Saturday, July 29, 2006

NEW FRAGMENTS FOUND (# 17, 18 & 19)


July 28th, 2006

Speaker updated his weblog today with a bit of cryptic wit:
Eighth moon of the Monkey thrice before.A voice from the Middle knows much more.

Go to Inside the Experience and click on Week Three Roundup. Find the picture labeled hole2. When you click on the faceless man the new glyph appears in a pop-up window. Find the file name here:


and the image here:


Also, on Javi’s site (Javi Minions) there is a hidden message under the “STORE” button. Highlight it to see:
“In Round-Up number three,
click what's STILL a mystery.”


July 29th, 2006

No new fragments have officially been “released” on the HansoExposed website but there are reports that two new codes have been found in the Official Lost Magazine. The UK version contains the code RXMHJH9Y and the U.S. version of the magazine contains the code 7TI.

Note: These codes do not yet work on HansoExposed as they have not officially been "released". July 29th, 2006, 4:00pm Central

Thursday, July 27, 2006



Fragment Codes 15 and 16 were found today on the internet.

Code 15 (M6XY398) was found on the Lost Ninja front page and was posted to a wooden light post somewhere in Australia (at the corner of Graythwaite Park). It is of the bearded man speaking about the Cuban missile crisis.
The text on the poster reads:
The code is printed on the side of the poster and the bottom shows many of our already widely known Hanso Foundation Projects: MFI, IGA, LEP, WWPDP, MHA and ERI.

Code 16 (3ZGT) was found on the Fuselage front page and is again a video of the bearded man speaking about his facility. This glyph looks like it was drawn on a piece of notepaper and this video shows the same jungle scene as code # 7 (1EY8AZCZNA2).


Remember to use “Steinbeck” to get back into the Verizon Forum. There is a new thread posted today called “Return of the Prodigal Son - 07/27/06” in which BroadBandBeatnik has returned. He explains that he was at Comic-Con and gives us this picture as proof. Was this a panel at Comic-Con?

  • That’s Me!

  • But why post this image if not as a clue? Anyone have any ideas? Can you say Christmas in July? It sure looks like this hall is decorated in icicle lights. Is BBB telling us the truth?

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006


    Something to think about....



    E.W. Article # 5

    Rachel Blake Speaks!
    Exclusive: The Hanso Foundation ''muckraker'' gives her first interview since flooding the Internet with strange hieroglyphics... by Jeff Jensen

    Hey kids. Doc Jensen here. So check out my good fortune: Due to an unmentionable ''incident'' (oh, okay, I had to pee. Sorry. Man, get off my back...), I lost my place in line at the Lost panel at the San Diego Comic-Con and didn't get to hear Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse spill their juicy spoilers to the Lost faithful.

    Anyway, as I was sitting outside Hall H, crying into my overpriced convention beverage, I heard a door slam with a loud bang and saw these security guard guys toss this lovely and familiar young woman on her face. As she got up and dusted herself off and marched away, my jaw dropped, as did my beverage.

    It was RACHEL BLAKE. Star of The Lost Experience.

    I immediately yanked out my tape recorder and chased after her. This is what happened next.

    DOC JENSEN: My name is Doc Jensen. I'm a reporter for Entertainment Weekly —
    RACHEL BLAKE: Doctor of what?

    I'm sorry?
    Why are your pants all wet?

    Because I dropped my drink — wait, never mind. I want to talk to you.
    Fine. You can run interference for me through this gaggle of stormtroopers up here.

    [Ooof.] Okay: We know so little about you — which, to be honest, makes some of us who've been following your adventures wary of giving you our complete trust. So: What can you tell us about yourself?
    Are we being followed?

    Where did you grow up? Go to school? What's your sign? Do you have a significant other? And because this is EW... what's on your Must List?
    ''Must'' list? Are you serious? What, you think people care that I'm a Virgo who loves the Go-Go's or that I've... read Peter Pan 40 times? [Looks over her shoulder] You wanna know my favorite movie? How about Three Days of the Condor?

    Some people out there seem to believe that you are merely a character in an alternate-reality game called The Lost Experience. How do you respond?
    If I'm a character, then why are you talking to me?

    Do you have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality?
    Apparently not as much as you.

    I apologize if you think I'm being rude in questioning your authenticity — but I have to make sure. So one more incredulous question: How do we know that you're not ''one of them''? Meaning: How do we know you're not a Hanso agent, and that your ''investigation'' isn't part of Hanso's larger agenda?
    You've been watching too many episodes of Alias.

    You watch Alias?
    When I'm not trying to get killed.

    How often is that?
    You're off-topic and losing your usefulness to me.

    Did you know that it was canceled?
    [She stops dead in her tracks. Small voice:] What?

    Yeah, it, ah... you know. All shows have their time, you know. And it was Alias' time.

    May I hold you?
    No! What kind of journalist are you?

    The freaky-theory kind. You say you're trying to ''stop Hanso.'' But what do you think it is that Hanso is doing that needs stopping?
    Oh, so we stop moving for me to explain it to you, and the next thing we know, bang!, a black van pulls up and I get myself disappeared. You want the truth? Check out the T-shirt, man. [At this point, Rachel petulantly points to the large '''' printed across the aforementioned T-shirt.]

    I think you sat in something.
    [Expletive] No wonder our free press is dying on the vine.

    Are you really the mysterious hacker known as Persephone?
    Well, I guess it's not ''mysterious'' anymore. Hey — you see the guy in the Chargers hat? He's been following us since we left the convention center.

    Is your real name ''Rachel Blake''? And if so, why did you decide to reveal your true identity?
    Is your real name ''Doc Jensen''?

    Answer my question.

    Initially, we all thought that your investigation was inspired by Persephone. Now that we know that you are Persephone, can you tell us: What really inspired your interest and investigation into Hanso? Is it personal? Is this a vendetta? Or are you merely a concerned global citizen?
    I have my own reasons. What they are isn't important. What's important is that every single person on this planet should be concerned about what the Hanso Foundation is up to.

    What does that mean?
    I hope you never find out. The hard way, I mean.

    Among the many things you've found in your investigation is evidence that the Hanso Foundation is searching for an island. Potentially connected to their interest in this island is the fact that they've recently built a customized ship and sent it to sea. Am I getting this right? Do you think there's a connection between the island that they're searching for and the Island on Lost?
    Lost is a TV show... the Hanso Foundation is real. And if you're looking for a connection, ask yourself why the HF is running commercials during Lost... I mean, doesn't that mean they're essentially paying for the show?

    Are you suggesting the TV show actually serves another, alternative purpose than just a delivery system for its commercials?
    No comment.

    Is there a connection between The Black Rock, a ship that we've seen on the Island, and your revelations about Magnus Hanso, Alvar's grandfather?
    I don't have time to watch the show. [Picks up her pace] You're not really in shape, are you?

    In a recent video blog, the man who you once thought was a Hanso Foundation goon working for Mittlewerk revealed himself to be an ally in your cause. He also promised you secrets — including an understanding of who you really are. What did he mean by that? Do you know who you are?
    According to you, I'm a ''character,'' so does it really matter?

    You know, you're not that fun to talk to.
    You can report me to Miss Manners.

    Wait: Was that a clue?
    Are you flirting with me?

    No. Answer my question. What did the goon tell you about Hanso? Did he tell you anything about Hanso's whereabouts or the Dharma Initiative?
    You want to be helpful? Use your journalist skills to find Alvar Hanso. And when you do — e-mail me. If you're lucky, they'll start harassing you and you'll get a goon of your very own to ask these questions.

    Did you learn what the DHARMA stands for?
    See the T-shirt? You want to have fun with acronyms, go to the site.

    Your investigations have led us to a mathematician named Valenzetti and something called the Valenzetti equation. For those of us who watch Lost, there's something called the Numbers, a closed-set sequence with potentially supernatural properties: 4 8 15 16 23 42. Is there a connection?
    You didn't play a lot of sports as a kid, did you?

    What did you make of the characterization to Hanso in the book Bad Twin?
    Bad what?

    So Bad Twin doesn't exist in the RachelBlakeverse?
    ''Racheblakeverse''? What, did you go to a Joss Whedon panel today?

    Tell us about this new phase of your investigation. You've discovered a film — what we who watch Lost would recognize as a new Dharma orientation film — correct?
    It's not the film I found... it's who presented the film and why.

    You say you are trying to expose the Hanso Foundation and want our help, and yet you've made it pretty darn complicated for us to access the results of your investigation, and therefore help you. Why all this gamesmanship?
    If I didn't hide it all over the Web and bury it on corporate sites, those [expletive]-ers would wipe it out. Only chance I have at getting the truth out there is ''gamesmanship.''

    Are you concerned about people who think this is all a game and are trying to ''play along'' by creating their own clues?
    Yeah, I am. There's a lot of misinformation out there... It's great having people get so involved, but when they create their own ''fiction,'' then reality gets confusing.

    Let's say everything you say is true. How do you hope to get out of this alive?
    I guess I could let a reporter from a major magazine think he caught up with me and think he scored a quick interview in which I reveal my identity, thereby ensuring that if I get killed or ''disappear,'' everyone's going to know who's responsible... but I guess that'd make me pretty devious, huh?

    Some of us are worried that you might meet a fate worse than death: You might wake up one day and find yourself on an island being chased by a certain smoke monster. Think that's possible? Do you think the Island could serve that purpose: as a prison for people inconvenient to the Hanso agenda?
    Only monsters I know ain't made of smoke. Don't be cute — this is real. Lives are at stake. And if you actually have the nerve to print any of this — better start checking your rearview mirror. See ya...

