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There was a lot of activity today and a lot to assimilate. Starting with a new podcast by D.J. Dan then a new clue from Hole3 and ending with an RSS FEED Update (which, of course, corresponds with every new update to the Hanso Foundation webpage.)

June 1st, 2006

D.J. Dan Podcast for 06/01

Go to the D.J. Dan website (see sidebar) and click on the podcast for 06/01. You will be taken to the compass page once again (seems like they are recycling websites like we do aluminum cans). Click on the 108 degrees, answer "Do you believe?" with a "Y" and you will be taken to the Parent Directory of the Hanso Foundation. Find the owelles user and the following files will now be accessible.

Index of /usr/owelles
Parent Directory 01-June-2006 12:09 33
B/0/0/G/10/5/5/16/3/15/13/16/1/19/19 01-June-2006 12:09 33

It is not surprising to me that the D.J. Dan podcast was found in the owelles folder. Orson Welles hoodwinked the entire nation on October 30th, 1938 with his broadcast of "War of the Worlds." Which, in my estimation was the very first Viral Marketing campaign and the precursor to Reality Games. How to get more ratings for a radio show? Write a ficitonal screenplay with elements of terror and pass it off as reality!

The (tel_soul is an anagram for "sell out") displays many images we have already seen. The video almost seems counter to D.J. Dan's message though as it shuffles through phrases like, "Big, fat, stupid sellout!", "Fraud.", "tanya isn't there.", "wonder who pays d.j. dan's bills?", "sell out.", "change the subject danny boy", "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah", "sell", "out", and "sell out", etc. interspersed amongst conspiracy images and commercials. Perhaps someone has hacked the D.J. Dan podcast?

The following D.J. Dan 06/01 podcast (as transcribed) can be heard:

Intro music

Announcer: Coming to you live from Area 51.

Singing: D.J. Dan.

Announcer: You’re listening to D.J. Dan. Shutting down the man.

D.J. Dan: Milton from Fresno, just tell me your not still there.

Milton: I’m still here, D.J. Dan.

D.J. Dan: Tonya, you’re fired.

Tonya: I’ll leave when you start paying me.

D.J. Dan: Oh, ho… Tonya. O.K. Milty, what, ah, before I kick you off what were you saying?

Milton: I was saying, I think that Persephone is just some hacker from one of the Hanso Foundations’ competitors.

D.J. Dan: Oh! So you, ah, think the Hanso Foundation is what, some kind of innocent victim in all this? Milton: No, no, I’m just saying, how do you know they’ve done anything wrong?

D.J. Dan: How do I know? How do you know you want to stay away from the business end of a skunk, Milty? How do you know if Mrs. Withers is going to hand out pennies every Halloween? You just do! Shutdown! Time for D.J. Dan 101. Don’t you get it people? The Hanso Foundation and their competitors, they are the man! And the man don’t hack the man! Its simple folks, all the man wants is for you to keep quiet and keep kicking your hard earned wages to him and his ruling class cronies. And I’m not talking about corporations and governments. I’m talking about global mega-corporations, meta-governments, people whose scope goes beyond nations, beyond planets. Don’t you see, if they can control what you think, what you feel, what you see, then they can do anything they want. They are hiding the truth because they know if we knew what they knew we’d shut ‘em down! So they keep us busy doing nothing. Thornton from Seattle, go ahead.

Thornton: I don’t get it D.J. Dan. How can you talk about the man when you’re the biggest corporate sellout of all? Your website is covered in ads from Jeep and Sprite…

D.J. Dan: … and Monster dot com. So what? If you ask me sponsors are a pretty small concession to make for my voice to be heard. I mean, who says I have to wear a sack cloth and walk around barefoot to fight the man? Huh?

Thornton: These aren’t mom and pop stores you’re endorsing Dan, you’ve got…

D.J. Dan: Whoa, whoa, whoa… Sprite’s a competitor! These days there's more beverages than ever. So why do I like Sprite? ‘Cause its delicious. ‘Cause I like Lymon. Just saying it makes me feel cool. And what’s wrong with helping American’s get jobs? How do you think I got this job? Monster dot com! That’s what the Internet is good for Conspriaspys, finding loonies like me to appeal to the hearts and minds of loonies like you. And my Jeep? I love my Jeep Compass. Do I ever go off road? No! But, do I live with a sense of security knowing my four wheel Jeep Compass will get me and my family to safety when the bombs fall and the highways buckle? You bet your Agnew I do! But enough of that… As long as we are teaching D. J. Dan 101 lets talk about something else. So, I go to the old mailbag this morning and I find a letter from Jessica in Reno, Nevada. And I quote, “I listen to your show on rapid weight loss D.J. Dan and I don’t understand why you hate science so much."

