Monday, June 26, 2006


Another very busy day...


Rachel’s newest update takes us back to the Compass page at
In the parent directory find the “trash/” folder. You’ll find an old friendly image that I called “the Buddha Mouthpiece”, which is the copy of the old Jeep advertisement with the Buddah and “the mouth piece.” (file name 139191991471518711419.jpg) Obviously this is a password? or information that we will need later. Also found here is a file name “illumination”. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a Jeep Compass commercial website. Note: This video is also available through the owelles folder. Click on the B/0/0/G/10/5/5/16/3/15/13/16/1/19/19 (2007 Jeep Compass) file and you will also be redirected to the same Jeep Compass commercial.

Through a great deal of trial and error the correct path to Rachel’s video can be found like this… At the Jeep page, click “Interior” (in the sidebar left), then "In Back" (top left) and then click on "Removable Flashlight” (center rear). A video will appear. Click on "View Demo" and you will be taken to Rachel's new video!

From the video we find a few pieces of information repeated by Rachel and a bit of the SPY coming out in her too! Mittlewerk is still very interested in the Hanso family shipping history, its involvement in the slave trade and the investigation of “the island by the equator.”

Rachel is also very interested in Hugh McIntyre and his relationship with the unknown woman from Global Welfare Consortium which she says is suppose to monitor groups like the Hanso Foundation. And Paik is indeed responsible for building the ship for the Hanso Foundation.

And the (Cheering from the upper deck)… We see Rachel in her role as an action adventure movie star (well sort of). She is interrupted by a fixer (who is the same man as Mittlewerk’s bodyguard? Associate? Business partner?) While he is rummaging through Rachel’s things he gets a call, presumably, from Mittlewerk.

"Yes? Of course, I’m working. What fire? O.K., Which institute? If you need me I’ll gladly be there... You hired me to fix things... When I’m finished here." Hmm…

We find that Rachel has a bit of spunk. She knocks out the fixer (actually hits him twice when he starts to get up. GO RACHEL!!!!) Mittlewerk has left Denmark and she is short of funds. Rachel is now on the run. It is certain that her next post will not be from Copenhagen. Stay tuned… Things are really starting to get interesting.


The guys from Verizon are at it again too… again another busy day!

Partial (but important) conversation:

DSLerator 3:57pm Yeah... hints to a clue that will lead you to a clue. The answers are words that are right in front of your face on the pages of Now I know some of you are already moaning, "corporate shill!" and to that I say, "HEY... this is where we work. It's where we can do what we gotta do on the DL." If we worked at Happy Larry's Chicken & Waffles, you can bet we'd be sending you there.

iobiSeeingYou 4:21pm For security reasons, we'll be posting these hints in a lot of different places and you gotta find them. Then you gotta find the words that answer them. Once you get them all, and we mean all, you can use them.

BroadBandBeatnik 4:24pm So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to the clue that will lead you to the clue to THE CLUE.

iobiSeeingYou 4:30pm Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret

("Guttentagen"?) or ("Welkommen"?)


At the main compass page you will find a hot link between the 252 and 216 degree areas. Clicking on this will bring up a prompt log-in Admin screen. Through more trial and error it was determined that the username is “wtk” (lower case, which is our Jeep Executive, William T. Kilpatrick), and the password is the recycled “themouthpiece" (from the Buddha mouthpiece). This will take you to a "MyDocs" folder that contains a link to his video “”.
User name: wtk
Password: themouthpiece

WTK Apology to D.J. Dan

So, now we know that the video seen previously is truly “in-game”. But why would Kilpatrick apologize to D.J. Dan? And who is Maestro48? Also, ≈ symbol means “approximate”. Why would WTK use this as the name of his video?


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