Friday, June 30, 2006


New updates included on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday, July 2nd.

Sorry for all the multiple posts at one time… I’ll explain later in this entry!


Armand Zander is now missing and Rachel went to his house where cops and reporters were milling about and rumors are flying that Zander set the fire at the VIK Institute. And to top it off Mittlewerk is gone again. Rachel has linked to D.J. Dan’s podcast which means she is listening. And the Valenzetti Equation looms heavier every day. And, wait for it… huge revelation… RACHEL is PERSEPHONE!! Remember we called it over a month ago!

Rachel Blake Update – Friday, June 30, 2006

Does Rachel Blake know who Russell Andrews is? She states in her update that he is "a random guest on a podcast known to exaggerate"! How would Rachel know that if she didn’t have some first-hand knowledge of Andrews? Mittlewerk is on the Italian Riviera and GIDGETGIRL knows from first-hand experience (not explained) that the Valenzetti Equation is one of the highest items on TWM's agenda.


The D.J. Dan podcast has been posted today as well as an update. First the podcast… At the Retrievers of Truth page enter your e-mail address to the system. You will receive the following e-mail from Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole:

Dear friends,

I want to thank you all for registering for my newsletter. Things in the world of Bole and the Retrievers of Truth are very exciting as of late. The RoT is getting worldwide recognition and I will be appearing on several television shows in Korea and Australia in the very near future.

The other day I was walking along the river, Bien Ecouter, near a friend's home in Switzerland. I was contemplating the nature of things and eating a buttercream torte when a yellow lab came out of nowhere and blocked my path. I stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity stunned by this intrusion all the while wondering what the creature's intentions were.

The yellow lab is a highly evolved creature, as I have stated on my website and in my many books. When they venture into our personal space it is usually for a reason and at this moment I could not fathom what this particular stranger wanted of me? Had he heard of me from other retrievers? Did he sense my willingness to communicate? Was this all just a coincidence?

After a few seconds our eyes locked and we communicated. He stated his name was "Wand Prowess." He then stated that I should remember his name, "not as it is but as it can be." Then he began what seemed like a poem, "In the Pacific I'm in the ocean bare, when I'm up north I'm the sea bear." I tried to question both statements but he just looked at me, turned and as he was about to walk away he said, "I'll leave you with two things to ponder" and he then turned and ran off. These are they:

Maslow's hierarchy

Keep who's eye on the prize?

I only tell you these tales of my journeys to entertain. But I do hope these incidents in my life will inspire you to look more deeply into your own. Yours truly, Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole

PS: Consuming a diet high in fiber can be beneficial to the BLOOD.

Note: Bien Ecouter means "listen well" or "pay attention" in French.
"wand prowess" is an anagram for "new password".

From the above e-mail we note that the "ocean bear" and the "sea bear" are clues to the real password, which is "polar bear". "wand prowess" = new password = polar bear. Enter polar bear to the ROT e-mail box and you will be re-directed to the ROT Verizon Forum. Under the thread "By the power of gravy…" you will find this website listed:

D.J. Dan Podcast 06/30

Part 1
Announcer: Coming to you live, from the fire in your belly...
Singing: D.J.Dan…
Announcer: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man!
D.J. Dan: And I'm here talkin’ to Russ...
Russell: Russell
D.J. DAN: Yeah, yeah, Russell Andrews...
Russell: Who's...
D.J. DAN: Who, uh...
Russell: ...Who's here to tell yo...
D.J. DAN: Russell...
Russell: —that we are in a lot of trouble and most of us don't realize it!
D.J. DAN: Russell.
Russell: We have an ecosystem that...
D.J. DAN: I'm trying to be polite here, Russell.
Russell: Huh.
D.J. DAN: Tell us, what is your job?
Russell: Okay, I've already explained, I'm a mathematical forecaster, and...
D.J. DAN: Now, now, hold it right there, just hold. My listeners hear "Mathematical Forecaster" and (snaps fingers) they're disconnected. Now Russ, tell me, what does a Mathematical Forecaster do?
Russell: Okay, basically I use algorithms to forecast systematic...
D.J. DAN: Ah! You use math to predict the future! But Russ, nobody can predict the future.
Russell: Not true.
D.J. DAN: I repeat, nobody!
Russell: That's not true!
D.J. DAN: I don't care who you are. What you do. Who you pray to. What kind of computer power you're packing. What kind of degrees you're holding. What kind of tarot cards and star charts and tea leaves and coffee grounds and pig's blood and moon runes you read—you'd never ever predict what is coming out of my mouth right now. Gimme... give it a shot, come on, try, try, try...
Russell: Uh....
D.J. DAN: Six backward church dummies, you know, Madagascar? Huh?
Russell: So, so, so what?
D.J. DAN: So I just proved my point.
Russell: Look, DJ Dan, if what I'm saying is so far off the mark, tell me, why would the U.N. hire Enzo Valenzetti in 1963 to apply the laws of statistical probability to predict the future... of, of mankind?
D.J. DAN: Enzo Venza.. What, ah? What, ah?
Russell: En... Enzo Valenzetti. He was the greatest mind in mathematical history.
D.J. DAN: Then—then how come I ain't heard o’ him?
Russell: Because he died before his prime. He was piloting a plane from Naples to Paris, and it just... disappeared. He—he was killed, killed, DJ Dan, uh, to hide the truth.
D.J. DAN: And what truth might that be?
Russell: Uh, okay, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.N. decided to apply my field, uh to the problems of humanity. They hired this brilliant grad student, Valenzetti, to come up with an equation, that would help look into the future...
D.J. DAN: Alright, alright, alright, alright, Rusty...
Russell: ...of mankind. Russell.
D.J. DAN: Rusty, Rusty, Rusty, uh, what did this equation say?
Russell: Well, nobody knows. It was an oral presentation to the U.N., and then, then the whole thing's been suppressed. And he developed it on his, on his, own in seclusion.
D.J. DAN: Then, then how do you know this Valenzetti Equation even exists?
Russell: Because a book was written about it. I've been trying to get my hands on it for years, but it's out of print, and somebody just bought the original publisher.
D.J. DAN: Yeah, sounds like a real conspiracy theory, Rusty. And who, pray tell bought the publishing company?
Russell: The Hanso Foundation...
D.J. DAN: SHUTDOWN!! Very clever, Russ, very clever, but I've seen enough parlor tricks in my day to know when I'm being had. Next caller!
Part 2
Woman: Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to shut down your callers, D.J. Dan.
D.J. DAN: Oooh, a feisty one. You, uh sound way too hot to be one of my ConspiraSpies, so who am I talking to here?
Woman: Here's what I know. Remember your VIK Institute show?
D.J. DAN: Mmm-hmm.
Woman: Mental hospital run by the Hanso Foundation full of number-crunching savants in the mysterious third basement?
D.J. DAN: Yeah, yeah.Woman: I know for a fact it's full of mathematicians. And those savants? They're running an equation over and over. It's just like what you said. Mittlewerk doesn't want a data trail.
D.J. DAN: So, uh, so, so what. So you think they're running this, uh... Valentiki equation? Woman: Guess you are as smart as you look.
D.J. DAN: Oh-ho-ho-ho. If I wasn't married I'd take you to the Puerto Rican beach where I grew up and marry you on the spot!
Woman: Too bad you're married.
D.J. DAN: (In Spanish - Well, ah, maybe you can humor me and... uh tell me what you're, uh what you're wearing, please? )
Woman: You want to know what I'm wearing? Something cute!
D.J. DAN: Oooh.
Woman: Too bad the Hanso Foundation wants me dead. You'll never get to see.
D.J. DAN: Wait a minute, who is this really?
Persephone: Persephone.
D.J. DAN: What… Persephone? Tonya!... Quick… Perseph…Tonya, quick! Trace the call, trace the call right now, trace it, c'mon!
Tonya: Trace it?
D.J. DAN: Go...just...get...go...
Tonya: With my pencil?
D.J. DAN: Just—aww… D.J. Dan, more in love than ever before.
Announcer: You're listening to D.J. Dan, shutting down the man!

So, it looks like Persephone (Rachel) and D.J. Dan have finally made contact. We wonder what that might mean? And the MF (and what does that stand for?) seemed to know more about Valenzetti than just about anyone else I’ve heard… including Gary Troup. Who is Russell Andrews? And is he now “in-game”? Valenzetti died in a plane crash… then simply disappeared? Which one is it Russell? And why would Rachel want to talk to D.J. Dan now? Stay tuned!!

Next podcast coming on 7/05...