Tonya: Oh, snap!

D.J. Dan: Oh, snap, indeed, Tonya! How many times do I have to repeat… I do not hate science. Its science that lets me broadcast from the road moving from secret location to secret location with only my laptop and the wind in my, um, scalp. My trusty mic and of course Tonya who Lord knows is a wonder of science herself.

Tonya: It’s called the gym, D.J. Dan.

D.J. Dan: No Tonya, it’s you versus gravity. According to routines established by scientists who understand the mechanics of the human body and what a body it is Tonya.

Tonya: Ah, shucks, D.J. Dan.

D.J. Dan: However, if science offered me a way to look like Tonya with just a snip of the genes, a wave of the scalpel? Would I take that offer? No! No way! And trust me, ask my wife, she’d much rather have Tonya coming home to her than me. She says I walk heavy.

Tonya: Get carpet!

D.J. Dan: That is with carpet! Look. You see Tonya, the man, he’s like the Hanso Foundation. They’ve made us think that science and technology is the answer to every single one of our problems. Just push a button. It’ll be o.k. But it won’t be o.k. Jessica, to answer your question, I don’t hate science… I’m afraid of science! I’m afraid of the consequences of a science that moves so fast that we don’t have a chance to stop and think and analyze what’s going on. We have blind faith in the people who already have rendered the product we purchased five minutes ago by rendering it obsolete by introducing version two point oh three minutes ago. So if I get that surgery and gene therapy and walk out looking like Tonya, do they care if I melt into a hoodwinked puddle in three weeks. No! ‘cause I’m lost! I’m a corporate recall. An intermediary step between Tonya and a disco trip-hop remix. And why? ‘Cause I stopped asking questions! This is D.J. Dan making way for his hotter, younger replacement D.J. Dave.

Announcer: You’re listening to D.J. Dan. Shutting down the man!

Outro Music

The segment ends with a 30 second Jeep Compass commercial.

The file B/0/0/G/10/5/5/16/3/15/13/16/1/19/19 directs you to the Jeep Compass commercial at The file name spells out: “2007 Jeep Compass” (using standard simple alpha replacement.)

Next podcast coming on 6/09...

June 1st, 2006

Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program

Go to the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program
section of the Hanso Foundation website for a new update. Click on the Press Release. Then click the world “miracle” to bring up a text box requiring a password. Go to the Persephone page to find the newest rendition of the 2nd faceless man at the Under the right eye of the image is “D20”.

This is a reference to deutrium oxide which is sometimes known as heavy water. The “heavy water” reference can also found on the Blast Door Map in the episode entitled “?” of Lost. The password then to the “miracle” submit box on the WWPDP page is "heavy water". Miracle anagrams include "I'm clear, reclaim or claimer."
Another message from Persephone will appear.

“Free hospitals in the third world?
Wow! That’s nifty…
Ever wonder what the foundation does in these hospitals?”

Click on the screen and a number of microfilm slides will appear on a reader from the Cape Town Inquisitor.
“Index 1432/01
Cape Town Inquisitor 1/26
Partially {edited}”

Clicking (holding) and turning the left hand knob of the machine reveals a number of empty pages down. Clicking (holding) the right hand knob reveals a number of empty pages to the right.

Scroll down and right until you find a page from the newspaper.
Interesting articles, huhh….. and Published by A. Hanso Group Publications.
(Note: It occurs to me that the A. Hanso Group Publications means that the Hanso Foundation has its own publication company. The unknown newspaper man that talks to Persephone on the phone (see transcript below) is telling the truth then concerning the purchasing of entire newspapers, etc. Could he also be telling the truth about the dead reporter?)

Click on the yellow highlight and a phone on the desk rings… click on the ringing phone (blinking red lights in the background) and the following audio file conversation is heard:

“Man: ... retraction... I was forced to make it. They bought the paper that same day.

Persephone: The Hanso Group did?

Man: I’ll swear on any Bible. They bought up my newspaper to cover up what they did to those people. Now nobody will talk. I’m going crazy here. I’m going to lose my job. I did a little digging. The same thing happened at a hospital last year. Another one of those Hanso Foundation hospitals. The reporter that did that story, he died in a car crash. Yes sir, some car crash. Man, I wish I’d never heard of these Hanso people. They’re sharks. That’s what they are.