    Wait, one more question: Are you, uh, single?
    You don't want to go out with me. I'm not good for your health.

    And like that — she was gone.



    Code: 4KVKLAYDM0 was found on Speaker’s Blog comments and then moved to Lostpedia on 07/25/06. This is the code reported by Catseye. Is video of the bearded man.
    Code: XIGZ2Y10S2 was found on Rachel Blake’s Main Weblog Page (the one that looks innocent) and is also of the bearded man speaking about the cold war.

    Code: GMX18BCJ was Found on the links page of D.J. Dan’s website and is again of the bearded man speaking about the DeGroots.

    See my Fragments page for more details…
  • Hanso Exposed Fragments
  • Tuesday, July 25, 2006



  • Rachel Blake Catch-up Post

  • Rachel has posted another entry to her blog today. This looks like a re-cap of information for people who are just joining the Experience. Click on the FAQ for the entire details on Rachel’s site. I have added her highlighted topic headings here. Click on the highlights on her page to learn more about each topic.


    What is The Hanso Foundation?
    Who is Persephone?
    Who is Rachel Blake?
    Are Rachel Blake and Persephone really the same person?
    Who is Alvar Hanso?
    But, where exactly IS Hanso?
    Who is Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk?
    Who are GidgetGirl/Darla Taft and Hugh McIntyre?
    Who is DJ Dan?
    Who is Joop?
    Timeline/Walkthrough of my quest to STOP HANSO
    MORE DETAIL on The Hanso Foundation


    More Hanso Exposed video fragments were found today.

    Code # 3GTVI0M11 (zero not oh) was found today on the Entertainment Weeekly website in an article from Doc Jensen's blog. (See article below)

    Code # IG3X comes from the Official U.K. Lost Podcast. The image has not yet been found.

    And, a user named Catseye has found a mystery code. We are unsure what the code is, where it was found or what the video contains as it has yet to be shared with anyone. We are not sure if this is a player or a member of TBTP.

    See my fragment page for more information... here.


    Jingle Jangled

  • E.W. Article # 4

  • EW's ''Lost'' expert has an epiphany (involving Coca-Cola and John Lennon) while grocery shopping by Jeff Jensen

    (Image of glyph 3GTVI0M11)
    Would Prince himself be able to figure this glyph out?


    Tune in Wednesday at for a major Doc Jensen scoop. Fans of both The Lost Experience and the show itself won't want to miss it.


    IS IT JUST ME...

    ... or does the stylized ''O'' in the Hanso Foundation logo look like the hood of a cobra? And considering my previous arguments that the Swan in Station 3 symbol resembles a serpent trapped inside a box, I wonder: What the devil has gotten into Hanso's graphic designers? (And emphasis on devil.)



    The Island exists on a separate frequency of reality, or a parallel dimension. When Oceanic 815 flew into the blast radius of the electromagnetic pulse, the passengers were ''recalibrated'' to The Island's frequency. The Others seem to believe that this frequency of reality exists outside the auspices of ''God.''

    What this means for Michael and Walt, currently tugboating their way ''home,'' I have no idea.




    Last week at PopWatch, I fumbled and bumbled my way through my personal iteration of the popular Garden of Eden theory. In a nutshell, my contention was that Hanso has been trying to find scientific means to restore mankind and the world to its ideal Garden of Eden state. I attempted some analogies to illustrate my thoughts — comparing Hanso's initiatives to antidotes to poison or fixes to computer viruses. To be honest, I wasn't happy with the articulation. It bugged me. All week.

    And then, finally, I had a ''Eureka!'' moment. It came while I was shopping for groceries and I passed a Coca-Cola display. For some reason, I started humming the jingle from my '70s youth: ''I'd like to teach the world to sing/in perfect harmony...''

    Suddenly, my mind linked to:

    The first episode of the second season, first scene: Desmond playing Mama Cass' ''Make Your Own Kind of Music'' in the Hatch. Another circa '70s tune, the thematic flipside to that Coke jingle. ''Make your own kind of music/ Make your own special song/ Make your own kind of music/ Even if they don't sing along....''

    (BTW: Did you catch the song again in the last scene of the last episode of season 2? It was in Russian, playing on the radio inside that snowbound science lab.)

    Music. Harmony. Living in harmony, as mankind was supposed to — as mankind was designed to be. Suddenly, the metaphor that I really wanted became clear:

    The Island, pulsing with its ''unique'' electromagnetic energy, could be likened to a tuning fork. If the world is ''off key'' as a result of original sin, Hanso has been trying to fix the pitch by tweaking with this ''unique'' EM energy. (''Unique'' = ''Doesn't adhere to a realistic notion of electromagnetic energy, and therefore can mean anything Lost says it means.'')

    Or, put another way:

    Hanso is trying to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, whether we want to sing along or not, by using the Island to broadcast its own special song throughout the world. The string of Numbers is like that insidiously catchy song — ''Beautiful'' meets ''Bad Day'' — that gets in your head and won't ever leave.

    What if Hanso's ''song'' (again, the Numbers) is encoded with info that can... do something to us (fix us? reprogram us? make us buy Hanso stuff?) if it is somehow accessed or unlocked? (Think ''Trojan horse.'' Or ''DVD easter egg.'') If so, how could that info be unlocked?

    By another, separate signal.

    What that signal may be, and when it will be broadcast, remains to be seen in the TV — or heard, as is the case.


    Unless you believe Rachel Blake, star of The Lost Experience.

    Rachel Blake, who believes the Hanso Foundation is ''real.''

    Rachel Blake, who believes that Lost is a TV show sponsored by Hanso.

    Could it be that in this multimedia, noodle-cooking, alternate-reality entertainment, the TV show Lost is the activation signal that unlocks the secret music of the Numbers in the world's collective conscious?

    If so, might these two words best summarize what Hanso is trying to accomplish:


    Which was recorded and released by John Lennon in 1970 — the same year that Hanso launched the Dharma Initiative, and one year before Lennon recorded and released another song with an ''I'd like to teach the world to sing'' utopian theme:


    Is Hanso merely using its amazing technology to turn John Lennon's dream into a reality?



    What do you think of the hieroglyphic that adorns this story?

    Which reminds me of a theory I have — The Da Vinci Code Theory of Lost. But that's next week.

    But Wednesday: something huge. Be here for it.

    Monday, July 24, 2006



    Updates were made to the Lost Ninja website today and three new glyphs were spotted and recorded. It seems an Australian photographer got images of three unrecorded glyphs.

    Code 88CH was posted on the Lost Ninja’s website today. The video contains the following transcription: Bearded man: “Commissioned under the highest secrecy through the U.N. Security Council...”

    Code 1EY8AZCZNA2 was also posted on the Lost Ninja’s website today. The video contains the following transcription: Bearded man: “The DeGroots, the few high-ranking members of my organization.”

    And Code VDADOS7YRE0 was also posted on the Lost Ninja’s website today. The video contains the following transcription: Mittelwerk: “I just want to tell all of you that I trust you to do what is best.”


    Code FVH7N was found today on If oyu click on the negatinbe image of Speaker (about half-way-down the article) this glyph will appear. The video contains the following transcription: Beraded man: “Thank you and namaste.” and this Screen Text: DHARMA logo ©1975 THE HANSO FOUNDATION

    For more details and images of the found glyphs please see my Hanso Exposed Fragment site here.

    E.W. Article

    Keeping an eye on pop culture
    Lost: The time is out of joint?
    Special thanks to sharp-eyed fellow blogger Ryan "Ginger" McGee for drawing my attention to the latest burp in the Lost arcanon: According to a choice excerpt from the now-infamous Comic-Con panel, time may not be passing the same way on and off the island. This would explain the discrepancies between the dates in The Lost Experience and the television show. It also might open up a world of teeth-gnashing when it comes to the ever-burgeoning field of Lost theory. (I'll leave that to my colleague, the esteemed Dr. Jensen.)

    I'll stop now, before Rachel Blake busts in here and gives me the Colin-Farrell-on-Leno treatment.



    Rachel Blake made one simple blog entry today:

    Fragment 748L

    Rachel’s 748L fragment is a screen reading, "THE DHARMA INITIATIVE ©1975 The Hanso Foundation."


    And Speaker confirmed Damon’s bracelet (4HO) and gave us an image of Jorge’s bracelet (OHGE) on his website:

    Jorge’s bracelet fragment says, “Know it by heart. Don’t waver.”

