Hanso.

Alvar: The men you see here work for the Foundation. They do not work for me. Their job is to keep me inside. To keep me from talking to anyone of importance. I’m a prisoner…

Rachel: No! You are not dodging the blame.

Alvar: No. No, I’m not. I am to blame for training Thomas Werner Mittelwerk. For grooming him, to be my successor. For giving him all the tools he needed to do the awful things he has. He cannot kill me, but he can keep me locked up while he kills millions of…

Sounds from another room startle them and Rachel covers the camera for a moment.

Alvar: He is the one who has done all of the things that you have exposed. And much worse. All in my name. And yours.

Rachel: Mine?

Alvar: That’s why you came. The reason why you’ve investigated the Foundation. You wanted to learn more about the trust fund that paid for your upbringing. You wondered how a single mother, could pay for an education, and all the advantages you were given. But you are a beautifully intelligent young woman, and you were able to trace the funds back to the Foundation. You searched, and even as you realized all the evil that was being done, even as you turned against everything that the Foundation now stands for, you kept on, because you knew the path would lead, to your father. And now I need your help, even if I don’t deserve it. I may never leave this house alive, and it’s only a matter of time before the guards realize who you are. So take this confession, get it to the press, to the authorities, to anyone who will listen! Make a scandal, Rachel. You are the only one who can bring down Mittelwerk, and set me free. Go now Rachel; finish this once and for all. Go!

Rachel: So long…Dad.

The video fades to black…

O.K. So, we know the Sri-Lanka video was important in exposing Mittelwerk and we now know where Alvar Hanso is (a prisoner in his own home?!?) We also know that Mittelwerk escaped and destroyed the building in the process. And how does all of this connect to Lost?

Will TLE2 entail the escape of Alvar Hanso? Perhaps, even with his daughters help?
What will become of the Hanso Foundation? Will we ever hear that soothing music again? And where is Thomas Werner Mittlewerk? Will Rachel do what Alvar Hanso asks of her? We know what she has done to find her father but what do you think she’ll do to free him?

So, what is the next step? What happens after The Lost Experience? I know that I’m still Jones-ing for more information. Where do we go from here? Do we wait for another Lost Experience (TLE2) or is it done? I assume the “numbers” (don’t they dictate everything - pun intended) will tell all. If enough viewers played the Experience then perhaps we’ll see another ARG. They certainly set it up as if to leave room for the next phase of the Experience. Only time and TPTB can tell…

P.S. Thanks Damon, Carlton, Javi, Andrew, the actors and all the people known collectively as TPTB, et. al. I had quite the Experience this summer!

P.S.S. In the next few days I will be posting my thank you and re-cap to the players of the Lost Experience here and the transcript of the last D.J. Dan broadcast.

Thank you… and namaste!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


"Oh, one more thing... keep sending those questions to The DJ Dan Mailbag lives!!!"

Radio Harvet
U.S - 800.210.9080
Outside U.S - +1 800.210.9080

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Let Your Compass Guide You website was updated today. Although it looks like the site was completely removed a great deal of information was actually released. (The information found here is quite dated and refers to the Jeep Compass sale to THF early in the Experience.) A little investigation of the site, however, will unravel a number of places that you can navigate to.

Visiting the site today you will see the following image and a message that states:


"Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season"

Or, "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?"

Clicking on the word “REMOVED” will take you to this YouTube Video, entitled “!! PLEASE HELP !!”, of musician Eric Hutchinson on a Jeep Compass uncharted tour. He is performing in a bar or restaurant.

At about the two minute mark of the video Eric’s song is interrupted by a man who identifies himself as an employee of Daimler-Chrysler and as he takes the microphone away from the performer he says,

“My name is William Kilpatrick. I was the Fleet Operations Manager for Jeep when the Hanso Foundation signed an agreement for a fleet of Jeep vehicles. Around that time, Rachel Blake informed me that they were planning on using the vehicles to transplant harvested organs into Africa. Not for their little innocent Apollo Candy Company. Now, what I’m saying you need to listen to. Oh my god I think they’ve found me. Listen! Listen! Everything you need to know is in the organs zip folder!”

At this point two large men enter and try to take Kilpatrick away from the microphone.

He screams, “Everything! Everything! You’ve got to help me… It’s in the missing organs zip folder. Go to the site and find out the truth! Thank you Rachel! Help me, somebody! Help me!!!"

The large men drag him out of the bar and into a white Dodge Sprinter van. The camera zooms in on the Michigan license plate which reads: “1646 HH”

The camera goes back into the bar and zooms in a piece of paper held in someone’s hand:

Back at the Compass site…
If you click on “Edit” and then “Select All” (or left click drag or CTL. A) on the “REMOVED” Compass site you will highlight the following set of numbers:


Clicking on the string of numbers (which is the alphabetic transfer code of “Missing Organs”) you will be redirected to the Compass "Index of User" site. Click on the “trash” folder to reveal the following files which were updated today:

OpenersHep.log 21-Sept-2006 1:15 21-Sept-2006 1:15

Click here to open either file...

