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Rachel has updated her post again and this time she is in Italy. She’s given us the link (click on the word “VIDEO” for a log-in box) and the user I.D. and password. (It seems like Rachel had everyone doing a great deal of work just so she could supply us with the user I.D. and password. What was the sense of that?)
User name = rblake
Password = allveggie

This will take you to the “/welcome /your /next /video /needs /your
/experiences /check /tomorrow” page with a link called “clip”.
Click on the link to view the video

Or check it out here at YouTube:

It seems that Mittlewerk, Thompson and McIntyre are all in Sanremo, Italy and are meeting with several members of the Global Welfare Consortium. Rachel looks and listens on with a pair of high-powered binoculars and a directional mic.
Rachel rattles off her clues so far:
1. The ship (via Mr. Paik)
2. The map
3. The island
4. The mathematicians in Iceland
5. The fire (VIK Institute)
6. The secret equation they’ve been working on

Mittlewerk is in Italy to meet with Enzo Valenzetti? Rachel does not feel that Valenzetti is dead. What does Mittlewerk want from the GWC? Rachel’s mom wanted to come to the Italian Riviera (what’s that about). “Goodnight Mrs. Calabash wherever you are” is a reference to a Jimmy Durante’s radio show signoff catchphrase.

Rachel also alludes to this document (SPIDER PROTOCOL):

"Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 20:53:06 - 0500
------>> To:
Subject: AP site
After careful scrutiny of the census figures, geological reports, customs inquiries and gepgraphical surveys prepared by yourselves and the experts at the CCS, the core group has deemed, regretfully, that site alpha--------

(4888), beta (1060), and delta (10120) remain unsuitable for carrying 00000000000000>>>> out the SPIDER PROTOCOL -- even taking into consideration the recommended parametric recalibrations. ---------

Despite my initial (and continued) retience, it seems that fate has dealt its card. We have no choice but to fall backto the original island target. While THF has not utilized the site for some time, its unique properties render it more than adequate for our purposes at this particular juncture.

Red Green Blue = Blood Money Sorrow
Does anyone know Rachel’s middle name? Is she Rachel G. Blake? RGB?

Rachel adds the documents that comprise a single e-mail (above) from the GWC to Thompson and from that email, we know Mittelwerk has his eyes set on a single island and as Rachel says: "a location that probably rules out the Great Lakes or the regions depicted on those other maps my camera captured. But, as far as I can tell, it wouldn't rule out the map I saw of that island near the equator..."

And it now looks like Rachel wants every single bit of information concerning Enzo Valenzetti that we can find. I leave you with these:

See also:

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  • Drake Equation (Sagan)
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  • Fibonacci Numbers

  • Kurt Godel

  • Albert Eisnstein

  • John Forbes Nash

  • The Fibonacci State Institute of Advanced Sciences does not exist.


    And it looks like the guys at the Verizon Forum have substantiated the path to enter the user and I.D. and the password to Rachel’s new video under the thread named, “Now what do I do with all these words? - 07/03/06.”


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