    See my Hanso Exposed Video Fragment Site for much more information:
  • My Hanso Exposed Video Fragment Site
  • Saturday, July 22, 2006



    Here is the video:
  • Rachel at Comic-Con

  • Transcription of video:

    Rachel: I have a question. Hello?
    Cuse: Yeah
    Rachel: Have you no shame?
    Cuse: What?
    Rachel: HAVE. YOU. NO. SHAME?
    Cuse: I have a little shame.
    Lindelhof: I have no shame.
    Rachel: Don’t be cute. Tell us what you know about the Hanso Foundation.
    Crowd: Whistles. “Yeah!” Clapping. Yelling.
    Lindelhof: The Hanso Foundation as a, as a film profit organization that we have co-opted for the purposes of Lost that we stuck on the end of an orientation film because we thought it would be fun.
    Rachel: Those films are real. We deserve the truth.
    Lindelhof: No, no… They are not real.
    Cuse: We wrote those films. We’re writers.
    Rachel: You’re liars. You’re promoting them as some sort of force for good but they are not.
    Voice off screen: Security!
    Lindelhof: Look, um, Dan Brown uses Opus Dei in the Da Vinci Code, we…
    Rachel: O.K. Stop! Since you claim not to know why don’t I fill you in. How about Joop. The 105 year old orangutan? How about that fire in Iceland? Stop! Stop!
    Do you know that they are doing organ harvesting in Africa? How about the deaths of Hugh McIntyre and Darla Taft from the Global Welfare Consortium?
    Lindelhof: Look, there are other people waiting to ask questions. We have no connection…
    Rachel: I am sure they want me to ask these questions.
    Lindelhof: We have no connection with the Hanso Foundation.
    Rachel: That’s a lie! They run ads on your show. They’re putting money in ABC’s pockets to prove themselves as this great philanthropic organization…
    Cuse: Look, Maybeline runs ads on our shows and we’re not part of the Makeup Global Consortium.
    Rachel: Stop it! You’re protecting them. You’re protecting a very real, very dangerous organization.
    Lindelhof: Look, it’s not real. It’s a television show. There is no Alvar Hanso.
    Rachel: He is real! The Hanso Foundation is real. The DHARMA is real! Thoms Werner Mittelwerk is real and what he’s doing in Sri Lanka right now… He’s doing terrible things! That’s real! Where’s Alvar Hanso?
    Lindelhof: He’s an actor.
    Cuse: He’s in a window on our T.V. show.
    Rachel: Alvar Hanso is real and I am living proof of that and my name is Rachel Blake and I am real and if you want the truth you will go to You have blood on your hands, you have blood on your hands, you have blood on your hands and you disgust me.
    Lindelhof: Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks.
    Rachel is escorted from the convention.
    Lindelhof: Thank you. Thank you. That was great.
    Cuse: Jorge, what did you do to set her off?
    Lindelhof: There are some tough looking security guards here.
    Cuse: Wow!
    Lindelhof: O.K. Alrighty then. Wow!


    Go to:
  • Hanso Exposed

  • Watch carefully and you will learn how to communicate with Rachel to uncover video fragments. Be sure to read the instructions first.

    Build 0.4-5-000.4
    FIND IT.

    Read the instructions. (Note: Clicking on the panel that says, “NEW TO THIS” will re-direct you to Rachel’s blog. This is, I believe, for newcomers to catch-up.)

    Instructions (Click on Instructions):


    1ST FRAGMENT = 7hkbh

    Register (Click on Register and enter all the information requested. You will received a confirmation e-mail from Rachel):

    AGREE TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Click on the box to the left to accept)

    Date of Birth
    Day Month Year


    ACCEPT (Click on accept after entering all the requested data)

    Enter your codes:

    Save your sequences and be sure to send your sequences. (Click Save and then Click Send Sequence)

    1st E-mail from Rachel reads:





















    2nd E-mail from Rachel reads:




    3rd E-mail from Rachel reads:






    Please note that Fragments 1 & 2 were done incorrectly and do not contain the video fragments. Fragment 3 contains all three videos. I'll try to do better in the future. The Hansoexposed site was a bit unfamiliar and a little confusing at first. Sorry if I directed anyone incorrectly or gave bad information. We'll do better next time. I promise! No really, I swear!
  • Fragment 3

  • The first two Fragments are delivered by this bearded man…
    (Note: Under the ZOOM bars - there are three: the first click on to Arrange your fragments, the second to Inspect or view the fragments, and the third to View the video, After you enter each code, the fragments will be up top in the Storage Boxes. You can then drag them down into the sequence boxes (/01 - /70) and if you want to view them, click on the MIDDLE ZOOM button and then click once on each frame. It will then play the video fragment.)

    1. 7hkbh – Bearded man: “As with all you've already been told, you are bound by your honor and commitment to keep what you are about to hear a secret."

    2. RRGYXS - Bearded Man: "You will know that the one true way has been found..."

    3. 4ho - Mittelwerk: "We have done our level best, and yet..."

    Friday, July 21, 2006


    Rachel has posted another entry today and there is a great deal to take in. Click on the words, “FIND THE VIDEO NOW.” This will take you to the Retrievers of Truth page. Follow if you will... There were reports today that the ROT forum group gave a clue on AIM about Pedro Armendariz, the actor. We were told to focus on his work, not his life. It was later learned that he played a role in the movie adaptation of "The Pearl" called "La Perla" written by John Steinbeck. This led to "Steinbeck" as the new ROT password log-in. (Also found in the source code) Find the thread, “3 will.. 3 will… ROCK YOU!” This conversation, then, holds the clue: Fiberoptician 11:56am You'd be richer, deeper, and broader my friend. Oh yeah. There was this other thing, wasn't on the menu it was called hoo-gonchoi. And also this conversation: Fiberoptician 12:03am You know, if you go downtown, amongst all those tall buildings, you're bound to see a light in the window of one of them. At the webpage find “Fuel Passions” and click on it. You will find a hot link in a window on the building under the dot of Clicking on the window opens up a login box. The username is "rblake" and the password is “hoo-gonchoi”. In the pop-up window click on the word “clip.” The video will then download (4:14). Whew and wow!!

  • St. Germain de Pres Video Quicktime

  • St. Germain de Pres Video YouTube

  • Transcription of Rachel video:

    Key unlocks a door.

    Rachel: (whisper) I’m in Hugh and Darla’s flat. Looks like our turncoat I.T. guy was right. Mittelwerk didn’t know about this place.

    Rachel is frightened of her reflection in the mirror. Sound of voices in the hallway. Rachel finds a note from Hugh (see Rachel's blog for image).

    Rachel: Heading to the racket club. Didn’t want to wake you. Can you be ready by 3? I’ll swing by and pick you up. Hugh. If I was Darla I’d hide it… behind the video of Gidget.

    Video fast forwards.

    Rachel: O.K. guys, here it goes. An I.D. with my face on it. (see photo montage below) Healthway Alliance. A plane ticket. Sri Lanka. That was the island? All those injections for Sri Lanka? What the hell?

    Rachel finds a remote control and presses play. Another video begins on the T.V.


    Darla: Rachel, um, I guess I feel a bit ashamed coming to you like this. But please understand why I had my friend deliver this package to you in the park. (sigh) By the time you’re watching this, I’ll be, ah, see that’s the reason. The end of that sentence is always dead and God knows, I don’t want to be that cliché. By the time you watch this I’ve left the bloody country. I’ve left him. I’ll have run. I made you an ID pass. Use it. Mittelwerk's about to do something awful, Rachel. I'm not quite sure what, but I know you, you'll find out. Just one last bit, um, if Hugh's still, you know, around . . . Look, I know how you feel about these people and about us but I love him, Rachel. There’s still a good man in there. He got caught up but he’s been helping me. Sri Lanka was the last straw for him too. And believe it or not, but he’s been protecting you. Mittlewerk’s convinced, at least for now, he doesn’t want a martyr on his hands. But that doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind. Especially after you uncover what’s happening in Sri Lanka. Whew, so, be safe, love and get the bastards for me will ya. Once this is all said and done we’ll have martinis in Monte Carlo. You know, I never met the big man, Hanso but something tells me he’d be pr… (video ends)

    More static

    Rachel: (looking through the package) Spider Protocol, Trial J. And this is the ship. Paik Heavy Industry. The Hanso Foundation. The Helgus Antonius its, its a hospital ship? Oh, God, why are all the wards labeled quarantined?

    Contents of the Package (as appears on Rachel’s blog page):

    Photo # 1: Confidential - Spider Protocol – Healthway Alliance – Melanie Walker (photo of Rachel Blake) – Badge # M-4937-HWA – (At bottom of screen) # 0120208945-ASR9
    (N0te: I'm being told that the code 3of9 bar code at the bottom of the Melanie Walker badge reads, "Andrew Shea.")

    Photo # 2: Confidential – Spider Protocol – Classified - # 0120208945-ASR9 – (Background document) Districts Land Use 1981 – 1984 1:100,000

    Photo # 3: Map of Sri Lanka

    Photo # 4: Boarding Pass
    Name: Melanie Walker
    Frequent Flyer Nbr: ASL-486005934105
    Ticket Nbr: 0122123004920512-0052
    Seat: 15-A
    Gate: A-6 Please confirm Gate assignment
    Date: 15JULY2006
    Flight: ASL-1707
    Depart: (CDG) Paris, France 10:15AM
    Arrive: (CMB) Colombo, Sri Lanka 3:55PM
    Coach Class
    Confirmation: 7UBASRA
    Request: window
    Seat: 15-A
    Barcode # : 0000910025367852

    Photo # 5: (Structural view of “Helgus Antonius” with red areas of quarantine)
    BUILT: 2001
    NAME: Helgus Antonius
    LENGTH: 321.0 m
    O.A.: 45.6 m
    BEAM: 9200
    TEU: 107200

    (Red Square) QUARANTINED
    * DEADWEIGHT TONS: 61,441 MT
    * LENGTH: 294.13 M
    * WIDTH: 32.26 M
    * DRAFT: 13.50 M
    * CAPACITY: 4,578 TEU


    Video Observations:

    1. Solid wood door (and key given to Rachel by The Fixer)
    2. Kitchen table and chair
    3. Kitchen sink full of dishes (Live bug crawls along edge)
    4. Kitchen counter with Sprite can, urn and kitchen knick knacks
    5. White statue on the kitchen counter (Indian in nature? Persephone)
    6. Large gold-framed mirror
    7. Bobble-head on the piano wearing a Jeep shirt (Jack Shepherd)
    8. Un-made bed and full-length door mirror
    9. Caricatured animal masks on wall
    10. Hugh’s letter to Darla and clock (the time on the clock is 12:39)
    11. Lamp, chest of drawers
    12. Wooden floor
    13. Entertainment shelf with books, videos, stereo equipment, T.V., etc.
    14. Video cassettes: (in order left to right) “Max & Sam – Provincetown”, “Steve “BMOC” 96' “, “Chris - Jackson Hole 91' “, “Video of Gidget”, “Jordan's 28th B-DAY” , “Stu - Sumo Tourney”
    15. Lamp and table
    16. Envelope with the following items: Melanie Walker, Healthway Alliance I.D. Badge, Boarding pass to Sri Lanka, Districts Land Use and 1981-1984 document, and map of Sri Lanka
    17. T.V. Remote control
    18. Darla video (in the same apartment)
    19. Lamp and table
    20. Map of Sri Lanka
    21. Photo of land mass?
    22. Spider Protocol – Trial J document
    23. Schematic drawing of the Helgus Antonius


    Is Melanie Walker a character from Batman? What is the Healthway Alliance? Is the Helgus Antonius quarantined to keep an infection/virus in or out? Does TRIAL J imply that there was TRIALS A through I? And what is the Spider Protocol? It is odd, however, that the Fixer told Rachel that much would be revealed when she went to Darla and Hugh’s flat, when in reality all we ended up with was more questions.

