Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Looks like Rachel is still in Copenhagen hanging on to the hope that she’ll learn more. She knows that there is AN island at the zero degree latitude line that was not picked up by her camera. She states that Mittlewerk must be looking for multiple islands.

In the mean time, GIDGETGIRL has reappeared and given Rachel some solid clues. Click on GIDGETGIRL under the “Contributors” on Rachel’s site for more information or check out her blog at GIDGETGIRL's Blog
If you remember, we saw this VIK Institute letter (see transcription below) and visiting GIDGETGIRL’S blog reveals the second letter (image below.)

“The VIK Institute

Dr. Armand Zander, M,D., PhD.Director,
The VIK Institute
870 Vik, ICELAND

Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk

The Hanso FoundationOrsund Klegvjiel 544DK 1604 Copenhagen V Den-markDr Mittelwerk:

It is with profound anger that I submit this complaint. I understand The Hanso Foundation prides itself on experimentation and innovation – but what is going on in my own hospital has left me extremely confused about my mission.

I was recruited to the directorship of the Vik Institute with a promise that I would be given the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of my patients. Instead, I find myself prisoner in a hall of mirrors.Day in and day out, new doctors not on my staff enter and exit the hospital. Last night, twenty of my autistic savant patients were administered secret proprietary memory tests without my consult or consent by doctors whom I have never seen before – and then there is, of course, the third sub-basement.

Never in my twenty years of treating the mentally ill have I seen the like. A secret ward containing patients who illness is unknown to the hospital’s director? It is, I regret to say, absurd and offensive.I am responsible for the lives of hundreds of patients, but I cannot, in good conscience, take that responsibility if I am hamstrung by a secret program of experimentation taking place under my own nose.

The bottom line is, I expect a full account of the activities taking place in my hospital. If you are unable, or unwilling to comply, I may just be forced to tender my resignation.

Regretfully yours,
Armand Zander.”

So, GIDGETGIRL is now “in-game” and we should be watching for messages from her from now on. Rachel seems to have placed her trust in her and that is not an easy thing to do, or so it seems. She has even removed the photos of Hugh McIntyre and his “friend.” GIDGETGIRL also tells Rachel that Mittlewerk has flown to Iceland to clean up a mess at the VIK Institute (obviously the Institute in the phone call to the fixer yesterday.) Rachel is heading to Iceland.

We Googled the names from the Vik article but did not come up with anything of interest. We do think that Vigi Benoffski was most likely Polish, Janos Backh was probably Hungarian, Orhan Hikmet Ran was most likely Turkish and Vikram Sahani was probably Indian. Why people from such diverse parts of the world? Scientists? Experimental subjects?


It seems that the guys at the Verizon Forum are truly and in real-time conversing with members of AIM and are planning something BIG. For many reasons we cannot monitor AIM. Here is the website for those who are interested http://www.aim.com/ and we would be obliged to anyone who monitors AIM and converses with the ROT guys to e-mail us with any updates that may be of interest.


The 7th Gary Troup video can be found at:


“Book Talk”, Show #: 1523, Guest: Gary Troup, Date: 16 Sept. 2004, Length: 37, Clip 7 of 9

Gary Troup: I’m an inveterate bachelor. I mean I never even thought about coming close to getting married until, you know, I started doing research for “Bad Twin”.

Laird Grainger: Which required lots of travel to Australia.

Gary Troup: Eight times, actually.

Laird Grainger: (laughs) Eight?

Gary Troup: Yeah, I’m kind of a research fanatic. Anyhow, a large part of the book takes place down there, so.

Laird Grainger: Of course, your love for deep sea fishing and the barrier reef had nothing to do with it.

Gary Troup: Hey, hey, com’ on, that’s research.

Laird Grainger: (laughs again)

Gary Troup: Anyways, you either coincidently or by fate there is this incredible woman, uh, Cindy. Ah, she’s a flight attendant…

Fade out. Color bars.


I am not a big fan of SaveJoop.com and still do not consider it to be “in-game” although all the other followers of the game seem to consider it important. I am not convinced. There has never been anything of importance come from the site. It’s cute, fun and even a bit clever but “in-game” it is not. For those who wish to spend a few idle hours playing, some changes have occurred at Save Joop.

Clicking on the quote by Van Gogh takes you to the new MySpace page for Save Joop (Random Shirts). A link to
  • Sit On A Monkey
  • which is another odd Hanso Foundation demonstration site. Find the post entitled “108” and check out the comments. This comment explains a lot:


    Things are heating up. In case we can't get to a computer...here's what happened:

    About a week ago, when we hit 10,000 signatures, we started emailing Hugh like 20 times a day. Within 24 hours of the first email a courier hand delivered a cease and desist letter from Peter Thompson.

    We replied via email that we would only "cease and disist" our actions once they gave us evidence of Joop's health and safety.

    3 Days later we received a restraining order from some US District Judge demanding we end all Hanso related activity on our website and even prohibiting us from talking about it.

    We didn't budge.

    Then the phone calls started. We're also pretty sure we're being followed. We haven't been SHUTDOWN yet but we're know the time is coming soon. We're on the run.

    Decided Rachel shouldn't be the only one out there doing the dirty work so we're heading to Tanzania incognito ("like Alias" as Rach would say) with the guidance of our friend Autumn. Problem is, we can't leave until August.

    We know you're skeptical...Trying to figure out a way to show you the documentation to prove what we're saying is true.

    Remember to let your compass guide you...only your conscience can open up the box which contains the truth.

    A few additional comments by the SaveJoop people will direct you to the following connected pages:
    Restraining Order
    and use the Compass clue “DI 9FFTR731” for both passwords.


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