Eyes on the Man – Who We’re Looking at This Month

Seeing as the page has been up since May shouldn’t it be “Who We’re Looking at Every Other Month”? At any rate, D.J. Dan has got his eye on Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk:

WELCOME (From the Cabaret clue, translated from Wilkomen)
YOUR ("25 15 21 18" clue given over AIM by DSLerator)
NEXT (From the Mandrake Wig Myspace quiz - Question 3)
VIDEO (Also from the Mandrake Wig Myspace quiz - Question 4)
NEEDS (Maslow's hierarchy of "needs" -ROT newsletter)
YOUR (Keep who's eye on the prize? -ROT Newsletter)
EXPERIENCES (Mandrake Wig Flikr Page - "Direct Observation")
CHECK (ROT clue - "You get it from the waitress! THE END")
TOMMRROW (Guessed by player Acts4Food)

Then at:
enter the following extensions to the website and a log-in box appears.
/welcome /your /next /video /needs
/your /experiences /check /tomorrow
Still checking for the user name and password.

Admin Log-in

And confirmed on the Mandrake Wig site with his post from June 29th.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank you all.

I want to WELCOME and thank all my new MySpace friends for visiting my page and reading my thought and mental excursions. I enjoy your questions and comments immensely. I hope you understand that at times I cant really answer all of YOUR questions with the specificity most of you would like. NEXT time you ask questions Ill try my hardest to supply as much information as I can provide.

One of my other hobbies is photography. I try to take interesting pictures and VIDEO as often as possible. As a young adult I often envisioned myself a young photojournalist getting the breaking story for the national news magazines... ah those childhood dreams and ambitions. So I really wanted to give my totally amateur photos a nice viewing place and found the gallery on MySpace to be wanting.

When I first joined MySpace I met a lovely lady named Lena. When she learned of my off-hours interest in photography she pointed me to a site called Flickr. If you get a chance or have some time take a look at my photos. And thanks again Lena for your helpful generosity, your discretion, and for just being you. You can meet some of the nicest people on MySpace. Enjoy.

ROT CLUE UPDATE - SET 2 (Fiberoptician)

Complete transcript (all three documents together):

"Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 20:53:06 - 0500
------>> To:
Subject: AP site -
After careful scrutiny of the census figures, geological reports, customs inquiries and gepgraphical surveys prepared by yourselves and the experts at the CCS, the core group has deemed, regretfully, that site alpha

-------- (4888), beta (1060), and delta (10120) remain unsuitable for carrying 00000000000000>>>> out the SPIDER PROTOCOL -- even taking into consideration the recommended parametric recalibrations. ---------

Despite my initial (and continued) retience, it seems that fate has dealt its card. We have no choice but to fall back

to the original island target. While THF has not utilized the site for some time, its unique properties render it more than adequate for our purposes at this particular juncture.


So perhaps I am wrong and the BLOOD clue is “in-game” or are there two BLOOD clues happening at the same time? It just didn’t (and doesn’t) seem right to me… oh, well… you can’t be right all the time. I apologize for my rant yesterday but I am still feeling a bit miffed that TPTB would not include everyone in all the clues. Onward!!!

A note concerning the Dick Cheever webpage (see sidebar for link):
The way to know for sure if the Dick Cheever's Blog is "in-game" is to find out if "the fixer" is named Paul. Cheever names him in his blog. If this turns out to be true then Dick is "in-game". I've been told that the Cheever website was first found in the source code at Broadband but have been unable to find it myself. However, with the quickness that some clues, videos, messages, etc. are removed from their host sites that should not be an indicator.

And a personal note to the loyal readers of this blog. Thank you for your continued support. I have been on vacation the past week and apologize for my very late postings (most done extremely late at night.) We will be returning home tomorrow and will update as frequently as things change… no matter which "in-game" venue it comes from. Again, thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Rachel has updated her post again today and it seems she is definitely reading the comments. For all those with negative criticism please remember that it does nothing towards moving things forward and is only distraction from the important things. For those of you with valid important ideas, thoughts or observations please keeping posting. Let’s all move more towards helping Rachel find out what is really going on and to help find Alvar Hanso. Enough said, on to the post.

It seems Rachel believes that Gary Troup had no idea what was going on at the VIK Institute and I agree. I am sure there was a lot that he did not know concerning things in Iceland. The Valanzetti Equation is, no doubt, important but we will assuredly have to wade through much more before we see the end of this. And there is NO PROOF that the equation they are talking about is THE Valenzetti Equation or that the VE has anything to do with the hieroglyphics.

So, the glyphs are those used by the savants (and in the hatch) and seem to mean “Death” or something close to that in definition. Should we look at the glyphs one by one? Rearrange them? What might that mean?

And to top it all off… Zander does not answer his cell phone and his e-mail bounces back each time Rachel tries to e-mail him. Something is rotten in, uhm, Iceland!

An addition was posted to Rachel's secret site today:
01.53 P.S. ROT

BLOOD Verizon ROT Clue?

Just a word on the clue (or whatever it may be) that is being reported on some of the forums. When a clue, by virtue of the method it is obtained, is so arcane and as oddly hoop-jumping as it is reported being then we have trouble believing it to be a true and actual clue. Perhaps, the BLOOD clue is real but we will personally feel deeply disappointed and surprised if turns out to be an “in-game” clue. It seems odd that only those who own a particular software program should be able to view and find these clues seems rather suspect to us. The developers of the Lost Experience have only reached out to the world masses in the greatest ways possible: television commercials, hard cover novels, large endorsed partnerships, websites, etc. Why would they purposely eliminate a majority of fans from playing this portion of the game? It does not make sense to us. We, therefore, group this clue with the AIM / Verizon chats and Save Joop clues that, at least to us, seem to be diversionary at best. While fun and even entertaining in there own right, so far, none of those clues have had any bearing on helping Rachel move forward towards her goal. In retrospect, almost every major “in-game” clue obtained to date was done so by a method of searching, deduction, reasoning, hard work and even a bit of luck but when you have to stand on your head, close one eye, open Photoshop and squint… well that’s where we think the whole thing has literally jumped the dharma shark (pun intended). We will continue to monitor and observe and report on any clues that we feel are noteworthy but will stay away from wasting time on what we feel are diversions. In the end, we hope that our reporting is judged on what we have found to be truly “in-game” and not based on guesses.


The clue within a hint inside a clue near a hint…
The first word was the first word in the first song of Cabaret. That is 'Wilkommen' which is Welcome. The second was given by DSLerator on AIM in a code that spelled Your. The third and fourth came from Mandrake Wig's blog on Myspace in his 3rd and 4th Jeopardy clues which are Next and Video. So we're assuming that it spells out 'Welcome! Your next video...' and the last two words are????

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well, Rachel has reached Iceland and her front cover page has been updated with the typical tourist information. In her secret blog page however, she directs us to the following page from a poster named UdonPaul331 who is from the same city (Kolobrzeg, Poland) as Vigi Benoffski.

“Dear ColleaguesI am taking a short job-related leave of absence in the months of June through August to spend quality time with the family and prepare for the Pattern Theorem speech for the 2006 New Millennium Symposium of Mathematics and Statistics in Perth, Australia. During this time I will not be reachable. Please take care of all the student and faculty issues as soon as possible.Sincerely,Vigi Benoffski”

The memo is in Polish and roughly translated (by Rachel) seems to say Benoffski was to appear at a mathematics symposium in Perth, Australia but the dates overlapped with the SAME DATE he died in the fire in Iceland. Something going on there and some players think he may have been lying. Chrck out Pattern Theory when you have a moment… remember Hueristics?

Rachel is staying in the capital city of Reykjavik of Iceland but made a trip to Vik and the VIK Academy (? What happened to the Institute?) The place was crawling with local police and reports and Armand Zander even made an appearance. Mittelwerk and a few of his henchmen (always wanted to use that word but never found the right place to do it) were also there.

Rachel also links to the VIK letter from Zander to Thompson (see post from yesterday) and evidently convinces him to see her. She has buried the video on the web again and expects us to locate it! Evidently he mentioned an enclave of world-renowned mathematicians. Rachel poses this question and I believe it is very important. Time will tell!

Why would Mittelwerk have these mathematicians hiding in a mental hospital, running some arcane equation through the brains of a bunch of autistic savants?

Clicking on the word “Video” in Rachel’s blog redirects you to the Gary Troup webpage. There were two ways to access the video (through the links page, either modem or broadband) but they were removed from the site. A few smart players preserved the video at YouTube at the following:

The video seems to be a discussion between our hero Rachel and Armand Zander, Director of the VIK Institute.