    See Spider PROTOCOL document transcription in my post dated Friday, June 30, 2006 RACHEL BLAKE ICELAND POST 03 / D. J. DAN PODCAST 06/30 / D.J. DAN WEBPAGE UPDATE / ROT CLUE UPDATE

    And Mandrake Wig posted to his blog at:

    New ROT newsletter:

    Dear friends,

    I'm a truly honored to have so many loyal and dedicated fans and supporters. I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you and discuss my work and the science of what I do but alas, that would be too time-consuming for the both of us.

    I understand you all took my advice to heed change. Or at least a few of you read my words and took note of it and that's all I can ever ask. Remember don't ever dwell on the changes that confront us on a daily basis but face them head on and allow them to evolve your life and yourself.

    I won't tax your time or your brain today with a long message but I would like you all to take a moment out of your busy schedules to sit down in a quiet place, relax, and think about all the good things in your lives. While they may seem few and far between they do exist. It is easier to think of and focus on the negative but not always the healthiest or the most productive way to utilize your mental energies.

    When the mind is at rest it is at its most productive. Maybe that's why the yellow lab will rest up to 18 hours in a day. Think about that my friends and have a wonderful day.

    Yours truly,
    Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole

    Thursday, July 20, 2006


    Rachel Blake Paris Post 03

    Rachel has a new entry on her secret blog. There is this image of this man…

    Who is presumably “The Fixer.”

    Click on the words, “FIND THE VIDEO NOW” or the image of The Fixer, which will re-direct you to and the following comment and reply:

    A couple of months ago, I was made privy to incriminating evidence concerning my boss and his overseas business projects. The research he has become engaged in -- using the resources and talents of many unwitting employees –- is questionable and almost certainly criminal in nature. To worsen matters, being that my boss is the CEO of a major scientific research company, his unethical acts affect many more lives than just those of my colleagues. I don’t know what to do. Do I sacrifice my career to stop him -- or sit by and watch him ruin the company? I’m aware that blowing the whistle can have drastic consequences, but I feel morally obligated to take some action.
    Thank you.
    Posted by: Anonymous Jul 20, 2006 8:58:18 AM

    Dear Anonymous,
    That sounds like an extremely difficult situation. Please read our related advice here: We hope this can offer some assistance.
    Best of luck to you,
    Maya, Monster Career Advice
    Posted by: Maya, Monster Career Advice Jul 20, 2006 9:15:38 AM

    Click on the “Bad Boss Mirror link” in the comment above to be directed to

  • Bad Boss Mirror

  • At the bottom of the screen find “To view celebrity career advice videos, click here.” And click on the hot link. The following page has the video entitled “Can She Trust Him? - [2:36] He may hold the key.” Click on it for the following video.

    Strange as it seems this video links back to D.J. Dan at the following:

  • Week5_Post2.wmv

  • Transcription of GlassesCam recording (continued from last video):

    Sirens can still be heard in the background. Rachel and the Fixer are still in the basement of the hotel in which shots were fired.

    Fixer: Not on camera Ms. Blake. Unless you want them to know who you really are.

    Rachel turns off the video recorder but dons her camera glasses.

    Rachel: (Sighs)

    Fixer: You have caused an awful lot o’ trouble for me.

    Rachel: Wanna tell me who you are?

    Fixer: Hanso Foundation. Tech support.

    Rachel: I’m being terrorized by I.T.?

    Fixer: I’ve worked for Mittelwerk a long time. I erase things. Bank accounts, e-mails, cell phones… people.

    Rachel: Zander? Darla?

    Fixer : No, that wasn’t me. What happened to them was not by my hand. But I knew. And I’ve seen what you’ve been doing. Been on to you since you hacked the Hanso Foundation web... (camera cuts to static) I came to your hotel room in Copenhagen to warn you, Rachel. But you…

    Rachel: You should have knocked! Why do you want to help me?

    Fixer: Because I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. Because “he” wants me to help you. (camera cuts to static) Now, let’s talk about you. I heard your mother died. Is she the one who told you?

    Rachel shakes her head yes at this point (the camera view shakes affirmative).

    Fixer: I’m hoping I can trust you… with this.

    The Fixer hands Rachel a key.

    Rachel: What is this?

    Fixer: I intercepted an e-mail. I kept it from Mittelwerk and his enforcers. Hugh and Darla had a flat in St. Germain de Pres. You can find all your answers there.

    The Fixer hands Rachel an envelope.

    Fixer: Tell the world, Rachel. Make a scandel. It’s the only way to stop them.

    Rachel: I don’t understand.? You have the access. Why don’t you tell everyone?

    Fixer: Look at who I am. There’s no one I can tell. You have a vested interest. But me, after this I’m gone. I’m going underground. Good luck, Rachel.

    Rachel: Hey, wait! I just… Thank you for…

    Fixer: Don’t! (whispers) Don’t. I’m going to Hell. I’m just making sure Mittelwerk is there to keep me company.

    Camera pans to Rachel's hand holding the key and the envelope.

    Rachel mispronounces Armand Zanders name. She calls him Zandler. I thought that very strange. Also, Rachel’s mother is very important here. It could be a key. You’d think that an I.T. guy would recognize if a pair of glasses contained a video recording device. No? Should I stop calling him The Fixer and start calling him The Eraser? St. Germain Des Pres is a neighborhood in Paris. Isn't it odd that The Fixer started his anti-Hanso campaign after intercepting and viewing an e-mail. Where can we find that e-mail? And, what information might be contained in an e-mail that would cause a long time Hanso employee to become fifth-column? Does the Anonymous comment on sound like The Fixer? He knows his boss, the CEO, is into some very unsavory acts. Here is the e-mail asscociated with this person: ( ) (This sure sounds like someone in the Hanso world - "Infiltrate 108" Wish I'd thought of that!) And, in the video Fixer looked like he was holding his arm as if injured. In my last comment on this I felt he had been shot in the hotel room. I believe this verifies that fact.

    Doc Jensen’s EW Article # 2

  • EW Article PopWatch

  • Keeping an eye on pop culture
    July 19, 2006
    'Lost' Experience: Rachel lives!; Retrievers, not so much promised major developments in The Lost Experience this week in the wake of Rachel Blake's possible death last Friday -- and, whaddya know, things are developing. Fret not, Rachel crushers: The intrepid investigator survived the assassination attempt on her life, and seems to have made a new ally in the process, a presumed villain who is promising her answers to a great many questions. Our Experience sources indicate that the intelligence Rachel's about to get is must-know info for all Lost fans. To view Rachel's newest vid blog, you have to travel a circuitous path; we suggest clicking over to for directions.

    DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: Rachel Blake is being duped. The secret Hanso history that she is "exposing" is actually an elaborate fiction created by the Foundation, and she's been tricked into investigating. Why? To take all of us for a ride -- a ride with a destination. The mystery is the bait; its ultimate answer is a trap. Rachel's fans/audience are being lured toward... something. I suspect either a world-changing psychic event, accompanied by a blast of electromagnetic light, or... the season premiere of Lost, which ABC announced today would occur on Oct. 4.

    In other developments: It appears that a key Lost Experience website may be on the verge of being retired. For over a month, the strange psychic-dog website housed a secret message board comprised of Verizon employees worried about possible corruption of their beloved company by The Hanso Foundation. Until recently, the passsword that accessed the message board was POLAR BEAR. Now, you only get a prompt for an email address. Comply, and you get an e-letter from RoT founder Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole that thanks RoT supporters for their patronage and speaks ambiguously of "change." Sounds like a "Closed for business" notice to me. If so, head over to RoT NOW if you haven't already to read some of the site's crazy content.

    DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: Has Hanso/Dharma been telepathically manipulating the Oceanic 815 castaways via Walt's psychic dog Vincent? Whatever -- I gotta run. My dog tells me he wants to go for a walk. He's also suggesting I change my phone service. Hmmm...

    Doc Jensen EW Article # 3

  • EW Article # 3

  • Keeping an eye on pop culture
    July 20, 2006
    'Lost Experience': Who is Rachel Blake?
    The Lost Experience may be the worst thing that ever happened to Lost. Follow my reasoning here: TV shows need advertising dollars to survive, right? And advertisers buy time on TV shows because they are watched by people who can presumably buy their products, right? So what happens when people like me lose our jobs -- and therefore lose the salaries with which we buy those aforementioned products -- because we are wasting our employers' time and Internet access surfing Experience sites looking for updates and emailing tips and theories to each other? That's right, kids: Those advertisers will stop advertising on Lost because our viewership, however substantial, will be rendered meaningless to them, and therefore Lost will get cancelled. My logic here is unimpeachable! Do not assail it! Lost is doomed! Way to go, Lost Experience creator people. Way to freakin' go.