The OpenersHep.Log file contains the following conversations (note: the last conversation is the newest and the most telling):

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Mon Mar 1 21:34:42 2006
[21:34] OpenersHep: Hey. I have something for you to see. It’s important.
[21:34] wtkFleet35: who is this?
[21:35] OpenersHep: A friend.
[21:35] wtkFleet35: really?
[21:35] wtkfleet35: …
[21:35] wtkFleet35: all my friends have names. do you have one?
[21:36] OpenersHep: You can stop them, William.
[21:38] OpenersHep: You have no idea, do you? What you’re contributing to. What you’re helping them do.
[21:38] wtkFleet35: who? stop who?
[21:38] OpenersHep: Your business partners. The Hanso Foundation.
[21:40] wtkFleet35: look, think you’re talking to the wrong guy
[21:40] wtkFleet35: sorry
[21:40] OpenersHep: WAIT!
[21:40] wtkFleet35 has logged off.
Session Close (OpenersHep): Mon Mar 6 21:40:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 13:08:17 2006
[13:08] OpenersHep: Good. You’re online. Look, I know how that came off before – maybe a little… stalker-y? Sorry. But, I’ve gotta talk to you.
[13:10] wtkFleet35 has logged off.
Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 15:12:23 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sat Mar 04 21:30:10 2006
[21:30] OpenersHep: William.
[21:30] OpenersHep: Are you there?
[21:40] wtkFleet35: enough already! Tell me who you are or I’m blocking ypi!
[21:40] wtkFleet35: you! this is ridiculous!
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 5
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 4
[21:41] OpenersHep: Stop
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 3
[21:41] OpenersHep: So, you’ll listen? If I tell you my name?
[21:42] OpenersHep: Promise not to boil your bunny
[21:42] wtkFleet35: cute
[21:44] OpenersHep: My name is Rachel B. I have information… it’s about Africa. Do you know what I’m talking about?
[21:50] wtkFleet35: not a clue
[21:50] OpenersHep: I don’t believe that. And neither do you.
[21:51] OpenersHep: The Hanso Foundation is using your vehicles, Bill. They’re hurting people, and your vehicles are part of it.
[21:51] wtkFleet35: that’s not possible
[21:52] OpenersHep: They’re being used for transport.
[21:52] wtkFleet35: my vehicles…
[21:52] wtkFleet35: are being used… for TRANSPORT?
[21:52] wtkFleet35: wow. Hope you didn’t strain anything coming up with that one.
[21:52] OpenersHep: You want to joke around, Bill? Or you want to know what’s REALLY going on?
[21:55] wtkFleet35: i have work to do. no time for your nonsense.
[21:55] OpenersHep: Fine. Take your time. Wallow in your denial. And when you come around, take a look at these files.
[21:57] *** OpenersHep is trying to send you "".
[21:57] OpenersHep: Whenever that night comes, when you can’t sleep cause the guilt’s eating you alive? Come find me.
[1:34] *** You have received F:\admin\my_docs\
Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 1:34:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sun Mar 05 09:23:14 2006
[21:40] wtkFleet35: ok. tell me more?

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Thu Sep 21 1:58:03 2006
[1:58] OpenersHep: you there?
[1:58] wtkFleet35: Hello Rachel
[1:58] wtkFleet35: I was just thinking about you.
[1:59] OpenersHep: why's that? what's going on?
[1:59] wtkFleet35: Because
[1:59] wtkFleet35: You're on my mind
[1:59] OpenersHep: ...
[1:59] OpenersHep: trying to win creepy points, will?
[1:59] wtkFleet35: You should watch that tone
[1:59] OpenersHep: who is this?
[1:59] OpenersHep: obviously not william...
[1:59] OpenersHep: spit it out
[2:00] wtkFleet35: Did you really think you would get away with it Miss Blake?
[2:00] OpenersHep: what've you done with him?
[2:01] wtkFleet35: See what you have done Rachel?
[2:01] wtkFleet35: All the people you have hurt.
[2:01] wtkFleet35: And for what, hmm?
[2:01] OpenersHep: tell me you sicko
[2:02] wtkFleet35: Don’t worry about Mr. Kilpatrick. He is in good hands. He is helping others in ways he never imagined.
[2:03] OpenersHep: what is WRONG with you people?
[2:04] wtkFleet35: We promise not to boil his bunny.
[2:05] wtkFleet35: Oh, not to worry my dear. We already have
[2:05] wtkFleet35: By the way, nice place you have there in the Big Apple.
[2:07] wtkFleet35: Rachel dear….you there?
[2:07] *** "OpenersHep" signed off at Thu Sep 21 2:07:33 2006

And the missing organs zip file contains the file "evidence.pdf."

