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So, now we have a video and a document. The first is an encounter between Rachel and Mittlewerk the second from a Dr. Kini to Mel0Drama’s Dr. Hackett. First things first: The video was found in a very circuitous method and contains a few oddities. The beginning of the video has a man’s voice in the background which says, “Rachel, Help!” Rachel also shows us the image of an island…

The video and the document were found following Rachel's link to, under the user named RBlake, who had 43 goals at

It was noticed that goals 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 all contain just one word: 4 is “truth”, 8 is “safe”, 15 is “reckon”, 16 is “copenhagen” 23 is “alvar” and 42 is “sumo”, plus goal 43 is "Have a refreshing beverage" which directed us to the subLYMONal website, where entering "truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo" gives us an unusually quiet subLYMONal website and opened up a second login box. At the end of her blog conversation with Mel0drama Rachel said: "Me: Cool. Gotta go. I've got 43 things to do to stop their better tomorrow". Entering "better tomorrow" takes us to the Directory listing of

and folder 48 contains the video and the document. The file untitled-1.html was posted 06-Jun-2006 07:33 and contains the video while the file untitled-2.html was posted 27-Jun-2006 04:61 (4 days from today’s date? And 04:61? What time is that? What is going on with all these future post dates?)

Rachel also mentions the following in her video:
1. Mittlewerk is taking a new ship on an old route (a secret boat)
2. What is it about this ship’s design that makes it so special?
3. Copenhagen Cartographicical Society
4. Mittlewerk’s cartographer prepared the above map of the “an” island (and map).
5. The numbers, names and scales have been blurred out.
6. Danish shipping archives
7. “May the force be with you?” Why the Star Wars reference? Is the modified ship a death star? Recall Speakers conversation from Clerk’s concerning this very subject.

1. Mittlewerk walks with a pronounced limp. Prosthetic leg?
2. Jeep's abound!
3. Rachel was definitely identified by Mittlewerk.
4. What is Project Sumo? (from letter)
5. More questions than answers. Again!


The guys at the Verizon Forum are at it again. Today's conversation evolves (pun intended) around a difference between monkeys and apes. They also admit that they are happy the Hanso site has been hacked and the best news of all... more "wierder and funner"!!


And it looks like another scripted conversation between GidgetGirl and Rachel. Gidget, who some think may be McIntyre's wife, has asked Rachel to remove the photos from the site. Rachel wants information in return. My guess? We'll get more questions!

P.S. Clicking on the photo of Rachel in Copenhagen o5 takes you to the 43things website!

And this website verifies that the island(s) in the photo's that Mittlewerk dropped during his encounter with Rachel are found in Ontario, Canada in Lake Superior.

The Islands

(Edward Island, St. Ignace Island, Simpson Island, and Wilson Island)


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