Persephone: Have any Hanso executives gotten in touch with you?

Man: Look, what’s your name again?

Persephone: You can just call me Persephone.

Man: Yeah, yeah look Persephone I, I gotta go…”

Click on the “Go Back” tag to exit.

Note:We're guessing that the reporter talking to Persephone here is the same that wrote the retraction from the Cape Town Inquisitor below.

If you continue to browse in the microfilm you will eventually come to the following screen. You can highlight the text and see what the message reveals.

“Persephone, if you can read this, I know who you are!”
(Who is the person in the background of this image who seems to know Persephone's identity?)

The Newspaper Articles

Cape Town Inquisitor South Africa - Friday, 26th, May 2006

Hospital Raid (cont’d from page one)

Some of the patients found with missing organs were in a comatose state – kept alive by heart/lung and dialysis machines. Police investigators have also reported the discovery of a “chilling room” in which recently-deceased bodies were kept just above the freezing point. According to eyewitnesses, industrial quantities of Vialex – a pharmaceutical agent for the preservation of organs for transport – were also discovered along with several lots of am as-yet-to-be-determined chemical marked “experimental,” The hospital – which has ties to the Hanso Foundation – denies all accusations of illegal experimentation and organ harvesting, a growing problem in the developing world, but for the families of the victims, the nightmare is worse than any of the charges.

“They told us our son died on the operating table,” remarked one of the victims’ parents on condition of anonymity. “To find him kept alive by artificial means, his organs taken away, is a nightmare… it’s hell on Earth.”

WWPDP Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program

Photo of x-ray lungs from the Institute of Genomic Advancement on the Hanso page. The caption reads, “Organ harvesting.”

Photo of blindfolded woman with three balls on a table. Caption reads, “Early examples of psychological tests at Hanso.”

(Note: I could not find reference to Vialex as a pharmaceutical using Google search. Does it even exist?)

Cape Town Inquisitor A. Hanso Group Publications – Monday, 28th May, 2006

In Tuesday’s article, “Hospital Rail Reveals Illegal Organ Harvest Program,” we erroneously implied that the Hanso Foundation has ties to a local hospital accused of allegedly harvesting organs for transplant. The Hanso Foundation issued a statement today assuring that “while the hospital in question was, indeed, founded with a generous grant from the Hanso Foundation, the hospital has long since passed into private ownership. We would never allow such atrocity to take place on our watch.”

The Alternative One: It looks like someone was doing immediate and quite convincing damage control two days after the initial reports. Probably the work of Hugh McIntyre.

“Greatest Fire in Towns History Causing Loss of R10,000,000.
Half a dozen volunteer firefighters from neighboring towns were called to assist the bloemfontein firefighters in containing the blaze, which began around 4:30 a.m. and burned out of control for nearly 14 hours. No one was injured, the cause of the fire was not immediately determined.
Bush fire started at 4:30”

The Alternative One again: Seems like some one was trying to destroy the evidence? It does not say what, if anything, was destroyed by the fire but it caused R10,000,000 in damage. Curious…. Also, Bloemfontein is a city in South Africa which means "Spring of Flowers." There are at least three hospitals in the city: National, Universitas and Pelonomi Hospitals.

Photo of Joop from Joop’s Corner on Hanso Foundation website. The caption reads, “The Foundation’s 105 year old Orangutan.

Photo from the Life Extension Project page. The caption reads, “Dr. Amy Honale of the Hanso Foundation.”

Photo from the Worldwide Wellness Prevention and Development Program. The caption reads, “WWPDP Development Program.

(Note: Dr. Amy Honale is a new character in the game. We have seen her before on the Life Extension Page of the Hanso site but she is not identified there. It seems her name is perfect for an anagram but I have yet to find anything out of it that makes any sense to me. Anyone have any anagrams that make sense? Found one - A HOLY NAME. St. Sebastian?)

Cape Town Inquisitor – Date and place unknown

Contains the photo of Alvar Hanso from the executive Bios page. The entire page is x’d out on the text only a few words can be read: “experimentation and organ har-” and “Hanso is starting wars the devel-“

June 1st, 2006


The Hanso Foundation

WWPdp updated
Will global changes in weather cause population centers to shift? Where are new diseases likely to emerge? Which species need protection now before they begin to decline? The Mathematical Forecasting Initiative uses cutting-edge theory to anticipate the twists and turns of humanity’s story.

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