Friday, June 16, 2006


The guys at the Verizon forum are at it again. Weird posts though as one is dated two days into the future. Hmm....

And there is this post under this heading: The best place to hide something is right under our noses. - 06/19/06 "Have you been to the lately?" They discuss the videos found at this site and mention that D.J. Dan has a videocast. His is the fourth from the left in the bottom row of videos. And it looked like our Verizon guys have hooked up with someone special… they didn’t come out and say but I think we may be hearing from Persephone, Dr. Bole or D.J. Dan very soon through them. And, who would have thought that D.J. Dan was a Serenity/Firefly fan? "You Can't Stop The Signal!" was posted in his videocast today. Joss and I are with you, Danny boy!

In the Thread called: Speak up if you got something to say - 6/16/06 our heroes look like they are being quizzed about the Hanso Foundation. The last two lines of the conversation are interesting and read:
BroadBandBeatnik5:50pm A wise man once said we are all merely players in this game.
Fiberoptician6:00pm Ha! Well in that case I'd prefer to be the board.

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