Here are my observations and thoughts:
1. Rachel pretends to be a concerned citizen. Zander ain’t buying it!
2. Rachel tells him that she has read his memo about the mathematicians, the savants and the third basement level.
3. She wants to know why Vigi Benoffski was at the VIK Institute.
4. The third basement is not full of mental patients they are the world’s finest mathematicians. Paid to work undercover and in secret but some of them are working under duress and not of their own free will. They work night and day on an equation (Valenzetti?).
5. The savants are autistic savants with computation powers are unsurpassed. They are running the equation over and over again.
6. The equation is a group of representational symbols that resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics. There are five or six symbols (our hatch symbols, no doubt). A vulture, a staff… Rachel asks to see the symbols.
7. Zander confronts Rachel… asks who she is and why she is involved but Rachel states that the answer to that question is a dangerous piece of information.

Last but not least, the Verizon Forum guys are directing people to go to the Mandrake Wig site (see sidebar.) Can you say red herring?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Looks like Rachel is still in Copenhagen hanging on to the hope that she’ll learn more. She knows that there is AN island at the zero degree latitude line that was not picked up by her camera. She states that Mittlewerk must be looking for multiple islands.

In the mean time, GIDGETGIRL has reappeared and given Rachel some solid clues. Click on GIDGETGIRL under the “Contributors” on Rachel’s site for more information or check out her blog at GIDGETGIRL's Blog
If you remember, we saw this VIK Institute letter (see transcription below) and visiting GIDGETGIRL’S blog reveals the second letter (image below.)

“The VIK Institute

Dr. Armand Zander, M,D., PhD.Director,
The VIK Institute
870 Vik, ICELAND

Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk

The Hanso FoundationOrsund Klegvjiel 544DK 1604 Copenhagen V Den-markDr Mittelwerk:

It is with profound anger that I submit this complaint. I understand The Hanso Foundation prides itself on experimentation and innovation – but what is going on in my own hospital has left me extremely confused about my mission.

I was recruited to the directorship of the Vik Institute with a promise that I would be given the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of my patients. Instead, I find myself prisoner in a hall of mirrors.Day in and day out, new doctors not on my staff enter and exit the hospital. Last night, twenty of my autistic savant patients were administered secret proprietary memory tests without my consult or consent by doctors whom I have never seen before – and then there is, of course, the third sub-basement.

Never in my twenty years of treating the mentally ill have I seen the like. A secret ward containing patients who illness is unknown to the hospital’s director? It is, I regret to say, absurd and offensive.I am responsible for the lives of hundreds of patients, but I cannot, in good conscience, take that responsibility if I am hamstrung by a secret program of experimentation taking place under my own nose.

The bottom line is, I expect a full account of the activities taking place in my hospital. If you are unable, or unwilling to comply, I may just be forced to tender my resignation.

Regretfully yours,
Armand Zander.”

So, GIDGETGIRL is now “in-game” and we should be watching for messages from her from now on. Rachel seems to have placed her trust in her and that is not an easy thing to do, or so it seems. She has even removed the photos of Hugh McIntyre and his “friend.” GIDGETGIRL also tells Rachel that Mittlewerk has flown to Iceland to clean up a mess at the VIK Institute (obviously the Institute in the phone call to the fixer yesterday.) Rachel is heading to Iceland.

We Googled the names from the Vik article but did not come up with anything of interest. We do think that Vigi Benoffski was most likely Polish, Janos Backh was probably Hungarian, Orhan Hikmet Ran was most likely Turkish and Vikram Sahani was probably Indian. Why people from such diverse parts of the world? Scientists? Experimental subjects?


It seems that the guys at the Verizon Forum are truly and in real-time conversing with members of AIM and are planning something BIG. For many reasons we cannot monitor AIM. Here is the website for those who are interested and we would be obliged to anyone who monitors AIM and converses with the ROT guys to e-mail us with any updates that may be of interest.


The 7th Gary Troup video can be found at:


“Book Talk”, Show #: 1523, Guest: Gary Troup, Date: 16 Sept. 2004, Length: 37, Clip 7 of 9

Gary Troup: I’m an inveterate bachelor. I mean I never even thought about coming close to getting married until, you know, I started doing research for “Bad Twin”.

Laird Grainger: Which required lots of travel to Australia.

Gary Troup: Eight times, actually.

Laird Grainger: (laughs) Eight?

Gary Troup: Yeah, I’m kind of a research fanatic. Anyhow, a large part of the book takes place down there, so.

Laird Grainger: Of course, your love for deep sea fishing and the barrier reef had nothing to do with it.

Gary Troup: Hey, hey, com’ on, that’s research.

Laird Grainger: (laughs again)

Gary Troup: Anyways, you either coincidently or by fate there is this incredible woman, uh, Cindy. Ah, she’s a flight attendant…

Fade out. Color bars.


I am not a big fan of and still do not consider it to be “in-game” although all the other followers of the game seem to consider it important. I am not convinced. There has never been anything of importance come from the site. It’s cute, fun and even a bit clever but “in-game” it is not. For those who wish to spend a few idle hours playing, some changes have occurred at Save Joop.

Clicking on the quote by Van Gogh takes you to the new MySpace page for Save Joop (Random Shirts). A link to
  • Sit On A Monkey
  • which is another odd Hanso Foundation demonstration site. Find the post entitled “108” and check out the comments. This comment explains a lot:


    Things are heating up. In case we can't get to a's what happened:

    About a week ago, when we hit 10,000 signatures, we started emailing Hugh like 20 times a day. Within 24 hours of the first email a courier hand delivered a cease and desist letter from Peter Thompson.

    We replied via email that we would only "cease and disist" our actions once they gave us evidence of Joop's health and safety.

    3 Days later we received a restraining order from some US District Judge demanding we end all Hanso related activity on our website and even prohibiting us from talking about it.

    We didn't budge.

    Then the phone calls started. We're also pretty sure we're being followed. We haven't been SHUTDOWN yet but we're know the time is coming soon. We're on the run.

    Decided Rachel shouldn't be the only one out there doing the dirty work so we're heading to Tanzania incognito ("like Alias" as Rach would say) with the guidance of our friend Autumn. Problem is, we can't leave until August.

    We know you're skeptical...Trying to figure out a way to show you the documentation to prove what we're saying is true.

    Remember to let your compass guide you...only your conscience can open up the box which contains the truth.

    A few additional comments by the SaveJoop people will direct you to the following connected pages:
    Restraining Order
    and use the Compass clue “DI 9FFTR731” for both passwords.

    Monday, June 26, 2006


    Another very busy day...


    Rachel’s newest update takes us back to the Compass page at
    In the parent directory find the “trash/” folder. You’ll find an old friendly image that I called “the Buddha Mouthpiece”, which is the copy of the old Jeep advertisement with the Buddah and “the mouth piece.” (file name 139191991471518711419.jpg) Obviously this is a password? or information that we will need later. Also found here is a file name “illumination”. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a Jeep Compass commercial website. Note: This video is also available through the owelles folder. Click on the B/0/0/G/10/5/5/16/3/15/13/16/1/19/19 (2007 Jeep Compass) file and you will also be redirected to the same Jeep Compass commercial.

    Through a great deal of trial and error the correct path to Rachel’s video can be found like this… At the Jeep page, click “Interior” (in the sidebar left), then "In Back" (top left) and then click on "Removable Flashlight” (center rear). A video will appear. Click on "View Demo" and you will be taken to Rachel's new video!

    From the video we find a few pieces of information repeated by Rachel and a bit of the SPY coming out in her too! Mittlewerk is still very interested in the Hanso family shipping history, its involvement in the slave trade and the investigation of “the island by the equator.”

    Rachel is also very interested in Hugh McIntyre and his relationship with the unknown woman from Global Welfare Consortium which she says is suppose to monitor groups like the Hanso Foundation. And Paik is indeed responsible for building the ship for the Hanso Foundation.

    And the (Cheering from the upper deck)… We see Rachel in her role as an action adventure movie star (well sort of). She is interrupted by a fixer (who is the same man as Mittlewerk’s bodyguard? Associate? Business partner?) While he is rummaging through Rachel’s things he gets a call, presumably, from Mittlewerk.

    "Yes? Of course, I’m working. What fire? O.K., Which institute? If you need me I’ll gladly be there... You hired me to fix things... When I’m finished here." Hmm…

    We find that Rachel has a bit of spunk. She knocks out the fixer (actually hits him twice when he starts to get up. GO RACHEL!!!!) Mittlewerk has left Denmark and she is short of funds. Rachel is now on the run. It is certain that her next post will not be from Copenhagen. Stay tuned… Things are really starting to get interesting.