There are 11 pages of documents, as follows:

Page 1
Evidence of the Hanso Foundation’s Crimes
1. Patient Do Not Resuscitate Form
2. Death Certificate
3. Hospital Documents
4. Patient Do Not Resuscitate Form
5. Death Certificate
6. Hospital Documents
7. Jeep Compass Schematics
8. Tax Document
9. Air Manifest
10. Memo

Page 2
Emergency Medical Service Hospital Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form for Daniel Bolda on 06/05/05. (see image below)

Page 3
Republic of Kenya
Certificate of Death
Death: 1/17/06
Name: Daniel Bolda
Sex: Male
Date of Death: 1/17/06
Date of Birth: 11/22/63
Residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Cause of Death: XXXXXXXX
Doctor in Attendence: XXXXXXXX
(See image below)

Page 4
Mombassa Hospital
P.O. Box ______
Date: 01/19/06 (Note: 2 days after death he was administered a drug!)
Name: Daniel Bolda
Room Number: CSR3
Drug administered: Vialex HAP-XP 04

Attached to the document is the photo of a dead person covered by a sheet on a gurney in the morgue.

Page 5
Emergency Medical Service Hospital Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form for Josh Cyccone on 02/09/03.

Page 6
Republic of Kenya
Certificate of Death
Death: 10/08/03
Name: Josh Cyccone
Sex: Male
Date of Death: 10/08/03
Date of Birth: 6/24/59
Residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Cause of Death: XXXXXXXX
Doctor in Attendence: XXXXXXXX

Page 7
Mombassa Hospital
P.O. Box ______
Date: 10/11/03 (Note: 3 days after death he was administered a drug!)
Name: Josh Cyccone
Room Number: CSR1
Drug administered: Vialex HAP-XP 01

Attached to the document is the photo of a dead person covered by a sheet on a gurney in the morgue.

Page 8
Hanso Foundation – Ground Transport Research and Development
2007 Jeep Compass
(Schematic of Jeep with cooled storage compartments and storage for Vialex)
(Note: There is a clock on the bottom of the schematic which reads: 394 hours 28 minutes 55 seconds. Since the post was updated on LYCGY 21-Sept-2006 1:15pm then this would make the time posted equivalent to October 7th, 2006 at 11:43:55pm (if my math is correct.)

Items identified on drawing include:
2007 Jeep Compass Storage Compartments (hand written on drawing)
Thermal Controller
FWD (+Z)
Neuro Compartment
Abdominal Compartment
Coolant Pump
Portable Cooler
Data Storage Electronics Assembly
Thoracic Compartment

Page 9
Hanso Foundation – 990-PF Foundation Tax Document for ½ million dollars signed by Peter Thompson.
Note: Peter Thompson checked off the box at the bottom that said "Self-Employed" and the "Employer Identification Number" is listed as 255:5588745. This looks like a phone number to us but if it is its an international one.

Page 10
Torn Hanso Foundation memo to Peter Thompson concerning flight information from Cape Town, South Africa to Geneva, Switzerland for a couple of people listed as donors.

Hanso Foundation Logo (old style)



Page 11
Memo from Thomas Mittelwerk to Peter Thompson to use ground transport rather than air transportation (presumably for missing organs.)

Hanso Foundation Logo (old style)

"Date: November 5, 2005
Memo to: Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk
From: Peter Thompson
Subject: Ground transport implementation for XXXXXXXXXXXX Program

I agree air transport has become too risky. It is my recommendation we immediately implement the ground transport strategy as previously discussed. While we will have to add donor hospitals to feed the Swiss and New Deli Centers, the Nairobi facility will be able to continue operations with only the smallest of interruptions.

The next step, of course, is to secure a fleet for transport operations. I have already initiated discussion with several vendors.

Will keep you up to date.

Signed: Peter Thompson


Here is the blurb on Vialex and missing organs from earlier in the Experience:


Some of the patients found with missing organs were in a comatose state -- kept alive by heart/lung and dialysis machines. Police investigators have also reported the discovery of a "chilling room" in which recently-deceased bodies were kept just above the freezing point. According to eyewitnesses, industrial quantities of Vialex -- a pharmaceutical agent for the preservation of organs for transport -- were also discovered along with several lots of an as-yet-unidentified chemical marked as "experimental." The hospital -- which has ties to The Hanso Foundation -- denies all accusations of illegal experimentation and organ harvesting, a growing problem in the developing world, but for the families of the victims, the nightmare is worse than any of the charges."

And now we know what happened to William Kilpatrick.

