Friday, June 16, 2006


Persephone's page at has changed again today. The image shown above has posted to the system. There does not seem to be any clickable links so, rather than a clue of number or words to digest and decode it looks like she has left us with an image to decypher. The file name is 7800isus.jpg and the visible items are:
a pair of Scissors
an Eraser
a playing Card
an Umbrella
a small tape Recorder
an Envelope

Pretty much your standard spy fare, wouldn't you say?

Together these items spell RECLUSE. A new password box comes up if you click on the word "mortality" on the Life Extension Project page of the Hanso site. The password is "recluse".

WARNING! There are reports that you cannot get back into the Hanso site after looking at the clues. I'll update more in moments...

Note: The Retrievers of Truth Message Board has been updated too. D.J. Dan is mentioned.

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