Friday, June 16, 2006



Well, not really. But the site has become inaccessible. For those who have not solved this clue… PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!! Write everything down and take screen prints. There is a lot of information that comes along during this clue and there is no way to reproduce it. So keep tabs on what you are doing. You've been cautioned...

Using the clue from the Persephone Page from today (“RECLUSE”), go to the Life Extension Project page on the Hanso Foundation website and click on the word “mortality”. A log-in box will appear. Enter “recluse” and hold onto your hat!

"Why extend your life to live in hiding?" text appears.

You will then see the image of the outside of an envelope that states: “Addressee Unknown: Return to Sender”. Click on the image and another spyglass document (recall Peter Thompson signature / GWC documents) can be read:

“Senor Hanso,

It occurs to me, at this point, I am attempting to correspond with a phantom. Had I not personally attended to you three months prior, I, too, would doubt your existence – the worldwide prominence of your name notwithstanding.

The letters I sent to your business address were returned with notes explaining your office does not accept unsolicited correspondence. The follow-up I sent to your Narvik Villa was returned with a postal mark claiming “no such addressee.” I feel compelled, however, to attempt a final letter – I hired an investigator to track you down. It is not that I do not respect your personal desire for privacy, S. Hanso; it is that your condition gives me cause for concern. You will, no doubt, recall you were admitted after collapsing with a myocardial infection while in Madrid. You were admitted, in a state of mild delirium, by the staff of the hotel in which you were a guest (though the hotel later claimed to have no record of your stay).

At the point which I began treating you, you demanded no blood be drawn. Several hours later, you requested I release you into the care of your personal physician, who had that moment arrived with your staff. Against my strenuous recommendation, you had yourself discharged.

The reason I write is to explain why, against your wishes, I did, in fact, draw your blood. At the time, I believed it prudent to obtain all information. Your disorientation allowed me to obtain the sample and seemed proof of your incapacity.

But now, the results of your blood test have prompted me to embark on this wild goose chase. It is imperative I reach you – your test results are most unusual, and I have reason for concern you may suffer a serious, even fatal, heart attack in the near future.

Futile as it seems, S. Hanso, I feel bound by the oath I took as a physician to inform you of your circumstance. And, further (please forgive the personal nature of this confession), I feel as though something is amiss. On more than one occasion, gentlemen have made inquiries into your hospital stay. It seems your Madrid episode is among only a handful of times, in recent years, that you have made documented contact with the world at large. And while I anticipate that this letter too, will be returned unopened, I feel you are owed at least the effort of my attempt.

Hope this finds you (well)
Eliza Vasquez, M.D.”

It seems Alvar Hanso was sick when in Madrid, Spain and sought medical treatment but had to be sent to a hospital. The doctor who treated him had some interesting observations.

After reading the letter, click on the name at the bottom of the screen (the ARG creators are big on signature clicking) and you will see the following message:

“The Hanso Foundation – Copenhagen”

The screen fills with the images from surveillance cameras at the Hanso Foundation in Copenhagen.

These three camera images show the following areas of the building:

Cam1 shows an empty parking space. An occasional employee passes in front of the camera. Cam42 shows Alvar Hanso’s desk with a large pile of documents with letter opener, a CD in jewel case and some newspapers, and the Cam23 shows what looks to be an elevator, the occasional employee passes in front of this camera also.

Click on the camera image frames and the date on the screen is updated. The items disappear from Hanso's desk in this order each time you advance: On September 13, 2004 the printout is removed from the desk, on March 25, 2005 the disc and file is removed and on June 15, 2006 the letters, which are held in place by a letter opener in the shape of a dagger, are taken. Afterwards, Persephone will greet you with…

“Is he a recluse or a prisoner?
Why would he allow such evil things
to be done in his name?”


A small box appears which reads:
“Disturbing isn’t it?
And there’s more.
So much more. I can help
connect the dots…”

Click on the box and another box appears with a log-in box beneath it:
“Do you want to know the rest?
Then enter the name of the director of the VIK
Institute… Armand… ?”

Enter “Zander” and Persephone responds:

“Cool! Thanks Sorry for all the cloak and dagger stuff but I have to be careful who I trust.
I think Mittlewerk is the key to all this - I need to find out what he is up to with all of these programs! I'm gonna...”


I believe that there was more text here but I did not get a screen print and could not remember the rest. Anyone else pick up the additions? This is where the Hanso Foundation website explodes. There is a lot of flashing light, screaming, broken glass, crying babies, explosions, electromagnetic incidents and then this final message from the Hanso Foundation.

The screen reads in red letters:
The Hanso Foundation site has been hacked by malicious infiltrators seeking to blemish the good work of many dedicated researchers. Until a legal investigation is completed, the site will no longer be accessible to the public. Namaste.

NOTE: If you haven't realize by now the goal of the Lost Experience Alternate Reality Game is to locate Alvar Hanso and find out what happened to him. Someone close to him, that cares, is searching for him in the guise of Persephone. It is our goal, people, to help her find him!!!

Another note: Look for June 19th to be a big day in the game. Not only does the Verizon forum have a thread posted for that future date but the Hanso "recluse" hack camera surveillance scenes end on this date also!

To return back to the Hanso Foundation a back door has been found. Go to the Retrievers of Truth website, enter the "porter" password. Open the "I have a very bad feeling about this" thread date 04/19/06. It looks like the word "people" is a back door back into the Hanso Foundation site.


M. said...

The word "people" is not a back door - will show a red-and-black screen, while (without the initial WWW) will allow you to access the site, but as even before June 16th, some easter eggs will be inaccessible if one uses the second URL. is "required" to use the WWW.

The Alternative said...

I agree. I should have rectified this as I found that many of the passwords and clues simply don't work with the www left off the URL. Thanks for pointing this out.