This now makes more sense, too! Organ Couriers

It certainly looks like TPTB are tying up some of their loose ends. This was always one of those unanswered questions that we had after The Hanso Foundation website was Shut Down! Perhaps we need to really keep our eyes open the next few days. The Experience, it seems, is far from over…

The following sentence was added to the podcast archive site yesterday:

"Oh, one more thing... keep sending those questions to The DJ Dan Mailbag lives!!!"
U.S - 800.210.9080
Outside U.S - +1 800.210.9080

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Two articles released today by ABC tell us that the D.J. Dan Live Internet Broadcast is the next to last action of the Lost Experience. The broadcast will evidently include one final clue to find a video transcription (presumably from Rachel Blake) which will be the finale of the Experience.

ABC Television Network


Live Broadcast Features Special In-Studio Guest Sunday, September 24, 8:00 p.m., PT

The multiplatform interactive phenomenon "The Lost Experience" will come to a climactic close on SEPTEMBER 24 (8:00 p.m., PT, 5:00 p.m., ET), with a live worldwide radio internet broadcast hosted by the renegade DJ Dan. The broadcast will also feature a special in-studio guest and announce a link for the final video clue revealing the truth behind the actions of the Hanso Foundation. DJ Dan's previous broadcast gave clues leading to the Sri Lanka video, which unveiled the meaning behind the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. To listen to the broadcast, go to

About "The Lost Experience"
"The Lost Experience" is a revolutionary interactive marketing endeavor based on the international hit television series, "Lost," designed to further enhance viewers' relationship with the program. "The Lost Experience" incorporates over twenty broadcasters from five continents, making it the largest global interactive challenge based on a television series. This experience follows a parallel storyline not featured in the television broadcast, and the challenge is specifically designed in a manner that is not dependent on information specific to either Season One or Season Two, allowing for the participation of those who have not yet seen either season of "Lost". "The Lost Experience" provides insight to unlock some of the island's secrets for those savvy enough to collect the clues, make the connections and find the answers.

About "Lost"
After Oceanic Air flight 815 tore apart in mid-air and crashed on a Pacific island, its survivors were forced to find inner strength they never knew they had in order to survive. But they discovered that the island holds many secrets, including a mysterious smoke monster, polar bears, a strange French woman and another group of island residents known as "The Others." The survivors have also found signs of those who came to the island before them, including a 19th-century sailing ship, The Black Rock, the remains of an ancient statue and bunkers belonging to the Dharma Initiative, a group of scientific researchers.

"Lost" stars Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Mr. Eko, Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Henry Gale, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet, Dominic Monaghan as Charlie and Terry O'Quinn as Locke.

"Lost" was created by Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof. Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, Jeff Pinkner and Carlton Cuse serve as executive producers. "Lost," which is filmed entirely on location in Hawaii and premiered on September 22, 2004, is from Touchstone Television.

And the second article:

The Lost Experience Coming to a Close
Source: ABC
September 20, 2006

The multiplatform interactive phenomenon "The Lost Experience" will come to a climactic close on September 24 (8:00 p.m., PT, 5:00 p.m., ET), with a live worldwide radio internet broadcast hosted by the renegade DJ Dan. The broadcast will also feature a special in-studio guest and announce a link for the final video clue revealing the truth behind the actions of the Hanso Foundation. DJ Dans previous broadcast gave clues leading to the Sri Lanka video, which unveiled the meaning behind the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. To listen to the broadcast, go to

"The Lost Experience" is a revolutionary interactive marketing endeavor based on the international hit television series, "Lost," designed to further enhance viewers relationship with the program. "The Lost Experience" incorporates over twenty broadcasters from five continents, making it the largest global interactive challenge based on a television series. This experience follows a parallel storyline not featured in the television broadcast, and the challenge is specifically designed in a manner that is not dependent on information specific to either Season One or Season Two, allowing for the participation of those who have not yet seen either season of Lost. "The Lost Experience" provides insight to unlock some of the islands secrets for those savvy enough to collect the clues, make the connections and find the answers.

The third season of "Lost" starts on October 4 at 9/8c.

Important note: The times listed on each of the press releases shown above have incorrect times for Eastern Standard Time. The broadcast begins at 8pm Pacific, which is 9pm Mountain, 10pm Central and 11pm Eastern (and not 5pm as indicated.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006



There are strange happenings at the Retrievers of Truth site. The password is still “Steinbeck”.There is a new post entry made with the date of 09/13/06 but which was not there yesterday. It actually looks like it was posted on September 19th and not September 13th. I can’t help but think this may have been a typo. The title refers to the Rockwell (Kenneth William Gordy) hit single, “Somebody's Watching Me,” which after reading the entry will become apparent.