    All to say: we have more TLE updates for you.

    Rachel Blake (pictured) has posted a new vid blog at As always, if you don't want to do the searching yourself, visit our friends at for directions. It's a modest update but rasies delicious questions. What does Rachel's mom have to do with her quest? Who is the mysterious "he" (Alvar Hanso? The leader of The Others?), and why does "he" want to help Rachel? How has this Hanso goon "erased" people? Could these people include the Lost castaways? And will the key Rachel has received unlock the answers to thes questions?

    DOC JENSEN 'TLE' TIP: The answer to the last question is YES. I also think we should keep our eyes peeled for at least one more communication from Rachel very soon. And then, right after that, [CENSORED BY THE HANSO FOUNDATION].

    In other TLE news:
    DJ Dan has updated his conspriacy tracking website with two new videos -- commericals for The Hanso Foundation that promote Hanso's "life extension" and "mathematical forecasting" initiatives.

    DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: It's the Garden of Eden hypothesis. What does The Bible tell us about what happened after Adam and Eve ate the apple? Death entered the world, and life would become marked by hardship and chaos. Seems to me that these two Hanso initiatives are means of finding scientific ways of restoring mankind, and the world, back to its pre-fall condition. "Life extension" is about cheating death; "mathematical forecasting" is about eliminating disorder. If the island is a mythical wellspring of life -- in other words, Eden -- then I wonder if Hanso thought he could fix the world by introducing an antidote into its sin-poisoned waters. In other words: The world is a computer that's been compromised by a vrius (original sin); The Numbers is a fix, and it's being distributed around the world through electromagnetic energy. [NOT CENSORED BY THE HANSO FOUNDATION, BECAUSE THAT'S JUST HILARIOUSLY STUPID.]
    Posted by Jeff Jensen 07.20.06, 01:33 PM

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006


    D.J. Dan’s website has been updated. Go to the site and click on the link for “Eyes on the Man (Who We’re Looking at This Month)”. There are now three images of Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk.

    Images # 1 & # 2

    Clicking on the first image (Tom on the ground from his encounter with Rachel) takes you back to the old Hanso Foundation page (see last post) where clicking on the added text will give you the new Mittelwerk / Hanso Foundation Commercial # 7. Update 07/19/06: If you are patient and wait (about 100 seconds) a new clue posts to the site. When the Hanso Foundation page first was hacked and shutdown the image stated "orientation_testing_issue_1980", which revealed a video with many different inages. However, today it reads "orientation_testing_version_1980." I wonder why the difference? Is the Hanso Foundation site scheduled to come back up soon? This new line of code does not work in the URL if added. Perhaps it is for a later date?

    Clicking on the second image (Tom and Joop) takes you to

  • Hanso T.V. Commercial # 8

  • and clicking on the last image (Tom at Hanso) redirects you to this video
  • Hanso T.V. Commercial # 9

  • Commercial # 8 (Joop/Life Extension Program)

    Life Extension Program Video

    Mittelwerk: "What if 90 years was just the beginning?

    Life extension. It's the grand summation of all our work.

    Now, many wonder, is it safe, ethical? We say, meet Joop. He's happy, healthy, and 105 years old! We’ve saved Joop from the ravages of time. Now, he's helping us to save our own lives.

    The Hanso Life Extension Program.

    We're reaching out to a better tomorrow. "


    Images (in order of apperance): An elderly couple is seen dancing on the beach at sunset, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk in his lab coat, an inset image of Joop drinking milk from a cup, Earth as seen from space with the Hanso "Better tomorrow" blurb in the foreground, and the Hanso Foundation T.V. Commercial logo.

    Commercial # 9 (Weather / Mathematical Forecasting Initiative)

    Mathematical Forecasting Initiative Video

    Mittelwerk: "The brute force of Nature. Need we always live at its mercy? Life's tragedies... they bring pain, but they also bring understanding. While nature's fury cannot be checked, the human cost can be.

    With the Hanso Mathematical Forecasting Initiative, we're advancing warning systems and speeding disaster relief.

    At the Hanso Foundation, we're reaching out to a better tomorrow, in which Man and Nature live in harmony."


    Images (in order of appearance): a swirling tornado, an erupting volcano, relief workers with an earthquake victim on a stretcher in front of rubble strewn buildings, a tornado ravaged home, a crying child, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk in his lab coat, the Mathematical Forecasting Initiative logo, a bald man writing formulae on a glass chalkboard, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk again, and the Hanso Foundation T.V. Commercial logo.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006


    Rachel Blake has updated her secret web page with the following picture and a new user name log-in.

    user name: rblake
    password: honourbar

    At Rachel’s web site click on the picture of the blurry man. This will direct you to Click on the hot link between 252 and 216 degrees on the compass. A network password box will appear. Enter the user name and password supplied by Rachel, which will take you to this Index of Administration:

    “Index of /admin

    This system is for the use of authorized users only.
    Individuals using this computer system without
    authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject
    to having all of their activities on this system
    monitored and recorded by system personnel. In the
    course of monitoring individuals improperly using this
    system, or in the course of system maintenance, the
    activities of authorized users may also be monitored.
    Anyone using this system expressly consents to such
    monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring
    reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system
    personnel may provide the evidence of such monitoring
    to law enforcement officials.

    Name Last modified Size Description
    Parent Directory -
    my_docs/ 19-June-2006 12:24 -

    Click on my_docs/ to be directed to the following:

    Index of /admin/my_docs
    Name Last modified Size Description
    Parent Directory - 19-June-2006 6:46 -
    zero_n_such/ 18-July-2006 10:30 -

    You’ll see the William T. Kilpatrick apology video here along with a file called zero_n_such/ . Click on this file name to be directed to this Jeep page:

  • Zero ‘N Such

  • In the text which states, “WELL… ONE OF US IS LOST”, the word “LOST” is a hot link. Click on it to be directed to the main Jeep Compass webpage here:

  • Jeep Compass

  • Click on the “FEATURES” submenu “SAFTEY/SECURITY” on the left-hand sidebar.
    Click “CRUSH ZONES” on the grill of the Compass. When the new screen appears click on the “VIEW DEMO” to see the video.

    Video transcription:

    …Continued from Video # 1

    Interior of hotel room… Phone is still ringing, gunshots through glass can be heard and someone is pounding on the hotel room door.

    Rachel: There’s no way out of here.

    Voice from behind door: Listen to me! Don’t make me shoot the lock out!

    Rachel: Get away!

    Door bursts open… enter The Fixer with gun drawn.

    Fixer: Don’t Scream! Come to me! Stay low! Now!

    Rachel: Uuufh!

    More gunshots through glass are heard.

    Rachel: Ow!

    Fixer: Stop fighting!

    Rachel: Get off of me!

    Fixer: I’m not who you think I am! Son of a…

    Sounds of struggle in the hotel room then a panicked dash through the halls… European police sirens are wailing as Rachel runs down the halls. Rachel stops after a long run down into the basement to a locked door. The Fixer catches up to her.

    Rachel: Don’t kill me!

    Fixer: If I wanted to kill you I would have shot you with this thing already. It’s for my protection from them. Sit down!

    Rachel: Them who?

    Fixer: Them, them… Mittelwerk! Turn that thing off. I’m going to tell you everything you want to know.

    Rachel: Who are you?

    Fixer: Not on camera, Ms. Blake. Unless you want them to know who you really are.

    Fade to black.

    Observations on the video:

    Whoever is shooting at Rachel continues to shoot throughout the video. I believe that The Fixer may even have been hit once. And he certainly seems to know a bit more than Rachel at this point. Did anyone notice Rachel putting on her camera glasses on at the end of the video? It sure looks like more videos are in our future! It seems that The Fixer knows Rachel’s secret identity too but he sounds like he is not friendly with our favorite pony tailed technologist! The Fixer sounds English and the password for today’s video was the very British “honourbar”! Hmm…

    Note: An "honour bar" is the name that some European hotels give to the system whereby after certain hours, there is no longer any bartender on duty but patrons are still allowed to pour their own drinks and are on their "honor" to reflect the tab in their final bill.

    P.S. ZERO N SUCH is an anagram for CRUSH ZONE.


    EW Lost Article


    “'Lost' in the Video Blogs

    Something BIG is brewing at ''The Lost Experience.'' ''The Adventures of Rachel Blake'' dangles intriguing hints of seismic shifts on ''Lost'' by Jeff Jensen

    The still red curtains suddenly began to sway, as if roused from sleep by a rude gust of breeze. From behind the crimson couch, a little man packed inside a tight-fitting velvet tux sprung up like a jack-in-a-box clown and landed on the plush pillow of my flabby abs, knocking the wind out of me. As I gasped for breath, the diminutive dude danced a jazzy jig to the lazy wail of a synthesized saxophone, then spun as if chasing his tail and collapsed on my chest like a puppy worn out from play. For a full minute, he did not move. Then, slowly, his head began to inch across my shoulder toward my ear, as if shyly working his way toward an affectionate nuzzle. I was terrified. And then he spoke — a croaky, sputtery whisper:

    ''Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications,'' he said.

    ''Something's about to happen. Secrets are about to be revealed. Secrets about Alvar Hanso; about The Dharma Initiative; about what that Dharma acronym means. Could that Department of Heuristics Blah Blah Blah be the answer we've been searching for? (Something tells me the answer is yes.) Wake up, Doc Jensen, Wake up...''

