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retrievers of TRUTH - VERIZON FORUM

Go to and click on the e-mail box. Enter "porter" from the Vincent Bole e-mail and you will end up at the Verizon Forum - retrievers of TRUTH.


Notice how the Logo for this page is shaped to look like a telephone and that the same logo on the Retrievers of Truth page is shaped to look like a dog? Very clever manipulation of the same shaped logo. And P.S. I like the way this is going… twisting back towards the Lost series with some of the information lately (Vincent, Walt, Lloyd, Porter, Dharma shark, etc.) This is very good for the game and will certainly keep me entertained and interested.

Highlights from the site…

It looks like some employees over at Verizon were unhappy with the Hanso Foundation and created their own forum where they thought they could discuss things in secret. Obviously, that is untrue (in an unrealistic way). We have stumbled across this forum and are able to read the entries. The following is a brief description of the highlights of this forum and my thoughts and observations on the same.

I am not sure if this is a clue or not but THE ROT (which is an anagram for "The Other") may be important. Considering a lot of the early clues and such were figured out using ROT decoding. “Open up your eyes, throw off your tattered skepticism and read in... the TRUTH” There are 10 topics on the forum and I hope to highlight the important stuff from each one.

The topics are (with my observations included):

1. The gospel according to The DSL. Created by: DSLerator On: 6/07/06

The DSLerator wrote yesterday morning that his mother was a major influence on his life and that he or she had physical features identical to hers. He or she also had a twin brother who died. He also mentions that his father had no part in raising him or her. BroadBandBeatnik stated that there was a Japanese mouse (which is a wild mutant) around that has been through the maze so many times that it lost its purpose. The Laws of Nature are now working against mankind. This is the first intimation concerning parthenogenesis. iobiSeeingYou listed this website
which looks like advertising for Verizon (also where the password "parthenogenesis" was found in the source.). DSLerator stated that this group “seeks to unite with like-minded people out there to bring an end to the HANSO Foundation and their evil schemes.”

2. The media is their weapon of choice. Created by: iobiSeeingYou On:05/31/06

iobiSeeingYou talked about how Gary Troup was shining light on the foundation in Bad Twin and that Hugh McIntyre of the Hanso Foundation was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel and was the “Public Voice of Hanso”.

3. Hanso in da house!!!! Created by: DSLerator On: 05/24/06

This thread is composed of the group discussing Thomas Mittelwerk and how he was in their workplace on the 24th of May. He was also in their bosses’ office and snatched a folder from a shelf. Hmm…. It looks like this site: may become an in-game site (or the forum guys are selling the fact that they may not be able to tell a red-herring from the real thing either.)

4. Man smart, monkey smarter. Created by: DSLerator On:05/17/06

This topic discusses the Hanso Foundation website, Joop and cloning. Also, one of the characters states, “FiOS is space age technology.” I understand that FiOS is a Verizon fiber optic internet and television technology. DSLerator also says, “The way things stand now with HANSO folks lurking around our offices, how can you be sure you are not developing programs for the talking monkey people?” Who are the talking monkey people??

5. You'd be amazed at what you can find if you look. Created by: Fiberoptician. On: 05/10/06

This forum shows the Verizon employees as players in the Lost Game (this is a very unique twist). Conversation: “I tried signing up for the Hanso newsletter... “ “Hehe. And did they send you their elaborate plans to take over the universe, complete with maps and dates?” “The site looked hacked & asked for a password.” “Try something in Korean.” “My password generator program has been at it for hours.” “…a girl breaks in to give you a password… BREAKING STRAIN.” “Do you think this could be a trap? She's got to have inside information. Maybe she is a spy for the Hanso people. I'd say proceed with caution.”

6. Pay no attention to that elephant in the room. Created by: DSLerator On: 05/3/06

Another conversation: “I'm getting tired of these Hanso people.” “Their projects are shady and I don't like whatever it is they are up to.” “What, you don't want to make Hanso Broadband for Dolphins®?” “Am I the only one that thinks Hanso is planning to use us and our technologies to further their schemes?!” “And I'm not handing over any codes to any droids.”

7. The dog ate my board work. Created by: DSLerator On: 04/30/06

It seems the guys at Verizon knew about the “dog site” well in advance of the rest of us players but were a week late in starting the game. Hmmm…. “ I'm totally hypnotized by the morphing logo.”

8. What are they trying to hide right under our noses. Created by: DSLerator On: 04/26/06

And “ Back to the Hanso site... did you check out that Alvar Hanso guy? What kind of an executive photo is this?” “So is this taken when he did jail time?” See the bars? “The man obviously doesn't want to be recognized... shady.” “And it's not just the photo. Some reliable water cooler sources have been hinting that all the big wigs are cashing in their stock options "just in case something happens".” “Better come up with something clever as a cover though.” “A password in Korean?” “A password in Inuktitut?” (which is a variety of Inuit language spoken in Canada) “That Hanso logo is a rip-off of a yin-yang symbol.” “Oh, I get it. They are Good and Evil. Very dramatic.” “Brush up on your Orwell. Peace=War, Good=Evil.” (George Orwell wrote 1984 about Big Brother) “I'd say that Yin is definitely hijacking the Yang in the Hanso version.” “If I was the Hanso foundation, I'd worry about my Feng-Shui.”

9. I have a very bad feeling about this. Created by: BroadBandBeatnik On: 04/19/06

“ Everybody else got that SOS about the Hanso Foundation or am I the only one on DSL's corporate spam list?” “That conspiracy theory you've been forwarding proves nothing. The Hanso people were just visiting the headquarters on tour. It was some PR photo op, man! You see Bill Gates kissing a baby, you think he's gonna start opening MS summer camps??? LOL” “Have you no idea who these people are?? They don't NEED any PR. They probably own every news network between here and Pluto! Second. Mittelwork doesn't just ride around on publicity tours. What is he doing glad-handing with our bosses??” ”This cloak and dagger stuff can be a buzz kill.” “He's got an overactive broadband.” “How about this for some fun? Now this... is art." (Strange but amusing!)

10. The revolution starts not with a bang but a whisper. Created by: DSLerator.On: 04/12/06

“…the board is up and running!” “What was up with the server earlier? Took me an hour to sign in. Fiber, you messing with the system again?” “Thank the Blackberry I'm here.” “But I bet with that toy you can't see the cool new black and red interface, huh?” “Ok, ok, your design skills are brilliant. We are all very impressed. I'll put in a word for you with Dolce & Gabbana.” “PFT... Not interested. I'm down with tech. Bring me your dysfunctional gadgets. I'll turn them into Fiber-robots.” “Geek.” “ Geek is the new Black... and Red.” “So then Wednesday is black and red from now on?” “Wednesdays it is then.”

Wednesdays indeed!!!! Look for updates to the entries on Wednesday. Almost, all the forum posts are done on that day.

Source code information and anagrams:
Interesting items found in the source code are "magic" and "normal"

"parthenogenesis" = "other pangenesis", "pentagon heiress", and "Stonhenge Paris"

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