The transcript reads:

It appears Rockwell wasn't just a one hit wonder. - 09/13/06

iobiSeeingYou 7:01am Alert! Calling all ROT'ers!

BroadBandBeatnik 7:03am Present.

DSLerator 7:04am Here.

Fiberoptician 7:05am Don't yell, it's still early...

iobiSeeingYou 7:07am I have some vital information I must immediately bring to your attention.
Fiberoptician 7:09am Someone raided your cookie stash?

iobiSeeingYou 7:11am Halt the sarcasm. This is serious business.

DSLerator 7:13am Spill your beans.

ioboiSeeingYou 7:15am Ok. I had a really odd encounter last night on my way home. I left work a little later than usual and was attempting to catch a cab. There was a guy hailing a cab on the same corner. Well no cabs showed up for a while so I decided to try my luck elsewhere and walk a few blocks down. The guy followed me. Ok you may think he also didn't want to be stuck without transportation, but there was something weird about the way he walked. I could have sworn he tried really hard to appear casual and unassuming. I started getting a little nervous and was relieved when a cab finally turned the corner and slowed down by me. As I was jumping in, I turned around to check this guy out once more.... He was smiling at me. One of those creepy, knowing smiles. And then I could have sworn I heard him say, "iobi."

BroadBandBeatnik 7:20am Whoa!

DSLerator 7:23am Hmm... Are you sure he said "iobi"? Could you have just been tired and confused?

iobiSeeingYou 7:24am I heard it.

Fiberoptician 7:27am Well your paranoia could have impaired your hearing. Why would someone be trying to follow you?

iobiSeeingYou 7:29am Umm. I don't know, let me think. Oh I got it. Because I'm a Retriever of Truth. Because for the last few months I've been actively involved with people who want to overthrow and destroy the Hanso foundation. Because I'm an obvious threat. Do I need to knock some sense into you?

Fiberoptician 7:31am Ok, ok. All I'm saying is you are not that cute. Hehe. Sorry.

DSLerator 7:34am Take it easy Fiber. She can be dangerous when provoked.
iobiSeeingYou 7:36am Don't any of you guys see what I'm saying? The Hanso Foundation may very well be reading these very lines. Yes, we haven't seen them lurking around our offices for a while, but we are FAR from being completely rid of them...

BroadBandBeatnik 7:37am She could be onto something...

DSLerator 7:39am It is a dangerous game we're playing.

BroadBandBeatnik 7:43am We all know the Foundation execs are still out in the real world.

iobiSeeingYou 7:44am Thank you!

DSLerator 7:46am And a wounded animal attempting to survive can be potentially more dangerous.

iobiSeeingYou 7:48am Exactly! I mean, do Hansoids just go ahead and disappear because a bunch of people got together and started exposing their true face? Heh. Maybe they are sitting around in a conference room right now, crafting an apology letter to us. It is too early to celebrate our victory and call it a day. Remember, as long as we are here, as long as we are working for this cause, none of us are safe.

Fiberoptician 7:50am That's quite a theory...

Monday, September 18, 2006



It seems that many of the players who registered at the WhereIsAlvar site or HansoExposed. com received the same e-mail this morning. It reads:




At the Where Is Alvar site the following message has been displayed:





The word "UNITE" is spelled out using an ever-changing display of Apollo images that were posted to the site by players of the Lost Experience. And, the underlined D.J. Dan From the page is a hot link to the D.J. Dan Podcast Archive page.

Update: We're being told that the above message has also been uploaded to and Rachel's Stop Hanso site also.


D. J. Dan Podcast Archive page was updated today and it seems like he is having a very special guest (see last paragraph of the update below). Our guess? Rachel Blake herself!

"Podcast Archive

Next podcast...

CONSPIRASPIES!! Due to recent and reliable reports stating the 74-storey golden robot Zanthazor will return to orbit once again, disrupting the Earth's ionosphere at precisely 7am Pacific Standard Time on September 22 (thank you, Garthazoid!!)...

...Tonya and I have NO CHOICE but to reschedule my worldwide broadcast to 8pm PST on Sunday, September 24!! For those of you who have already put in for a vacation day, my sincerest apologies, but look at the bright side! Now's the perfect time to do yourself a solid and and spend the day in your official DJ Dan Certified 60 Megaton Bomb Shelter!

Until the 24th, ConspiraSpies, stay suspicious, stay vigilant, shield those eyes from Zanthazor's golden rays, and KEEP SHUTTING DOWN THE MAN!!

This just in, ConspiraSpies! You knew it was gonna be a doozy, but my special guest on the 24th is gonna blow your minds. Who is it, you ask? Who could it be? Just head on over to for the straight dope."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006


D. J. Dan has changed his next podcast air date again. Click on the “Podcast Archive” link to see the following message:

“Podcast Archive

Next podcast...