    And then I woke up.


    Namaste, my Lost-ies. Doc Jensen here: back in residence — and WIDE AWAKE.

    Don't ask me where I've been. Not AUTHORIZED to tell you.


    I know we have outstanding business, and we will get to it in the coming days and weeks. But first, we have URGENT need to start an ongoing dialogue about The Lost Experience, the Internet-based alternate-reality game that's allegedly chockablock with pertinent, even important back story and forward-spinning info for Lost fans.

    See, something's about to happen. Something important. Something that's going to put me and you and all the Lost-ies we know back in the theory-spinning business much more quickly than I was expecting. We need to prepare ourselves. We need to be ready. Hence, we need to start the conversation — the TLE ARG — ASAP.

    To begin, I want to discuss one of my favorite topics:



    On the day after the season finale of Lost, I had the pleasure of interviewing ABC's head of marketing, Mike Benson, for an article I was writing about TLE. (You can read it here.) During our conversation, Mr. Benson explained that Lost fans can be divided into three separate categories. To paraphrase, they are:

    1. Heavy, super-savvy Internet users. Their fandom is expressed (daily) at places like According to Benson, the smallest segment of the Lost audience, albeit the most conspicuous. (Certainly the most interesting, in my book.)

    2. Casual to heavy Internet users; tech savvy but maybe not tech intimate. They might visit places like, but they only lurk. Confession: While I aspire to be like the fans at the tip of this tri-level pyramid, Doc Jensen more often makes his home in this nebulous middle stratum.

    3. The largest segment of the audience. The tech aptitude is irrelevant, as their Lost fandom doesn't extend to the Internet. Presumably, these fans aren't as interested or invested in what we would call the ''mythology'' of the show.

    As I have considered Benson's analysis over the past several weeks, I found myself thinking about NBC's The Office. See, to my addled mind, the breakdown of Lost fandom can be translated like this:

    1. THE DWIGHT TYPE. The loud and proud geek. At the annual office Halloween party, Dwights would probably come dressed as Dr. Marvin Candle. They know every word of the Swan and Pearl orientation films. Some have even made their own orientation films and posted them at If you think you're a Dwight, but resent being likened to Dwight, think twice before flaming me with complaints: That would totally be a Dwight thing to do.

    2. THE MICHAEL TYPE. The fuzzy middle tier of the pyramid. At the annual office Halloween party, Michaels would probably come dressed as Locke: Season One Island Shaman Hero...though they may adhere more often to the Season Two Hatch-Dazzled ''I Was Wrong'' Fool. The Michael analogy might be a little harsh, but since I myself am a Michael, I do believe these Losties share one characteristic with the character: they awkwardly straddle two worlds. Their enthusiasms trend nerdy, but are wary of ''looking nerdy.'' If you think you're a Michael, but resent being likened to Michael, think twice about flaming me with complaints — that's just the kind of nerdy thing Dwight would do.

    3. THE JIM/PAM TYPE. The broad base of fandom. At the annual office Halloween party, Jims and Pams come dressed as...Jim or Pam from The Office. Jims and Pams have seen every episode of Lost, but many of them might TiVo it in favor of American Idol during the spring. They are all certainly the type of Lostie who would look at Andrew Smith's ''Ultimate Lost Theory'' and roll their eyes like a non-fan. The worst thing about a Jim or Pam is that they're probably the type who still believes that Purgatory explains the show, despite the repeated memos from Damon and Carlton. But then, they may have no idea who Damon and Carlton are...

    The Lost Experience launched on May 2 with, a website belonging to the mysterious philanthropic scientific research organization that finances The Dharma Initiative. It was soon followed by several other Hanso-affiliated websites, including the Sprite-sponsored, the Jeep-linked, the, and Verizon-attached (As one Lost source tells me, you know you're at an official TLE site if ''you have to dig through a bunch of advertising to get to the good stuff.'')

    I don't begrudge TLE for its corporate sponsorship, in the same way I don't begrudge the TV show for its commercials; in the end, I understand that creating something as extravagantly interesting as Lost isn't cheap. (As for the bellyaching about advertising as being antithetical to the Internet ethos, I am unmoved. Get over yourself and your CompuServe bulletin board nostalgia and join us in the land of spiritual compromise, my friend.) (God, that sounded so soul-deadening sad, didn't it?) Anyway: I've learned to roll with it — and click through it.

    Which isn't to say that I ''played'' The Lost Experience that much during its first month. I'm just not good at these kind of games. TLE's first act required participants to crack various codes to unlock content that was hidden at these Hanso sites by a mysterious character named Persephone, who seems to believe that Hanso is up to no good and is bent on exposing the organization's corruption and secret agenda, albeit in the most maddeningly cryptic and elliptical fashion possible.

    Truth is, Phase One was aimed at the Dwights of the world. And you know what? I think that's really, really neat. Seriously. But it wasn't for me. While I do have a Ph.D. in Lost-ology, the emphasis is in content — not UNLOCKING content. In retrospect, the 4-8-15-16-23-42 touchstone click code that was required to get into in the beginning seems pretty obvious. But I have to admit, I never figured it out on my own — I got the answer from a fansite. TLE's tricky barriers of entry — amplified by my personal brand of cluelessness — discouraged me from giving the Experience much of my time during its early stage. When I did investigate, I basically cheated by going to fansites like and to get codes and passwords. But a lot of times, I was content to make an every-other-day visit to The Lost Experience entry at for its recap.

    But then crashed and Rachel Blake started hunting Alvar Hanso, and slowly, gradually, I got hooked on TLE. ''The Adventures of Rachel Blake'' represent the second act of The Lost Experience, and it has been much more accessible than the first act of TLE. Put another way: Act Two is for the Dwights and Michaels in the Lost Fan Nation, although Michaels like me are still relying on Dwights for help in finding Rachel's riveting video blogs. What I like best about TLE's Blake era is that it has introduced something like structure to TLE's amoeba of narrative. It centralizes the storyline at a single blog, which then directs you to locate content on other sites — like those aforementioned Hanso sites, or to the home of conspiracy sleuth DJ Dan, whose quick-and-painless podcasts are a little goofy, but important, nonetheless.

    If you haven't yet made the acquaintance of the intrepid Ms. Blake, my suggestion is this: head over to YouTube and check out their collection of her video blogs, then scroll through Blake's blog for more info. Yes, I'm asking you to take shortcuts into TLE, which may not be the most honorable way to ''play'' the Experience. But time is of the essence, as informed sources tell me that Act Two of TLE is about to come to a close, and that Act Three is about to launch. Says my secret Lost source: ''It's going to be a doozy.''

    Which brings me to my dream, which bubbled forth from my Twin Peaks-steeped subconscious the other night, and might have been inspired by something I read at The Dharma Initiative entry over at Friends, the tip about the DHARMA acronym — I think it's true. And I think we're going to get more info about it very, very soon.

    Moreover, my Lost gut tells me that something is going to happen. Something in THE REAL WORLD. My advice: visit over the next couple weeks, as we are going to be tracking developments as they happen. I think all Lost fans — the Dwights, the Michaels and the Jim/Pams — are going to want to be following this.

    There's a lot we haven't yet discussed — like whether or not Rachel Blake is really Persephone, whether or not Rachel Blake is still alive, and perhaps most importantly, whether or not Rachel Blake is ACTUALLY WHO SHE CLAIMS TO BE. Of course, I have theories. And I have some COMPLAINTS, too, including quibbles about the illusion of its fiction/reality blur and some further thoughts on the validity of ABC's breakdown of Lost fans and the Big Truth that they're missing...

    But first, I think we should all get on the same page. Let me know: have you been following The Lost Experience? What do you make of it? What's been cool about it — and what's been confusing? And are you a Dwight, a Michael or a Jim/Pam? I want to hear your feedback in the message boards below. Then, in the days to come, I'm going to do my best to offer answers and clarifications. And then, as new developments occur, we're going to dive into theories.

    The meaty snack I've been hoping that TLE would be during the Lost hiatus is about to be served. Join me in scarfing it down, won't you?”

    Monday, July 17, 2006



    Friday, July 14th, 2006

    Rachel’s cover page has been updated and it now states that she is in Paris. Rachel, or someone very close to her, has posted again today on her secret site with an image of what looks like a garden and the user name and password for a website.

    user naem: rblake
    password: milkcartonman

    Clicking on the images takes you to the
  • subLYMONal
  • website. In Rachel Blake's last post, Mel0drama commented and signed off by saying "LISTEN, LOOK, WATCH". At the subLYMONAL page type in the word LISTEN and you will be directed to the Tarib site. Clicking on his right eye (LOOK) opens a user I.D. and password window. Enter the information supplied by Rachel to WATCH the video.

    Video transcription:
    Darla, I’m sorry. I didn’t hold up my end of the deal. If it was a trap to get your girl here in Paris I wanted it on camera. But it wasn’t her that called and it could have been anybody. I thought the camera… maybe that could somehow save me. I arrived ten minutes early and waited (image of garden(?) on Rachel’s site) and waited. Maybe she showed, saw the glasses and knew I had the camera. Maybe she balked. I’ll never know. Remember this face? (Rachel pivots her laptop to show an image of a tragic accident) McIntyre, 38, Communications Director of the philanthropic, non-profit The Hanso Foundation apparently lost control of the vehicle. Officials pulled his body and that of Darla Taft, Corporate Liaison, for the Global Welfare Consortium from the submerged car. Initial ruling is that the crash was accidental. It was no accident. They were murdered. I, I can’t do this anymore. GidgetGirl, Darla, was a good person. We had a trust. I knew from the beginning but she was Hugh’s mistress and she knew that I was Persephone. (Gunshots through glass can be heard) Is someone shooting at me? Someone is shooting at me. (Phone rings and there is a pounding on the door a man says, “Open the door!” Rachel says, “Holy God!” and the camera goes dead.