    The guys from Verizon are at it again too… again another busy day!

    Partial (but important) conversation:

    DSLerator 3:57pm Yeah... hints to a clue that will lead you to a clue. The answers are words that are right in front of your face on the pages of Now I know some of you are already moaning, "corporate shill!" and to that I say, "HEY... this is where we work. It's where we can do what we gotta do on the DL." If we worked at Happy Larry's Chicken & Waffles, you can bet we'd be sending you there.

    iobiSeeingYou 4:21pm For security reasons, we'll be posting these hints in a lot of different places and you gotta find them. Then you gotta find the words that answer them. Once you get them all, and we mean all, you can use them.

    BroadBandBeatnik 4:24pm So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to the clue that will lead you to the clue to THE CLUE.

    iobiSeeingYou 4:30pm Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret

    ("Guttentagen"?) or ("Welkommen"?)


    At the main compass page you will find a hot link between the 252 and 216 degree areas. Clicking on this will bring up a prompt log-in Admin screen. Through more trial and error it was determined that the username is “wtk” (lower case, which is our Jeep Executive, William T. Kilpatrick), and the password is the recycled “themouthpiece" (from the Buddha mouthpiece). This will take you to a "MyDocs" folder that contains a link to his video “”.
    User name: wtk
    Password: themouthpiece

    WTK Apology to D.J. Dan

    So, now we know that the video seen previously is truly “in-game”. But why would Kilpatrick apologize to D.J. Dan? And who is Maestro48? Also, ≈ symbol means “approximate”. Why would WTK use this as the name of his video?

    D.J. DAN PODCAST 06/26/06

    D.J. Dan has added another podcast today. Head to his site and click on podcast archives and then today’s date. This will take you to a sponsored page. Find the podcast “Shutting Down the Man” at the bottom of the screen and click on it. Then “Get the podcast here.
    D.J. Dan Podcast 06/26 preamble:

    Podcast: Shutting Down the Man

    In this podcast, conspiracy-theorist DJ Dan talks about Rachel Blake and whether she is on her way to bringing down The Hanso Foundation – or whether her quest will lead to her own demise.

    Will her search for evidence against the Foundation lead to a dead end, or will the world help bring about the downfall of this seemingly corrupt corporation and its leader, Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk? Listen to what DJ Dan has to say.

    Here is the transcription of the podcast.

    Announcer: Coming to you live from the hackles on the back of your neck.

    Singing: D.J. DAN...

    Announcer: You’re listening to DJ Dan shutting down the man.

    DJ Dan: It’s happened Tonya, I’m in love…

    Tonya: Who is it this week?

    DJ Dan: Nope – this one’s different Tonya, this one’s special, this love Tonya, it’s Shutting Me Down!

    Tonya: Why is that Dan?

    DJ Dan: Because it’ a forbidden Love…

    Tonya: You’re married, every love is a forbidden love.

    DJ Dan: Does a priest date his parishioners?

    Tonya: I hope not.

    DJ Dan: Does a shepherd date his flock?

    Tonya: Once again…

    DJ Dan: And her name is Rachel Blake, Tonya, and she is the ultimate Conspiraspy

    Tonya: How did you meet?

    DJ Dan: Oh we didn’t but we have to. If you’re listening Rachel, we need to talk. So here’s the deal. I’m on the web surfing around my favorite Area51 sites when one of my Conspirapies IMs me. Garthasoid, your shoutout! So, I head to this little blog by this beautiful girl, say, lower- middle twenties? Has that scrubbed movie-version of the girl next door look. All smiles and eyelashes. And the site talks about how she’s on a post-college Euro-tour. So I’m thinking, “Ok, this chick is a little slice of heaven, but really, why does Garthasoid think I have to check this out?” I mean, Garthasoid you know what’s going down. We’re talking crop circles, we’re talking Loch Ness, and if I could, just for a second, just to put this whole business to rest for you Nessie-heads, it’s a sound stage you morons – the same place where they faked the Mars landing. Anyway, point is – Rachel’s blog is pleasant, but I don’t have the time to be finding out which Geronimo Jackson song Little Susie Cornbelt is listening to when she’s missing her Mommy. But then I enter this code Garthasoid sends me, and the bells and whistles go off. And Jesus, Mary and Joseph Stalin! We got ourselves a huge nother honkin ball of wax! It’s a video blog. Turns out Rachel is stalking this corporate dude, and the more I watch, the more I realize that everything is connected. Because the dude is none other than Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk. Evil name, I know, and it fits, cause if you don’t know, Dr, Mittlewerk , he is a perpetrator of atrocities in the name of good. Dr. Mittlewerk is president of none other than…

    Announcer (deep, sinister): the HANSO FOUNDATION!

    D.J. Dan: Aka Evil, Inc., aka Secrets International, aka we do bad things in the name of wickedness and greed and sell them to the world as “we’re saving the planet through our science one adorable child at a time.” Cue the rainbow and fuzzy puppies. So I’m on the site and you’ve got to go – the footage out there is just nuts. And then I start to think – is Rachel our girl? Is this the infamous Persephone? Hacker of the Hanso Foundation website? Could be. And then I start thinking, “What is she doing? Is she like us? Is she looking for Alvar Hanso who’s been strangely missing from the world for the past four years? Is she really after Mittlewerk? Is she gonna take ‘em all down? Is she gonna take ‘em all down to Chinatown? I mean, who knows? And then I get worried. Rachel, once again if you’re listening, you’ve gotta grow a fake beard or something honey, these Hanso people, they’re…. Anyway Conspiraspies, eyes on the prize. If Rachel Blake is willing to risk her pretty little neck, let’s step up and help her. Go to her site, rap with her. And if you ever happen to bump into her in the real world and she’s being followed by some shady goons, do us all a favor and drop a banana peel.”

    Announcer: You’re listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man. commercial follows.

    Friday, June 23, 2006



    So, now we have a video and a document. The first is an encounter between Rachel and Mittlewerk the second from a Dr. Kini to Mel0Drama’s Dr. Hackett. First things first: The video was found in a very circuitous method and contains a few oddities. The beginning of the video has a man’s voice in the background which says, “Rachel, Help!” Rachel also shows us the image of an island…

    The video and the document were found following Rachel's link to, under the user named RBlake, who had 43 goals at

    It was noticed that goals 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 all contain just one word: 4 is “truth”, 8 is “safe”, 15 is “reckon”, 16 is “copenhagen” 23 is “alvar” and 42 is “sumo”, plus goal 43 is "Have a refreshing beverage" which directed us to the subLYMONal website, where entering "truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo" gives us an unusually quiet subLYMONal website and opened up a second login box. At the end of her blog conversation with Mel0drama Rachel said: "Me: Cool. Gotta go. I've got 43 things to do to stop their better tomorrow". Entering "better tomorrow" takes us to the Directory listing of

    and folder 48 contains the video and the document. The file untitled-1.html was posted 06-Jun-2006 07:33 and contains the video while the file untitled-2.html was posted 27-Jun-2006 04:61 (4 days from today’s date? And 04:61? What time is that? What is going on with all these future post dates?)

    Rachel also mentions the following in her video:
    1. Mittlewerk is taking a new ship on an old route (a secret boat)
    2. What is it about this ship’s design that makes it so special?
    3. Copenhagen Cartographicical Society
    4. Mittlewerk’s cartographer prepared the above map of the “an” island (and map).
    5. The numbers, names and scales have been blurred out.
    6. Danish shipping archives
    7. “May the force be with you?” Why the Star Wars reference? Is the modified ship a death star? Recall Speakers conversation from Clerk’s concerning this very subject.

    1. Mittlewerk walks with a pronounced limp. Prosthetic leg?
    2. Jeep's abound!
    3. Rachel was definitely identified by Mittlewerk.
    4. What is Project Sumo? (from letter)
    5. More questions than answers. Again!


    The guys at the Verizon Forum are at it again. Today's conversation evolves (pun intended) around a difference between monkeys and apes. They also admit that they are happy the Hanso site has been hacked and the best news of all... more "wierder and funner"!!


    And it looks like another scripted conversation between GidgetGirl and Rachel. Gidget, who some think may be McIntyre's wife, has asked Rachel to remove the photos from the site. Rachel wants information in return. My guess? We'll get more questions!

    P.S. Clicking on the photo of Rachel in Copenhagen o5 takes you to the 43things website!