CONSPIRASPIES!! Due to recent and reliable reports stating the 74-storey golden robot Zanthazor will return to orbit once again, disrupting the Earth's ionosphere at precisely 7am Pacific Standard Time on September 22 (thank you, Garthazoid!!)...

...Tonya and I have NO CHOICE but to reschedule my worldwide broadcast to 8pm PST on Sunday, September 24!! For those of you who have already put in for a vacation day, my sincerest apologies, but look at the bright side! Now's the perfect time to do yourself a solid and and spend the day in your official DJ Dan Certified 60 Megaton Bomb Shelter!

Until the 24th, ConspiraSpies, stay suspicious, stay vigilant, shield those eyes from Zanthazor's golden rays, and KEEP SHUTTING DOWN THE MAN!!”

Considering it would take a massive Gamma Ray Flare to disrupt the Earth’s ionosphere we believe the change was made for other more mundane reasons. However, we suspect that a number of people who were complaining now are breathing a sigh of relief and a number of people who took a day off of work (yours truly included) to listen to D. J. Dan on the 22nd are now complaining. In any event, many more players are going to be able to tune in and listen than would have on Friday. And that is the real reason the change was made!

Now, if he’d only tell us where to tune in …

P.S. For those who didn’t know, the biggest man-made explosion in history was a 60 Megaton Hydrogen bomb dropped on a Siberian island from an airplane in a Cold War military demonstration by the Soviets. (One Megaton is the explosive force of one million tons of TNT. [Energy released by 1 megaton H-bomb (fusion): 5.0*1015 Joules]).

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Another coded message has been found at posted a large binary string as the “Apollo bar image” today at 10:41am from Sri-Lanka. (Hint: to find this entry look in either the recent finds or search for "Sri Lanka" in the locations.)

The binary translates (skip code 12) to the following lines:

Reading top to bottom, from the left the message is decoded as: "You lived in 3 different apartments. Be waiting outside your second at 7:45 PM. I'm sending a car. Hope you remember the brand of iron you hit me with, because that's the code."

Malik has set up a meeting, presumably tonight (?) in NYC at quarter to eight with Rachel. He has instructed her to remember the name of the iron because that is the code. But what he should have said was "code word." Since Malik is sending a car the driver would know her only by the code word. Very clever!


As we predicted yesterday two new messages have been found on both of Rachel’s blog pages. The first is a binary code found on her public site posted with today’s date and the second is from her secret blog page (Stop Hanso) and is a short octal (base 8) code. (Note: Click on the titles below to be directed to that page.)

Rachel Blake’s Public Blog

The new post found at The long binary string converts to the following hex string:

The hex string then converts (hex to Ascii) to this message: "R -- I respect your caution. Suppose it's warranted, after all you've come through. I can't remember it exactly, but I think when we were in the stairwell in Paris, you muted the mic as I said, "Because he wanted me to help you, and I can't question a man who would launch the Mental Health Appeal... to save a loved one." Say what you will about him now, his heart was once in the right place."

It seems that it was not the content of the message about the Mental Health Appeal but the message itself instead. After muting the microphone only Malik and Rachel really knew what he had said.

So Mittelwerk launched the Mental Health Appeal to save a loved one? Or, is he discussing someone else? In either case the MHA was obviously created for the benevolence of humanity. But why then is the Hanso Foundation being touted as the antagonist in the Experience? Perhaps, we’ll need more information before we can really grasp the complexities of roles. I think I’ll stick around a while to see what transpires.

We presume that this message is from Malik to Rachel and it seems to be enough to convince her that he truly is Malik because later she posted the following message to her secret blog.

Rachel Blake’s Secret Blog

The code 111151131047156103155116056 was found today on Rachel’s Stop Hanso site under a post dated with today’s date. Using an octal (base 8) decoder we find the message "IiY'nCmN" which unscrambles to read, "I'm in NYC."

Rachel is confident enough in the information supplied by Malik to tell him her location. But why New York City and how long has she been there? Has she been in the U.S. since her escape from Sri-Lanka? If so why did it take her so long to get the message out? And will everything truly shift to Norway now?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


HANSO EXPOSED MORSE CODE MESSAGE was updated today with a hidden message. After logging in you will see a flashing asterisk next to the /Send. Save sequence * links (see image below).

Click on the flashing asterisk to find this MP3 message. This Morse code message is just over 4 minutes long, which when translated reads:

“M –
I wish it were that simple. Fact is, as much as I want to, I still can't trust you.
I want to believe you are the man who helped me in Paris, but de Zylva's name was not unknown.
You could be Mittlewerk himself, springing a trap under my feet.
I need confirmation it's you.
I need you to tell me something only you could know.”