    The image posted to Rachel’s site has a bullet hole through it (bottom right hand corner). Does this mean that she was shot at more than once today? Or, just a clue to say that the shooting had taken place? Also, Mel0Drama posted a number of comments in which he/she seems very panicked and fearful of Rachel’s safety.


    Mandrake Wig sent out a message to members of MySpace concerning new discussions at the ROT Verizon Forum today. Go to the Retrievers of Truth webpage
  • ROT
  • and enter the existing password (polar bear) to get the newest ROT discussion entitled, “How'd you like a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray? - 07/14/06.” They direct us to the Broadband Stories site, with this entry: “DSLerator: 10:40am Good lord. This is horrific. Mittelwork promoting broadband” for a new video. Go to the Broadband site
  • Broadband Stories
  • Look for the link with the Hanso Foundation logo.


    Intro: Business lives and dies on communication.

    Page Intro: The President's Precedent

    Communication is life blood of any company working to better Mankind.

    Thomas Mittlewerk
    President and Chief Technologist
    The Hanso Foundation

    In his role as President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation, Mr. Mittelwerk's leadership has ensured prodigious contributions to numerous scientific disciplines, all in the name of insuring a better future for the whole of humanity.

    Visit The Hanso Foundation

    Business lives and dies on communication and when your business is extending life and improving health, advancing technology to mend an injured planet, communication can literally mean the difference between life and death.

    Text: As President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation, it is my job to make sure that the beneficial work of this multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-discipline organization reaches every one of the good people we are trying to help. THF isn't just about the cutting edge of science; it's about bringing people together, from prize-winning scientists to villagers in the developing world under the banner of "better living through innovation."

    Without broadband we would be completely in the dark. Our ability to communicate relies on real-time video conferencing, uploading and downloading vast quantities of information and the lightening fast transmission of e-mail around the world and back. A lot of people think the medical, education, scientific advancements made by THF are a godsend. And they are right, but, if you ask me, it is the godsend of broadband that truly allows us to reach out for a better tomorrow and do what we must.


    The last few communications from Mittelwerk contained the words “darkness” and “dark” and he is wearing a white lab coat in both this video and the last commercial. Could they have meaning later on in the Experience? Why did Beatnik have boxes on his desk? Packing up and leaving? Could he be the person pounding on Rachel’s door just before the video went blank?

    Retrievers of Truth Page Changes 07/15/06

    Enter your e-mail address to receive the last e-mail from Wally. (Repeated here for your review).

    “Dear friends,

    Thank you for supporting the Retrievers of Truth. You unwavering loyalty and patronage are what keep me working so hard to get the truth out there about the Labrador. Things are going very well for the organization and for myself. I would not be speaking to you if it were not for your belief.

    Today I would like to talk to you about something that has effected us all at one time or another - change. Change is the nature of existence. Do you think the now mighty and mentally superior Labrador retriever was always such a symbol of canine superiority? Definitely not.

    I myself have experienced change in my life. An awakening or rebirth of sorts. And from that change came personal growth. A flowering, if you will. When a young yellow is but a pup he hasn't the slightest inkling of the changes he will endure. He goes though life as a pet only to later become the true master.

    I can't tell you how to overcome change but I can tell you to look to the future. Aim for the stars. Pick a point in your mind that you want to reach and allow yourself to change - to adapt and be ready for anything that might come your way.

    Like a wise old yellow once told me, "If I didn't change my mind, I'd be thinking the same things every single day.

    Yours truly, Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole

    The password "polar bear" no longer works on the Retrievers of Truth page. The following can be found in the source code of the ROT page and works as password for the ROT Newsletter login: "1CF11D16-C378-4D5A-B038-00DF9ED171FF"

    Update: July 18th, 2006 - New ROT Verizon Forum login: E72CDBF5-94FA-465C-BE5D-0138AE32E38BANDNOITDONTMEANNOTHIN

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006


    It has been a long time coming but it looks like we have another commercial from the Hanso Foundation. Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk is the centerpiece of this commercial which aired during the episode “23rd Psalms” of Lost tonight.

    Mittelwerk is seen in a white lab coat in the lobby of The Hanso Foundation and the commercial is Presented by ABC, Inc.


    Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk
    President and Chief Technologist, The Hanso Foundation

    “Spirited debate…
    It’s the cornerstone of our philosophy, here at the Hanso Foundation. We’re reaching out to a better tomorrow and that means listening to our critics, even those who would lob unfounded claims from the darkness. We’re confident in our mission. That’s why we invite you – talk about us, discuss our accomplishments and continued progress.

    We are here for you.
    Thank you and Namaste.”

    Is there a clue here somewhere? I have been looking at the transcript for quite some time and only “unfounded claims from the darkness” and “spirited debate” stands out. It is a strange way to say this. I wonder if it is a clue of some sort?

    Note: The shutdown site has been changed with new text that reads: "Click here to see a statement by Dr. Werner Mittelwerk, President and Chief Technologist of the Hanso Foundation." The entire statement contains a hot link to the Mittelwerk Hanso Commercial # 7 that we've already seen. The text reads Werner Mittelwerk, but the commercial tells us that this is Thomas Mittelwerk. Strange difference here...


    Personal note:
    Traveling on business…
    Room 423 Undisclosed Hotel, San Diego, CA.

    The Post:
    Rachel has created an entry today in which she says she received a phone call. Since no one knows where she is she recorded it here:

  • Phone call portal

  • User Name: RBlake
    Password: FalseDegree

    This site requires a user name and password. Enter the information provided by Rachel, click select and you can either listen to the file or download it here:

  • GidgetGirl phone call

  • Transcription:

    Rachel: Hello? Hello?

    Woman: Yeah.

    Rachel: Who is this? Hello?

    Woman: Just another Monday morning quarterback.

    Rachel: GidgetGirl? How did you find me?

    GidgetGirl: Is that really important?

    Rachel: Where have you been?

    GidgetGirl: Hiding! Which is what you should be doing.

    Rachel : I am hiding.

    GidgetGirl: If I can find you so can they! But they’re leaving you alone for some reason. Why, Rachel?

    Rachel: I can’t… Why are you calling now.

    GidgetGirl: No! Don’t do that! Don’t avoid the question.

    Rachel: I’m not!

    GidgetGirl: It doesn’t make sense. For me, I’m involved. The man I love, say what you will about him, about us, he’s involved. I can’t get away, but you… Rachel you’ve a choice.

    Rachel: Like you had a choice to fall in love with a married man? I don’t have a choice. I have to do this and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you any more.

    GidgetGirl: (Pause) I have something for you. A package. I think it’s time we met.

    Rachel: Where?

    GidgetGirl: Here, in Paris.

    Rachel: But I’m in Italy, I can’t…

    GidgetGirl: Tomorrow. Check your e-mail. I’ll send you the meet location. It’ll be encoded but you’re smart. That shouldn’t be a problem.

    Rachel: And how will I know you? What’s your name? Please? You know my name!

    GidgetGirl: You made it clear… That’s all I know. (Pause) You’ll know me.

    Rachel: O.K.

    GidgetGirl: One more thing…

    Rachel: What’s that?

    GidgetGirl: No cameras! You’re reckless Rachel and reckless will get me killed.


    The password FalseDegree brings back memories of Mittlewerk's fake degree at CalTech. And the reference to “Monday morning quarterback” goes back to a conversation between Rachel and GidgetGirl when Rachel said the very same thing. It seems to me that some of the clues here are circling back on themselves.

    The voice of GidgetGirl sounds very much like Darla from the Hanso Call Center who left a message concerning Sri Lanka for Hugh McIntyre in the very first clue of the Experience. There is no doubt in my mind that they are one and the same. But is that a South African, British, or Australian accent? And now we know that GidgetGirl/Darla is Hugh’s love interest.

    Rachel is to meet GidgetGirl in Paris. She will receive an encoded e-mail disclosing the location. I assume that the e-mail will also help her recognize GidgetGirl when they meet or perhaps Rachel already has photographs of GidgetGirl (see the GWC badge in an earlier post). But what could the package be? And why Paris? Even with the warning not to I’m willing to say Rachel will bring a camera and a recording device to this meeting.

    Monday, July 10, 2006


    D.J. DAN PODCAST 07/10/06

    A new D.J. Dan podcast was posted today on the Let Your Compass Guide You website:

  • Compass

  • Go to the site, click on the 108 degrees, enter “Y” to the question and find the owelles folder. Click on the file named DJDan7-10-Pod posted on 10-June-2006 10:09 (Notice incorrect Month entry here.) (Also, refresh the page if you do not see the file when first entering the folder.)
    Filename “Where’sAlvar_Jeep” Running Time 4 minutes 58 seconds. You can also find the podcast on the D.J. Dan site under the podcast archives. Click on 7/10 to hear it.


    “Announcer: Coming to you live from the bug planted in your head.

    Singing: D. J. Dan.

    Announcer: You’re listening to D. J. Dan. Shutting down the man!

    Background static.

    D. J. Dan: Get your dialing fingers ready Conspiraspies. It’s time for the first installment… of our brand new spanking series: Where’s Alvar?! Now, if you’ve been following the work of our dream girl, whistle-blowing, investigative, whippersnapper, Rachel Blake, who may or may not be the hacker Persephone, who in true Conspiraspy fashion literally shut down the Hanso foundation website, then you know she’s having a little bit of a problem. See, she’s hitting a lot of dead ends, most of them circulating around the fact that she can’t seem to locate the man with all the answers, the ring leader himself Alvar Hanso. Tonya, ah, where do you think Alvar Hanso is?