    And this website verifies that the island(s) in the photo's that Mittlewerk dropped during his encounter with Rachel are found in Ontario, Canada in Lake Superior.

    The Islands

    (Edward Island, St. Ignace Island, Simpson Island, and Wilson Island)

    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    COMPASS TRASH 06/22/06

    The Compass site was updated today with the following new information:

    At the compass page click on 108 degrees (notice the initials "WTK" in the bottom left hand corner and the "stain" of "Persephone" just above it). The usual log-in screen will pop-up (this also looks different "Connected to OpenersHep" is now displayed.)

    Enter “Y” and you’ll be taken into the Index of/ usr page. The file trash/ has been updated today. Click on it and you will find the file “OpenersHep.log” with the following partial dialog.

    Obvious immediately is the fact the OpenersHep is an anagram for Persephone and that she even names herself as Rachel B. There is now no doubt that Persephone is Rachel!! (Note: Many other players are reserving judgement on the fact that P = RB but "if it clucks like a chicken..." wtkFleet35 is William T. Kilpatrick who was first seen as the Daimler/Chrysler executive that rescinded the Jeep contract with Peter Thompson (see Peter Thompson mailbox file name memo2.png in Index of/ usr.) Also, the “breaking strain” clue was referenced in the log and the movie Fatal Atraction was referenced with the "boil your bunny" remark, which I find amusing.

    Partial Conversation:
    OpenersHep: William.
    OpenersHep: So, you’ll listen? If I tell you my name?
    OpenersHep: Promise not to boil your bunny
    OpenersHep: My name is Rachel B. I have information… it’s about Africa. Do you know what I’m talking about?
    wtkFleet35: not a clue
    OpenersHep: I don’t believe that. And neither do you.
    OpenersHep: The Hanso Foundation is using your vehicles, Bill. They’re hurting people, and your vehicles are part of it.
    OpenersHep: They’re being used for transport.
    wtkFleet35: my vehicles… are being used… for TRANSPORT?
    [21:55] OpenersHep: Fine. Take your time. Wallow in your denial. And when you come around, take a look at these files.
    [21:57] OpenersHep: Whenever that night comes, when you can’t sleep cause the guilt’s eating you alive? Come find me.
    [1:34] *** You have received F:\admin\my_docs\
    [21:40] wtkFleet35: ok. tell me more?

    If you add \admin\my_docs\ from above to the Compass website you will find the following log-in screen. We are still trying to determine log-in name and password and will update when found.

    So is William the man in this video? And why would he apologize to D.J. Dan?

    Some observations concerning this clue:
    1) Could the file extension \admin\my_docs\ belong to another site rather than the Compass site? The log-in pop-up may be a ruse to throw us off. We'll be looking at other variations.
    2) We know that the logs entries appear to be those of multiple conversations between William T. Kilpatrick, a Daimler/Chrysler executive, who rescinded the Jeep contract with Peter Thompson and OpenersHep / Persephone / Rachel Blake.
    3) The time stamps of the logs are very odd. The first session opens at 21:34:42 on Monday, March 1st and closes at 21:40:42 on Monday March 6th, 2006. (March 1st, by the way, was a Wednesday!!) The second session starts at 13:08:17 on Friday, March 3rd, 2006 and closes at 15:12:23 on Firday, March 3rd, 2006. The third session opens at 21:30:10 on Saturday, March 4th, 2006 and closes at 1:34:42 on Friday, March 3rd, 2006. This last session closed before it opened!?!?!?!
    4) The word scrawled out of the memo2.png from WTK to Peter Thompson then is "Africa".
    5) Kilpatrick rescinds the Jeep contract with the Hanso Foundation 6 or 7 days (depending on the real date stamp of the log) after receiving the file from OpenersHep.
    6) Kilpatrick may know OpenersHep identity ("didn't strain anything" is an obvious reference to "breaking strain".)
    7) The reference to missing organs probably refers back to the Cape Town hospital that had coma patients without organs. It may be a good idea to re-read those newspaper articles.
    8) The password is still unknown (Note: If this is indeed the correct log-in point then I believe that the user name is "wtkFleet35" as this is who OpenersHep was sending the file to.
    9) Both Rachel and William have seen the movie Fatal Attraction. Rachel said "boil your bunnies" and Kilpatrick responded "cute." They both understood the reference. Could this be the clue? Thinking about it, I'd say no as Rachel is the one who brought up the reference.
    10) My guess, the answer will come in the middle of the night by someone we've never heard of. Spoon-fed answers and Conspiraspies!!!


    Rachel Blake seems to be quite the prolific blogger. Another post has been made today and she claims to have recorded a conversation between Mittlewerk and a Korean man. She has hidden the message somwhere in here:

    Aussie Lost Forum

    This is an Australian Lost fan forum site (message board). Interestingly enough, she signs this post as "rblake, 105 years". This could be a possible clue to the location of the message or a log-in user I.D. and password? And when did she switch her attention from Hugh McIntyre to Thomas Mittlewerk? Fickle Rachel?

    Once you are re-directed to the Australian Message Board you can do the following to find the message (note: you must have a valid Yahoo I.D. and be logged in to continue!). Click on any post and then click on “reply to message”. A reply box will appear with a NOTE in the sidebar. Under this note is a link called “otherwise objectionable content”. Clicking on this brings up the following site:

    Enter “rblake” as the user name and “105years” as the password. Then click on the now hot link, which reads, “peeping on tom”. This will bring up an audio file called RachelBlake_KoreanPost4REV which is 52 seconds in length and contains the conversation of two men conversing in Korean.

    The Conversation

    Translation (per Rachel) follows:

    MITTELWERK: Minsu, so great to see you.
    MINSU: Dr. Mittelwerk. Good to see you too. Mr. Paik sends his warmest regards.
    MITTELWERK: He's just saying that because we've paid him so much money.
    MINSU: Ah. I see that it's straight to business.
    MITTELWERK: As always.
    MINSU: I think you'll be pleased to hear your ship is almost ready; with all the modifications. But I have to warn you - this kind of ship can't dock just anywhere.
    MITTELWERK: We have a port. How long will it be?
    MINSU: I'd say no sooner than three weeks.
    MITTELWERK: Could you pass the pepper? So what will it take to make it 2 weeks?

    (In background of pepper shaking: "Grab it")

    From this last bit it would appear Mittlewerk now knows that he is being watched (or at least heard.) Mittlewerk was checking shipping lanes because they will be moving a very large modified ship of some sort and they have a port to ship it from. Why the large modified ship? And where could this port be? And does it feel like Rachel is helping us out with her posts?

    Should we be looking for the "New World Docks – Slip 23" as the port? Hmm...

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006


    Evidently, Rachel is unable to get any information from Mittlewerk other than he is studying 100 year-old shipping lanes. So, off to Hugh McIntyre complete with a link to the old Hanso Executive Bio hack for Hugh found here at:

    Photos of Hugh & "Friend"

    Then begins the search for dirt on Hugh. And how is this going to help us find out what Mittlewerk is up to? The sign above the door in the first photo is "pas de colportage" and is an anagram for "locate page drops" and "cataloged ESP pro" and "PC data log repose."

    Who is the Corporate Liaison for the Global Wealth Consortium Hugh is seen with here:

    Does anyone see her name listed here and is that an ID number just below her photo? E-mail me if you find anything interesting.

    And this press release:

    Press Release

    The Hanso Foundation is pleased to announce that, as a result of the efforts of the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program, the Global Welfare Consortium has named the Foundation a Partner in World Health, a status granted only to those organizations at the forefront of the battle to curb the spread of infectious disease. The Global Welfare Consortium was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1952 to respond to and anticipate the health needs of an increasingly global society. Current membership stands at 186 nations, with the recent expulsion of several African states due to long-standing charges of ethnic cleansing. While those regimes no longer receive GWC funding, the Consortium continues to work at the local level with private organizations, such as The Hanso Foundation, to provide key medical resources to embattled territories. While the GWC's primary focus is on the combat of diseases such as SARS, AIDS, and avian flu -- infectious, congenital, and degenerative -- its mission, standing in alignment with that of The Hanso Foundation, is to bring the citizens of the world to the maximum level of wellness. This indicates not only a state of being free from infirmity or disease, but a point of balance between the emotional, physical, and social states. With 8 regional offices and 150 country offices, the GWC is well poised to quickly react to emergent situations, as well as to maintain high minimum health standards globally.
    In the GWC's thorough review of The Hanso Foundation's major programs by the regulatory Corporate Compliance Committee, The Hanso Foundation was found to exceed the GWC's standards of corporate excellence in the areas of environmental impact, social outreach, and workplace safety/well-being standards.
    Hanso Foundation Communications Director, Hugh McIntyre: "As a Partner in World Health, The Hanso Foundation is now a key private-sector aid to the GWC's ongoing and constantly evolving programs. We are proud to have this distinction bestowed on us."
    Hugh McIntyre
    Communications Director

    About the Hanso Foundation
    The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race. For forty years, the foundation has offered grants to worthy experiments designed to further the evolution of the human race and provide technological solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.