Rachel is obviously demanding proof that Malik is who he says he is. No time like the present to take precautions, huh Rachel? There is a lot of speculation that he will divulge some secret concerning her parents. I believe it will be much more simple than that – perhaps a discussion about their meeting in a hotel room or in the basement of said hotel. Or a code word only he would know. I do not think a great reveal will be given to us regarding this meeting. If anything, we’ll most likely have more questions than answers after they meet in Norway.

So far, we have seen message from Malik to Rachel in the following forums:
The D.J. Dan Live Broadcast and “Bad Twin” the novel, Inside The Experience (Speaker), The Lost Ninja, The Other Girl, and now Hanso Exposed. I would venture to say that we will see a message from one or the other in every major webpage that has been included in the Experience. Look for the next clue(s) to be found in ROT, Rachel’s Secret Blog, Let Your Compass Guide You, etc. If I were betting I’d say that we’ll end up at Rachel’s Stop Hanso page.


The newest TV Guide (September 18th-24th Issue) contains the following Lost Experience article:

"Lost's Numbers Finally Add Up

ABC's online Lost supplement, the Lost Experience, delivered a major payoff on September 8th. An unlocked video detailed how a mathematician was commissioned by the United Nations in 1962 to calculate the timetable for humanity's extinction.

The resulting Valenzetti's Equation was based on factors represented by Egyptian Hieroglyphics, each of which was assigned a numerical value: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, a.k.a. what would become Hurley's cursed digits. Though the Hanso Foundation created the Dharma Initiative to stave off the forecast apocalypse, the foundation's impatient acting president Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk is itching to unleash a virus that will snub 30 percent of the world's population.

Fans who followed the Experience may someday experience deja vu when watching LOST on TV. Says Michael Benson, senior vice president of marketing for ABC: "There's no reason [the Experience's events] can't be integrated into the program."

- Reported by Matt Webb Mitovich"

I would question the evidence surrounding the use of the phrase major payoff! In reality, there is very little useful information that has been revealed by the video that has not already been found and pieced together by the community of people researching the Experience. A few minor pieces of information have been released via the video – the use of the virus on people and the 30% mortality rate – but no real useful information has actually been disclosed.

Is this an unsuccessful attempt of a non-player to explain the numbers? I think it may be! While the idea may be correct there are some major problems with this statement. Is the Valenzetti Equation really based on factors represented by Egyptian Hieroglyphics? While hieroglyphics are represented in both the series and the Experience there is no reason to believe that each of the hieroglyphics have been assigned a number. Rather, the numbers represent factors that may contribute to the decimation of mankind. At least, that is what I took away from the Sri-Lanka video.

The most intriguing part of this article though is the fact that TPTB have acknowledged that the players of the Experience may see part of their months of research and labor payoff in the form of an inclusion of some form from the Experience into future episodes of Lost. Wouldn’t it be nice… watching a future episode of Lost and they mention Malik or Mittelwerk or Rachel Blake or even a guest appearance by one of them? This is very exciting and extraordinary news for the extreme fans of Lost and The Experience. I, for one, can’t wait!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


1/2 Tank Gas - $16.00
Parking – Downtown Chicago $10.00
Caesar Salad - $8.00
Apollo Candy Bar from Rockit Bar & Grill – Priceless

Thanks to badgerkyle from over at TLEC The Alternative One was able to obtain an Acura gift bag and now has his very own Apollo Bar.

The Rockit Bar & Grill had an Acura event this evening and inside the gift bags was an Apollo Bar (not to mention other goodies). We did not see a Golden Oracle but we were not there for very long. It was evident though, that this was not an Apollo Bar give away. There were no Apollo t-shirts in the crowd and no one handing out bars. There was free alcohol, appetizers, and Xbox 360 games. All in all, it was a nice evening out.



Go to the Hanso Foundation’s shutdown site and right click on the screen. Select “Show All.” Move your cursor over the bottom of the screen until you see the text bar and highlight the new message:

Pdeo eo jkp ukqn bwqhp. Wo ukq kjya odkqpaz wp pda pkl
kb ukqn hqjco,
sa'ra whh ckp "xhkkz kj kqn dwjzo." E fqop dkla iu
bneajz eo naopejc awou.

Sdana wna ukq? E'hh jaaz ukq pk iaap ia ej Jknswu.

Using this cyphertext decoder and a code length of 2 the message decodes to:

“This is not your fault. As you once shouted at the top of your lungs, we've all got "blood on our hands." I just hope my friend is resting easy. Where are you? I'll need you to meet me in Norway.”

It looks like Rachel and Malik are heading for Norway. Perhaps, they intend on meeting somewhere near the Hanso Foundation office there? And again, “Where’s Alvar?” comes back again to us… And we may want to keep tabs on Rachel’s secret blog site again. I think we may be seeing a bit more from her site now that she is no longer restrained.