    Tonya: Ah, standing right behind you?

    D. J. Dan: What? What? Whoa! (Laughs) (Tonya laughs) Right, almost gave me a heart attack Tonya, see, I got, ah, one of those actual size cardboard cutouts of Hanso standing right back there in the corner. Printed it from that Narvik photo, and Tonya knows I have a bad memory. Anyway, back to topic. I wanted to help Rachel find Hanso. So, I thought to myself, self, you’ve got a worldwide network of eager Conspiraspies and most of them have two very curious eyes. So I’ve decided to put those eyeballs to use Conspiraspies. Have you seen Alvar Hanso? Have you had a run in with the man himself? Then give us a call. First caller… Brad from Mitchiana.

    Brad: Ah, Michianna.

    D.J. Dan: Yeah, whatever. Where the hell is Michianna?

    Brad: Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana, we’re sparsely populated D.J. Dan.

    D.J. Dan: And I can see why. Bradley, where’s Alvar?

    Brad: Well, O.K., I’m pretty sure I saw him at a Mr. Cluck’s. He was eating a family bucket, like, all by himself.

    D.J. Dan: Breasts or legs and thighs?

    Brad: Ah, I think it was legs and thighs.

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Billionaires do not eat legs and thighs. It’s a fact. Look it up. Andrew from the San Fernando Valley. Like, totally, Andrew, where’s Alvar?

    Andrew: Dan I was visiting a friend at the Santa Rosa Hospital For The Mentally Ill and I could swear I saw a guy that looked just like Hanso talking with the doctors.

    D.J. Dan: Intriguing, we know these guys are into the mentally ill. When was this Andrew?

    Andrew: About two months ago.

    D.J. Dan: Two months ago? Shutdown! Useful information only people, come on, come on. Lindsey from N.Y.C. You're on baby

    Lindsey: Hey Dan, I was doing a photo shoot of a soccer stadium in L.A. and I swear Hanso was running a tour de staid.

    D.J. Dan: And what in the holy-heck fire is a tour de staid Lindsey?

    Lindsey: Where you run up and down all the stairs in a stadium.

    Dan: Shutdown! Recent estimates put Hanso at somewhere near 112 years old. I don’t care what kinda life extension drugs they’re pumping into the old boy, hey, I couldn’t run a sewer des staid when I was 20, O.K.

    Tonya: I think that might be more of an individual problem, D.J. Dan.

    D.J. Dan: Tonya, don't make me come into the producer's booth!

    Tonya: Hah, if we had a producer's booth.

    DJD: Yeah, okay, sorry about that. Steve from Florida, where's Alvar?

    Steve: Hey, D.J. Dan, chtsk, you're awesome.

    DJD: Yeah, I know that, where's Alvar?

    Steve: Um... I know for a fact he was taking applications at an Army recruiting office in Tallahassee.

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Everybody knows there ain't nothing but strip clubs and waffle joints in Tallahassee. And Hanso doesn't strike me as a desperate man. Tony from San Fran., where's Alvar?

    Tony: I'm pretty sure I saw him in a hot air balloon.

    D.J. Dan: O.K., O.K., that's a billionaire’s sport. Tell me, Tony, where were you at the time?

    T: In a hot air balloon.

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Speaking of hot air... O.K. Lightning Round! Just name the location, Nat, from Raleigh, go!

    Nat: Yeah, Niagara Falls.

    D.J. Dan: American or Canadian side?

    Nat: Uh, Canadian?

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Kevin from Des Moines, where's Alvar?

    Kevin: Uh, uh, I'm pretty sure I saw him at a diner last night, a few miles from... here?

    D.J. Dan: Populated or unpopulated road?

    Kevin: Unpopulated.

    D.J. Dan: Tanya, take down the info. Don from Athens, Georgia or Greece?

    Don: Greece… [Laughs] By way of Georgia.

    DJD: Okay, now I'm really confused. Where's Alvar?

    Don: Uh, well, uh, I heard from a friend he went to a faith healer at Ayer's Rock in Australia.

    DJD: Uh... on the fence with that… Don't know… Gonna have to go with... Shutdown! Hanso is the “Man”, and the “Man” ain't vibing with the faith healers. Okay, last call before the break, Nicolai, from Philly, Where's Alvar?

    Nicolai: Hi, D.J. Dan, I’m frequent traveler and more than once in V.I.P. lounge Oceanic Air I've seen old European gentleman absolutely…

    DJD: Mm-hmm.

    Nicolai: …fitting Hanso's description, always with drink in hand.

    DJD: And this alleged drink of yours, uh, what was it?

    Nicolai: Look like he drinks Manhattan.

    DJD: Shutdown! Now if you'd ‘ave said mineral water, I would have bit. Well folks, our journey today was most likely fruitless, but… keep those peepers peeled and tune in two weeks from now for another edition of Where's… Whoa! Tonya! Help me get rid of this cardboard cutout, c'mon. Let's get it out of here. It’s freakin’ me out!

    Announcer: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man.”

    A “Bounce”/Jeep Compass commercial follows the podcast.


    This episode of D.J. Dan’s podcast was filled with many Lost related references. I have listed them here (with some explanation) for review and research:

    Persephone / Rachel connection: It looks like D.J. Dan is not buying into the Rachel is Persephone tie-in. Could it be a lie? P=RB as far as I'm concerned.
    Southwest Michigan (Michianna): The DeGroots performed many of their psychological experiments at the University of Michigan.
    Mr. Cluck's Chicken: Hurley’s employer and mentioned in “Bad Twin” as a place main character, Paul Artisan, had eaten in L.A.
    Santa Rosa Hospital for the Mentally Ill: Hurley and Libby were patients here.
    Tour de Staid: Jack and Desmond have both attempted this type of exercise (two episodes of Lost).
    Life Extension Drugs: Kelvin, Desmond, Claire and Aaron took LED injections.
    Army Recruiting Office: (was Kate from Tallahassee?) Kelvin was an officer. Was he also a recruiter?
    Hot Air Balloon: The “real” Henry Gale, Mr. Cluck’s Chicken and Minnesota Metallurgy.
    Niagara Falls: Bernard proposed to Rose at a restaurant overlooking the falls.
    Diner (in Iowa): Kate's Mom worked at a diner.
    Ayers Rock (Uluru): Is the world's largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site. It is Australia's most famous natural landmark. Bernard takes Rose here to be healed.
    Faith Healer: Bernard takes Rose to a Faith Healer at Ayer’s Rock.
    Oceanic Air: THE airlines in Lost.

    Also, Narvik is in Norway. Why would D.J. Dan have a cutout of Alvar Hanso from a place never before discussed? Hmm… correct me if you think that Narvik is not what he said (Is there a Narvack somewhere?)

    Update 07/11: Oops, I guess Narvik was mentioned before... The Spanish Doctor Perez wrote a letter to Hanso at his Narvik Villa, which was returned to her.

    The next podcast is not scheduled until two weeks as D.J. Dan states in his 7/10 episode, “tune in two weeks from now for another edition.” I am not sure if this means that there will be another “Where’s Alvar?” edition podcast or just the D.J. Dan podcast in general. I guess we’ll have to wait until July 17th to find out.


    Rachel has created another entry today and it seems (if she is to be believed) that someone hacked her site?!? She applauds the players and explains that a very good hacker broke her security and posted the wrong newspaper files. Does any of this sound like damage control? At any rate, she does a shout-out to a dozen or so players (congrats to you all) and tells us that her silence the past few days concerned her own safety. Time will tell…

    Then, Rachel asks us if we remember the Geronimo Jackson lyrics, “She left me on the boardwalk/With my head held in my hands...” And, of course, we don’t know of it because no one has ever been able to find this music. San Remo feels like a ghost town to Rachel because the Hanso people and the GWC folks left four days ago, the Valenzetti Equation is still unobtainable, and a certain large ship has departed port (or never was there), not to mention Alvar Hason is still missing.

    Rachel bribed the harbormaster (on our advise?) but the Helgus Antonius appears to be a phantom ship. It never arrived in port and never departed. Either it was never there or the master was bribed sufficiently to keep quiet. Rachel says goodbye to her Widmore severance package which implies that she worked for them and confirms that Helgus Antonius means “Holy Flower”. She also thinks that St. Anthony, patron Saint of things lost, may also be important. Rachel again appeals to us, the players, for help as well as GidgetGirl. I assume we’ll be hearing from her very soon…

    She also makes a point to tell us again about Mittlewerk's blood transfusion and inoculations. Must be important but I don't see how yet.

    P.S. In my opinion this post DOES sound like Rachel and most likely is!!

    From member Annalisa the following notes on Narvik:
    "DJ Dan mentions that his life size picture of Hanso is from Narvik. If you look up Narvik, there is a huge port in that town and has its own website at

  • that can accept any type of ship with no depth restrictions, handling all types of ships. Is our ship going there? They call themselves the "strategic cargo link between east and west." And if you check out the history page, there is a picture from WWII of a german soldier. Alvar Hanso? I know he was a gun runner but nothing else is ever said about him during that time. Was he in the army helping people out as an inside spy?"

    Also, there is a container crane here that has a lifting capacity of up to 42 tons of freight and "can handle all types of cargo." They also have a "deep water quay." Interesting that D.J. Dan should mention Alvar Hanso connected to this port city. Hmm...