    “From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity. Our most precious gift, without exception, is the desire to know more - to look beyond what is accepted as the truth and to imagine what is possible.” Alvar Hanso, Address to the U.N. Security Council, 1967
    Media Contact: Hugh McIntyre

    (206) 861-5017/

    Hidden link:

    but it has not changed. We still see the creepy flickering upside down image of Rachel?

    D. J. DAN PODCAST 06/21/06

    The D.J. Dan podcast for June 21st, 2006 was uploaded to the Compass website at
    Go to the D.J. Dan website and click on the 6/21 under podcast archives. This will redirect you to the letyourcompassguideyou website. Click on 108 degrees. Enter “Y” to the believer question and follow the path to the owelles folder to find the podcast listed as “DJDan6-21-Pod”. If you don’t see the link refresh your screen. The file name is LifeExtension_Jeep and is 4 minutes 7 seconds in length.

    Transcription as follows:

    Announcer: Coming to you live from the part of your craw where it all sticks.

    Singing: D. J. Dan.

    Announcer: You’re listening to D.J. Dan. Shutting down the man.

    D. J. Dan: Life Extension! You know what that is? Its dumping hormones and drugs and cocktails of vitamins into your body in the sad hope you’ll squeeze out an extra10 or 20 years.

    Tonya (different voice than previous): Good morning to you too, D. J. Dan.

    D.J. Dan: Yep! Tonya, what’s a meaningful life?

    Tonya: Ahh… one where you meet the entire living cast of Gunsmoke?

    D.J. Dan: (Laughs) Tonya is just obsessed with T.V. westerns and while her response was glib she actually makes a good point. If you fulfill your hopes and desires, make an impact on the world, if you do these things and you have some fun in the process, have you not lived a good life?

    Tonya: I’d say!

    D.J. Dan: So, would you agree that Gandhi lived a good life? Martin Luther King? Jimmi Hendrix? Lou Gehrig? Jesus of Nazareth?

    Tonya: That list only included men.

    D.J. Dan: Fine! Fine! Mama Cass? Happy?

    Tonya: Most of those people lived unnaturally short lives, D. J. Dan.

    D.J. Dan: And yet they changed the world. They didn’t wait around. They didn’t buy into the lies of the man! Selling you on these pipe dreams. That’s right! Chris from Kansas City… what do you think?

    Chris: Hi. Now look, D.J. Dan, I believe in Life Extension. O.K.

    D.J. Dan: Hmm hmph… Tell me Chris are you enrolled in a Life Extension Program?

    Chris: Yes I am. It’s manufactured by this local company called Flower of Life Enterprises.

    D.J. Dan: Local! You say! Try local by way of Denmark! Chris?

    Chris: Uh huh.

    D.J. Dan: I don’t want to alarm you son, but you are in the grips of the big baddies!

    Chris: Yeah, but I’m tellin’ you, I feel great!

    D.J. Dan: And I’m telling you that Flower of Life Enterprises is a subsidiary of none other than… (drum and eerie music)

    Announcer: The Hanso Foundation! (sinister laughter)

    D.J. Dan: (Laughs) I figure I harp on these guys enough I oughtta have a button.

    Chris: Huh. Who’s the Hanso Foundation?

    D.J. Dan: Who’s the Hanso Foundation? Shutdown! Sorry Chris had to do it! I feel something coming on… It’s taking me over! It’s making me do this!

    Tonya: Oh, here it comes again.

    D.J. Dan: It’s a vast conspiracy, Tonya, of the medical community, the pharmaceutical companies, the wellness groups, and these pseudo-science quacks with their miracle formulas. Like the Hanso Foundation, they keep saying they will extend your life… It’s a vast conspiracy to take your money and lull you into a sense that you have all the time in the world. They’re singing a lullaby, Tonya, and the fight is going out of the world. Now, to answer Chris’ question, the Hanso Foundation is numero uno on my hit list. And why? ‘Cause they lie! ‘cause they are shrouded in secrecy. Because their founder Alvar Hanso, arms dealer turned peace-flag-waving-pseudo-scientist-liar-and-chief, Hanso himself, has been undergoing, according to one of my conspiraspy sources, life extension treatments that have rendered him a monkey-man! A freak show! Unfit for contact with the public! Why do you think no one has seen this guy in years? ‘Cause he’s swinging from the trees on some mountain in the Netherlands! Now, we’ve all seen their website and you’ve seen our hack artist Persephone’s good work. The Hanso Foundation Has this crazy orangutan named Joop. Yeah, he’s suppose to appeal to the kids but when you click on him he just goes frickin’ batty. Now, call me crazy but I’m willing to put money on the fact that this Joop is none other than Alvar Hanso himself. And I’m afraid Tonya. I’m afraid that any day our poor friend Chris is gonna look just like him. Conspiraspies, let me know… have I gone too far? Has D.J. Dan finally cracked up or could it be I’m on to something? Your theories, your rants, your raves, when we come back.

    Announcer: You’re listening to D.J. Dan. Shutting down the man!

    Outro music.

    Jeep Compass Commercial.

    Observations:O.K. looks like we need to look into the Flower of Life Enterprises and it sounds like D.J. Dan has been caught in the web of bizarre post theories. Joop = Alvar Hanso is right off of one of the boards. Glad to see they are using the warped theories to their advantage. While disturbing, this theory is also interesting.

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006


    There was an update today at the Verizon Forum on the Retrievers of Truth website and also a new video posted on the Rachel Blake website. It seems the two are interconnected as clicking on Rachel's video redirects you to the ROT website. Rachel's message says: "FIND my next video and let me know if you can make heads or tails of any of this!"

    A new thread called "The ticking clock 06/20/06" was added today at the ROT. It looks like they may be hosting a conversation (or some event) with Rachel in the next 48 hours (movie with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy). At any rate, it looks like we may have to search a bit to find the video. Update:

    The Broadband Stories page now contains Rachel's newest video under the "Ultimate Journey" 2nd row 3rd from the left. seems like she's hiding her video's in plain sight. Also, there is a loss between audio and video right after she offers the viewers pizza and the guys at the Verizon Forum even acknowledge the editing. Of any significance?

    Then we find out that Rachel is actively following Mittlewerk around, memorizing his habits and truly being "cloak and dagger"(where have we heard that before). Even looks like she's trying to get into the "Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants" shipping company. Mittlewerk is spending a bit of time in the archives of this business. Perhaps, we should be looking for it too...

    Then the Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants Shipping Company was once the East Ocean Trade Group. And Rachel has thrown us a clue. What was Mittlewerk looking for and what does the last reference mean?

    The screen reads:
    - SHIP LN EQUAT <1900>2000

    "With Magnus Hanso's sale of the New World Sea Traders, an era in British shipping drew to a close. Whether history will judge him harshly for his continued role in the slave trade post-abolition remains to be seen. However, with Hanso's unquestionable dedication to his fleet, it is certain that this ship's captain turned entrepreneur left a substantial mark on the international shipping trade. For, although he could have rested on his laurels and steered the company from the quiet and comfort of his London manor, Hanso's passion for the sea inspired him to continue as captain of several voyages each year.
    It is an interesting footnote, and perhaps, a testament to Hanso's lasting influence that those ships from which the New World Sea Traders operated at Portsmouth, numbering 18 through 27, continued to be known during the following era of the East Ocean Trade Group as the "New World Docks", a point..."

    "The Black Rock
    This British(?) slave-trading vessel disappeared in 1881, on a return voyage from a gold mining operation in the South Indian Ocean. Perhaps more interesting than the fact the ship was lost were the circumstances preceding and following its disappearance. According to traders on Papua New Guinea, the ship sailed away from port in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa, where it would exchange gold from the mines in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea for more slaves. Furthermore, though a copy of the ship's manifest has been discovered - no accurate information is available on the ship's ownership. According to the manifest, The Black Rock initially sailed from (and was supposed to return to) slip 23 in Portsmouth, Britain -- but no shipping company claimed ownership. A crew of some 40 men, along with an uncounted number of slaves, was presumably lost at sea."