It seems D.J. Dan has changed the date and time of his next live podcast. Go to D.J. Dan’s website and click on the “Podcast Archive.” The new message, which is identical to the old except for the date and time, has been transcribed below.

“Podcast Archive

Next podcast...

ConspiraSpies - loyal ConspiraSpies, suspicious ConspiraSpies, lonely ConspiraSpies (you KNOW I read those emails!) - I have just one question for you:


They thought they shut us down. They thought they had us scared. The Hanso Foundation thought they could just swing that pastel hammer of oppression at our noggins and expect us to flinch!! But, did we flinch? Heck n- well... okay, maybe we flinched a little. Pastel hammers of oppression hurt, ConspiraSpies! But are we gonna hide in the shadows with our heads in the sand? Or are we gonna take it on the chin and give 'em one back?

That's right! It's time to liven things up with another LIVE SHOW!!! September 22, 7am PST, it's a DJ Dan Special Live Event: "The DJ Strikes Back!" This time, it's personal.”

That’s FRIDAY September 22, 2006 at 8am Mountain, 9am Central and 10am Eastern.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006
City: Chicago
Venue: Rockit Bar & Grill
22 West Hubbard
Chicago, IL 860610
Event: 5pm – 9pm

Note concerning the Chicago area Apollo give away this evening...

I phoned the Rockit Bar and Grill today and asked them if they had an ABC Promotion this evening. The guy on the phone told me an Acura event was scheduled from 5pm to 9pm. My guess is that they WILL have the Apollo give away there also. We may have to pop in and see what transpires!

Monday, September 11, 2006


The Other Girl posted a very strange coded message this morning about a weird e-mail she received that was packed full of numbers.

Here is The Other Girl’s message:

“Morning folks, trust you've all had restful weekends. I'm posting early for a change today, as I was going through my postbag and found something weird - got sent an e-mail just with all these numbers in it - and what was even stranger was that it was fixed to look like it had been sent by me! Needless to say, it hadn't and it looks like I've been hacked. Which got me thinking.... anyways, I was looking on Speaker and Ninja's blogs, and they appear to have had something similar happen. I gotta admit, so far I'm drawing a blank, so if you lot feel like applying your considerable brainpower, I'd be most appreciative....”

Using an Octal decode format (base 8) the numbers decode to Rachel's reply to Malik as follows:

"I knew you were behind that. I just knew. He never told me, you know?

When I hit the ground I was sure I was dead. The camera was broken, they were dragging me to my feet... and then a burst of gunfire in the air. These were SCIENTISTS, unarmed. They hit the ground. But not Mittelwerk. He kept coming until de Zylva turned the shots in his direction. Once Mittelwerk was face down on the ground, de Zylva grabbed my hand and we were gone. With the camera.

He didn't talk. He said he was de Zylva, that was it. We knew Mittelwerk was already in pursuit, but we stuck to tunnels that had been dug out during various wartimes. We had some close calls. The goal was the American embassy in Colombo, but when we got there, we knew that was impossible. It was being watched -- the airport, too. de Zylva said The Hanso Foundation had too much influence in Colombo to take the risk.

And, then, they caught wind of us again. We knew we could be caught at any second, and the only important thing was that video. EVIDENCE of Mittelwerk's world-wide decimation plot. I'd planned for this. All I needed was a secure, high-speed connection. The Hanso goons knew it too. They surrounded the place while I was uploading. We barricaded ourselves, de Zylva knew an escape route. I barely got out, made my way to a friend of de Zylva's who could get me to India. I swear, I waited for de Zylva. But he never came.

I'm so sorry."

Click here for the original e-mail coded string (For those purist who might want to plug it in themselves) (Note: click open to view the string or save to download it) and click here for a decoding website and the following for other types of
additional Ascii translations.

We presume that Rachel's first few sentences, "I knew you were behind that. I just knew. He never told me, you know?" deal with Malik and de Zylva. It seems that they were friends and that Malik enlisted de Zylva's help. We certainly embrace the addition of new characters but would appreciate more content than, "He helped me. Then he died!" This is too much like inserting magic into a science fiction novel to rescue the hero from certain death. "And, with the wave of his magic wand our hero was saved!" In our opinion, that is a very sophomoric approach. Especially at this late phase of the Experience.

Rachel seems to be explaining away a great deal here. Tunnels from previous wars? And how was she able to send her message? There is no mention of technology or computers, let alone a high-speed connection. How was she able to code then send the messages to Malik?

And, “EVIDENCE of Mittelwek’s world-wide decimation plot”, sticks out to us as an unusual phrase. Could EVIDENCE be a new password for something? We’ll be checking Rachel’s StopHanso blog-site for any new updates. We believe we’ll see something this week.