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D. J. DAN PODCAST 6/16/06

The D. J. Dan site has changed. Under Podcast Archives the single small word "Hello" is now visible at the top of the screen. Clicking on this word takes you to the site. We're still checking to see how to access the podcast but it looks like it will be through submitting the correct word into the subLYMONal site. And we thought this site was all used up!!! More to follow...

Also, the last image in the top row and all bottom images are now clickable and take you to the subLYMONal site. The new fallout pattern image has the word "BigD" printed in white letters with green lights visible. Still checking for the correct password or sequence...

Click on the tiny “Hello” in the Podcast Archives section of the website (refresh if you don't see it) or one of the hot link images at the bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the subLYMONal website. Type “hello” into the box and click submit. When the three screens come up click on the left-hand screen (with Lymonhead). In the Speak box type “BigD” (case sensitive) (clue is from the image of fallout1.gif from DJ Dan site as I reported early this morning) and click Speak for the newest D.J. Dan podcast.

You can now click on the 6/13 link to access the subLYMONal site on the D.J. Dan site.

Transcription is as follows:

"Intro music

Announcer: Coming to you live, from the astral plain...

Singing : D. J. Dan!

Announcer: You're listening to D.J. Dan. Shutting down the man!

D.J. Dan: Okay, okay, okay. So, my little conspiraspies, listen to this one. There’s something rotten in the state that used to be part of Denmark... I'm talkin’ Iceland. I'm talkin’ what’s become the hottest nightlife destination north of the equator. I'm talkin’ the south beach of the north Atlantic. Hey, as far as my wife knows, I've never been to Iceland. You know what I mean? I think you do. Now, if you know anything about Iceland, you know they barely have a police force. And why? These people have no idea what crime is. I mean they let Bjork walk the streets. Right, Tonya? Do you like Bjork?

Tonya: Wait, wait, wait, was she in her duck outfit?

D.J. Dan: (Laughs) You know, that aside, trust me, they've got their share of crimes. It’s going on right under their noses, and nobody’s doing anything about it. Well, I'm here to change that! I'm here to talk about the unreported crimes of Iceland’s very own VIK Institute, a mental hospital funded by none other than... (Eerie music) (Laughter)

Deep voice: The Hanso Foundation! (Laughter)

D.J. Dan: Yep! These are the guys, you see them on T.V., they're building a bridge to a glowing future of peace. They're harnessing the atoms to give us nuclear genius children. You get it! They're the altruistic society of researchers, started by this Alvar Hanso, who used to make machines of war! And apparently got hit with a case of the guilty jerries and decided, "Hey! I'm gonna start anew!" Do you know what they say about leopards? They'll bite you in the neck. Or is that white tigers...? I don't know. Point being, what is going on at the VIK Institute? No one really knows. But thanks to the work of a hacker known only as Persephone, we're starting to get a picture. We've got a disgruntled head of the hospital, Dr. Armand Zander who sends a letter to Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, Alvar Hanso's pitbull, demanding to know what’s going on at his own facility! Go to the Hanso site right now and check the hack in the Mental Health Appeal! It'll blow your mind! Right off the bat, Zander calls himself a prisoner in a hall of mirrors, and he goes on to talk about autistic savant patients being administered secret proprietary memory tests. I mean, just what is going on? I don't know, but I say we shut 'em down! Marissa from Trenton, go ahead.

Marissa: Hey D.J. Danny! What if The Hanso Foundation really isn't up to anything at all?

D.J. Dan: Shutdown! C'mon, people!! I'm reading off the darn website! Jorge from Portland, how is that microbrew?

Jorge: Hey, how's it going, D.J. Dan? Man, I'm on the page right now. Um, I'm wondering what are autistic, are autistic savants, again?

D.J. Dan: Well, uh, it varies. But alot of times, they're like, uh, they're like human calculators. You, uh, you ever see Rainman, Jorge?

Jorge: Yah!

D.J. Dan: You tryin' to be cute, Jorge?

Jorge: Yah, ha ha ha, yah.

D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Tonya, are you even screening these calls?

Tonya: Screening the calls.

D.J. Dan: Oh, c'mon, Tonya, not you, too. Is she.. Okay. You're getting back at me for telling your age on the air last week, aren't you?

Tanya: Screening the calls.

D.J. Dan: I said you were a young thirty... Tom from Orlando, bring me the magic.

Tom: Hey, D.J. Dan! (Laughs) So, I think I've got if figured out!

D.J. Dan: Yeah. Do tell.

Tom: Well, I was just imagining if I'm Mittelwerk, and, I'm calculating some top secret stuff...

D.J. Dan: Yeah, uh, like what?

Tom: I don't know... like...

Voice in background: Nuclear fusion!

Tom: Like nuclear fusion!


D.J. Dan: Okay, get on with it, c'mon!

Tom: I'm calculating nuclear fusion and I've got a history of getting into trouble. The one thing I don’t wanna do or happen is a data record of what I'm doing...

D.J. Dan: Okay, so what you're saying here, is that you don't use a computer at all?

Tom: Exactly! (Laughs again) I do it in my head! Or, or, or in the case of the VIK Institute, I get these autistic savants to do it in their heads...

D.J. Dan: Yeah, but the thing is about autistic savants, you can never really know what they're actually capable of doing, and see, so...

Tom: So, so I subject them to proprietary memory tests. Yeah.

D.J. Dan: Tom... Nice! I like it!!

Tom: Yeah!

D.J. Dan: And I'm giving you reefer stinkin' ass conspiraspy of the month! You hear that, Tonya?

Tonya: Conspiraspy of the month.

D.J. Dan: Can we sign up Tom as conspiraspy of the month?

Tonya: Conspiraspy of the month.

D.J. Dan: Tonya, please, are you really that mad at me?

Tanya: Conspiraspy of the month.

D.J. Dan: Yeah, yeah.. Okay, it looks like the inmates are running the asylum, folks. D.J. Dan! BRB.

Announcer: You're listening to D.J. Dan! Shutting down the man!

Outro music"

1. Bjork’s outfit was a Swan not a duck…. oh, and everything comes back to the Lost show somehow, doesn’t it?
2. Denmark did once include Iceland.
3. The VIK Institute has problems…The head of the hospital, Dr. Armand Zander (Zander being also the nickname of one of the Widmore twins in “Bad Twin”) has no clue as to what is happening in his own hospital. Zander is a prisoner in a “hall of mirrors”… as he states Another clue perhaps? And autistic savants are being administered memory tests. Why? So perhaps the savants are used so that no paper trail can be found… but if Zander has no control of his own hospital, who does?
4. D.J. Dan also ends his podcast by saying the “inmates are running the asylum.” "inmate asylum” was a password for the Vanderfield/Peck Executive Bios. log-in. Did we miss something there? Is he giving us a subtle clue to re-visit? We’ll take a look and see what we can see.
5. Also, Tonya says Conspiraspy of the month three time and D.J. Dan twice. We'll need to keep an eye on the Conspriaspy of the Month link.
6. Because of the mention of the hack in the Mental Health Appeal we know that this podcast was recorded in the past few days. (The Zander letter was only uncovered on Tuesday of this week.)

Next podcast coming on 6/21...

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