    Note: Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants = East Ocean Trade Group = New World Sea Traders - How many faces can one company have? And "New World Docks" strikes me for some reason. Google searches for Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants, New World Sea Traders, East Ocean Trading Group, New World Docks and even the Hanso Group all fail to turn up anything of any significance.


    I get the feeling that since the first few of Rachel's posts are numbered from Copehnagen that posts later on may come from other cities and locations.


    Observations, clues and/or thoughts (not necessarily in that order):

    Rachel states that the importance of her video diary is imperative and needs a place where THEY can’t hack or shut her down (shades of D.J. Dan.) She has decided to sneak the videos “onto some major corporate websites” that will be password protected and we’ll have to check back periodically for the “keys.” Obviously, this has become our new home for clues since the closing of the Hanso Foundation site (which I cannot access anymore at all except for the red inaccessible page.) And she certainly has a penchant for stating the obvious: be prepared to watch more commercials while following Rachel’s exploits. She thinks that TRUTH is a price worth paying for. As long as the TRUTH isn’t a soft drink, vehicle or technological service, I’m game…

    Conveniently enough, along comes a poster to the comments named Mel0Drama who has a proposition for Rachel. But first a story about a Dr. Hackett. Mel0Drama tells Rachel that he is “in our heads” and that he is in Atlanta at the EDC where Mel0Drama works in the archive. Later we learn that the EDC is the Engineering Development Center. Mel0Drama wants to trade video hosting privileges (in which she alone has the keys) in exchange for a hack into the mainframe and company vault. Hmm… Sounding more and more like Persephone to anyone?

    So Rachel and Mel0Drama are now working together and our next big revelation will undoubtedly come from the Engineering Development Center and its website/phone number/blog/executives/etc. Stay tuned for more…


    Rachel seems to be a bit discouraged. Things are harder than she anticipated.

    The comments section has gotten out of hand very quickly. They’ll need a full time monitor before too long. There are a number of strange comments from “Anonymous” in Rachel’s second Post (not even sure if this is a real player or not) and a lot of sophomoric rhetoric from many others that has taken over the board. Time-wasting posts to say the least and a bummer for the true players. I notice that most of the usual players have even given up posting comments.

    Rachel's cover website background map:

    Monday, June 19, 2006


    And more from what we thought was the broken Hanso Foundation website. If you watch the red image long enough you'll see the "orientation testing issue 1980" appear. Going to the link:
    http// orientation_testing_issue_1980 (link above) will take you to an Orientation screen for "Orientation - Psychology - Test 1 of 1". A large number of images will flash across the screen and finishes with "Who were they? Where did they go? Why didn't they return? Whatever happened to the Dharma Initiative?" I don't believe that this has been up the entire time. As a matter of fact, I am certain this message was not on the broken Hanso site on Saturday. Update: The Orientation message went live on Monday sometime.
    Partial list of the images from video capture (please note that this video is very fast and that many images were missed):

    Man and woman?, Dirt?, Ships portal or drain, Mushroom cloud, Weather balloon, Explosion 1, Full moon, Person swimming in body of water, Body of water with boat(s), Crowd of people, Weird explosion (meat cake?), Weird explosion 2 (more meat cake?), School of fish?, Rorschach test, Moon, Light dispersion pattern (refraction), Porthole ?, Grainy photo High desert?, Grainy out of focus photo, Plank of wood, Mapinguari, Beam of light, Hatch diagram? 1, School of fish, Grainy black and white out-of-focus photo, Stalactites?, Mountainous terrain, Shark, Array antenna, Two swans on a body of water, Grainy out of focus photo, Three men in a boat (military amphibious landing) plane in background, Busts of two men (out of focus), Doctor and patient, Clouds, Tron Central Processor protector (beams of light emitting from a central cylinder), Three sailboats on a body of water, Shark, Two bottles of medicine (drugs/vaccine), Internal organs or body parts? roasted chicken?, Weird torso of person, Clouds or coral, Tagged polar bear with two cubs and man, Polar bear and men, Explosion 1, Person swimming in body of water, Crowd of people, Airplane over a body of water, Grainy photo High desert?, Mapinguari (Megatherum) image from DJ Dan site, Hatch diagram? 1, Photo of sun?, Trees/bamboo stalactites?, Mountainous terrain, Shark 1,Grainy photo of a man on a bike?, Plane in clouds, Shark or sailboat on body of water, Three men in a boat (military amphibious landing) plane in background, Nuclear explosion, Doctor and burn victim? Uniformed man?, Explosions, Burned/melted film stock?, Burned/melted film stock?, Burned/melted film stock? Boat in water?, Aerial view of interstate exchange, Dropper dropping drops of liquid on to a hard surface?, Burned/melted film stock?, Burned/melted film stock?, Sunrise or sunset, Aerial view of interstate exchange, Negative of ship portal (image 3), Weather balloon, Swan, Mushroom cloud, Feathered pod?, Light dispersion pattern, Grainy photo High desert?, Volcano eruption with two onlookers, Smoke or clouds, Wild boar, Pulsar, Mountainous terrain, Helicopter, Shark, Man on bike?, Plane in clouds, Shark or boat in body of water, Oblong white light, Rorschach image (womb shaped?), In-vitro fertilization close-up, Aurora borealis, Mushroom cloud, Tron Central Processor protector (beams of light emitting from a central cylinder), Burned/melted film stock?, Image from Hanso clue radio tower in thunderstorm, Boat in body of water with wake, Ball of twine? Atom?, Aerial view if interstate exchange, Two bottles of medicine (drugs/vaccine), Medicine cabinet with drugs, Hand with card “words”, glass beaker, Dharma wheel, etc.
    Update: June 20th, 2006
    It looks like all entrances into the old Hanso Foundation website have been closed off and will not allow you into the site. Are they revamping it for the next portion of the game? We'll keep you posted (pun unintended). For a complete list of images (thank you Mochi!) and the following for the cameo at the beginning of the film:



    Just when everyone thought the Hanso Foundation page was down and out for the count we find another clue buried in the source code. Found was, after much speculation and two days of discussion, Rachel Blake's blog [!--] at This is confirmation that Rachel Blake, and by extension her video, is indeed "in-game". Now if we could only figure out what possible clues might be found here… We will certainly post more when we find it!

    After examining the page a bit we’ve observed the following: 1) text box at the top of the page inside “My Euro” of My European Trip, 2) a password will be needed for the “Extra Info” box, 3) there is no information in the “profile” of Rachel Blake, 4) highlighting the text box and pasting it into a word document gives you a different message than the one evident on the title page: “My European Trip” becomes “My European Holiday.”, 5) the European map that is shown in the background looks decidedly like the map from Alvar Hanso’s trip through Europe, 6) and there is more here than meets the eye.

    Inside the text box is found, in tiny script, “evident agenda” (see also Persephone Page update below). Type this into the “Extra Info” box and you will be directed to this very strange site….

    Enter your birthday and you are brought to Rachel’s real web site. And what do we find but … damage control! Yep! The first thing you see is an entry in which Rachel explains away how her video got posted early!

    At any rate there is a lot to see here and I will be updating on the fly and adding below as more becomes available.

    So it looks like our next clue is with the Engineering Development Center (EDC) in Atlanta and a Dr. Hackett. It looks like our Rachel has made a deal with Mel0Drama (worst fake name ever) and will be sending videos to host. In return we get to look for clues. Put on you thinking caps folks the second part of the game has begun in earnest.


    The Persephone Page has changed again toady. An inverted image of a woman can be seen and strange strung-out Twilight-zone music with Morse code? can be heard in the background. Periodically a woman’s voice, talking backwards I think can be heard. There is the sound of a music box which also can be heard every once in a while. Others have reported the numbers as 101 118 105 100 101 110 116 32 97 103 101 110 100 97 which ends up decoding dec/char as “evident agenda” the clue for the Rachel Blake (above) website “Extra Info” log-in. This is a very odd/creepy/eerie image and the clue has yet to be solved.

    I believe this may be an image of Bjork! D.J. Dan may have been on to something. Of course, I don’t see the Swan dress anywhere. (Note: Its probably Rachel but I couldn't help myself.)

    Oh, and just a quick note that my early posts all pointed to June 19th as a banner day and they sure did not disappoint!


    There is a great deal of speculation and commentary on all the other forums and blogs concerning the Rachel Blake video. Someone searching the site originally found the video. Reports vary on who this may have been and how they found it but that is another matter and somewhat supports my Lost insider spoon-fed clue theory. My opinion has always been to confirm that something is “in-game” before posting it here for fear of giving false information and leading people down the wrong path and I continue to hold that position. There is also a great deal of speculation about why the video was pulled and weather or not it was posted prematurely. With that being said, I do believe that Rachel Blake is “in-game” and that she may be the conduit for the next few clues in the game. For some reason the Inside the Experience site has removed all mention of Ms. Blake from their comments and the video is gone from the site (see sidebar clue “??” for original site). Evidently, someone captured the video and published it on YouTube for viewing here at:

    Rachel Blake

    There is a possibility that it is fake and/or fan based and in reality the video gives us no new information at all. To me it looks like an introduction to those who have not fully immersed themselves in the experience (newbies) as a starting point to enter into the game at this point. As a marketing ploy it make sense to be able to include new players to the game (and sell Jeeps, Sprite, Verizon and services at the same time.)

    When, and if, the video is verified as truly “in-game” we’ll add more commentary and report more in-depth about Rachel Blake. Until then, this message and the links to the video will be all that we list. And, in the event that Rachel Blake is found to be “out-of-game” then I’ll apologize to all. In the meantime, I expect today to be a full day based on the June 19 clues that were posted prior to June 19.


    'Lost' in the Web
    ABC tries an online ''Experience'' to sate fans of its hit show till fall by Jeff Jensen

    On the night that the ABC Cast Away–meets–The Twilight Zone prime-time hit Lost concluded its second season, something strangely unfunny occurred on the late-night gabber Jimmy Kimmel Live. After his usual monologue, the comedian interviewed Hugh McIntyre, who was identified as a spokesman for the Hanso Foundation — which, as many Losties know, is the shadowy financier of the Dharma Initiative, a weird science project that once unfolded (and is possibly now unfolding) on the show's mysterious island. With a straight face, McIntyre accused Lost of misrepresenting the supposedly real foundation. With an equally straight face, Kimmel asked the flack about a hacker named Persephone who has been waging war with the foundation. When the bit finally ended, no one laughed, the audience undoubtedly feeling a little...lost.

    Ah. You're getting it. Welcome to The Lost Experience, an innovative mix of interactive media, serialized storytelling, and old-fashioned marketing designed to keep Lost fans obsessively busy as they impatiently wait for season 3 to begin this fall.

    Produced in partnership with Lost's TV carriers in the U.K. and Australia, the Experience was conceived by ABC's marketing department and the show's producers as a three-act story steeped in official show mythology but involving new or peripheral characters. ''You don't have to know all of Lost to pick it up,'' insists ABC's senior VP of marketing Mike Benson. ''But at the same time, it will answer questions for fans that reach back to the beginnings of Lost and even give you information leading up to season 3.''

    Of course, this being Lost, things have to be complicated, so the Experience is structured as an epic Internet Easter-egg hunt: Participants must rummage through multiple websites to uncover elements of the story, then piece all of the clues together. The Experience also incorporates PR stunts (like the Kimmel bit), TV and print advertising, and the Lost tie-in novel Bad Twin, whose fictional author, Gary Troup, died on the plane crash that brought Lost's characters to the island. (Check out the video interviews with Troup housed at and other online booksellers for possible clues.) The extravagant enterprise is partially underwritten by corporate sponsors (which rankles some fans), but the commercial tie-ins have been intriguingly woven into the story. Locate the classified material at, and you'll find documents showing that Jeep was once involved in the Dharma Initiative. Yep, it's a reality-blurring head-scratcher — just like the show.

    But it's no time-killing diversion. The Lost Experience is an ambitious experiment in using the Web to maintain fan support for TV shows as broadcast networks struggle to combat constant audience erosion. It also represents an official response to the series' unique cult, especially its rich and rabid online contingent. Throughout the first season, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse saw fans engaging with the show as if it were a massive multiplayer online game — watercooler theorizing and spoiler hunting as interactive play. ''The traditional notion of TV is that it is contained in a box,'' says Cuse. ''Now, with the multiplicity of tech options, we asked the fundamental question: Why does Lost only have to exist inside that box?''

    More epiphanies started popping last year as Lindelof and Cuse were fleshing out Lost's mythological backstory, including the history of the Hanso Foundation and its elusive founder, Alvar Hanso (who's been seen only fleetingly on the show, in a two-second shot during a grainy industrial video). The producers knew they were coming up with more details than they needed. They also knew that fans would love to know what those unnecessary details were, anyway. A eureka moment came in May 2005, when they met with Hyperion to discuss Bad Twin, which they decided to embed with references to Hanso and minor characters like stewardess Cindy (Kimberley Joseph). Says Lindelof: ''That was when we realized we could use ancillary media to tell these elaborate backstories that we can't really tell on the mothership.''

    The producers' interest in using unconventional means to expand the scope of Lost dovetailed with ABC's desire to cultivate the show's prickly fanbase through creative, organic means. Laying the groundwork for the Experience were two websites — and a minimalist version of the Hanso Foundation website — that quickly became must-visits for devotees. The Experience officially launched May 2 with a richly revamped Hanso site, now haunted by the subliminal presence Persephone. Other sites followed, including and the Sprite-linked (ABC declined to comment on traffic to the sites.)

    Implicit in the Experience is the expectation that Losties will share secrets with each other. (ABC's is the official clue-tracking hub.) But fans may also be pawning off fake clues as official clues, too. We say may, because ABC and the producers aren't commenting on content. However, Benson says he is looking at ways to make the Experience more accessible to casual fans; he hints that more public appearances by Hugh McIntyre and maybe even Alvar Hanso himself could be in the offing. Lest fans become too baffled, ABC is considering using traditional media later this summer to recap the essential plot points.

    In the meantime, Benson is trying to keep his mouth shut. He also intends to check out those alleged Experience clues housed over at, including several new Dharma Initiative orientation films that look just like the ones seen on the show. ''Some of this stuff actually looks real,'' he says. Wait — was that a clue?! (Posted:06/15/06)

    Friday, June 16, 2006



    Well, not really. But the site has become inaccessible. For those who have not solved this clue… PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!! Write everything down and take screen prints. There is a lot of information that comes along during this clue and there is no way to reproduce it. So keep tabs on what you are doing. You've been cautioned...

    Using the clue from the Persephone Page from today (“RECLUSE”), go to the Life Extension Project page on the Hanso Foundation website and click on the word “mortality”. A log-in box will appear. Enter “recluse” and hold onto your hat!

    "Why extend your life to live in hiding?" text appears.

    You will then see the image of the outside of an envelope that states: “Addressee Unknown: Return to Sender”. Click on the image and another spyglass document (recall Peter Thompson signature / GWC documents) can be read:

    “Senor Hanso,

    It occurs to me, at this point, I am attempting to correspond with a phantom. Had I not personally attended to you three months prior, I, too, would doubt your existence – the worldwide prominence of your name notwithstanding.

    The letters I sent to your business address were returned with notes explaining your office does not accept unsolicited correspondence. The follow-up I sent to your Narvik Villa was returned with a postal mark claiming “no such addressee.” I feel compelled, however, to attempt a final letter – I hired an investigator to track you down. It is not that I do not respect your personal desire for privacy, S. Hanso; it is that your condition gives me cause for concern. You will, no doubt, recall you were admitted after collapsing with a myocardial infection while in Madrid. You were admitted, in a state of mild delirium, by the staff of the hotel in which you were a guest (though the hotel later claimed to have no record of your stay).

    At the point which I began treating you, you demanded no blood be drawn. Several hours later, you requested I release you into the care of your personal physician, who had that moment arrived with your staff. Against my strenuous recommendation, you had yourself discharged.

    The reason I write is to explain why, against your wishes, I did, in fact, draw your blood. At the time, I believed it prudent to obtain all information. Your disorientation allowed me to obtain the sample and seemed proof of your incapacity.

    But now, the results of your blood test have prompted me to embark on this wild goose chase. It is imperative I reach you – your test results are most unusual, and I have reason for concern you may suffer a serious, even fatal, heart attack in the near future.

    Futile as it seems, S. Hanso, I feel bound by the oath I took as a physician to inform you of your circumstance. And, further (please forgive the personal nature of this confession), I feel as though something is amiss. On more than one occasion, gentlemen have made inquiries into your hospital stay. It seems your Madrid episode is among only a handful of times, in recent years, that you have made documented contact with the world at large. And while I anticipate that this letter too, will be returned unopened, I feel you are owed at least the effort of my attempt.

    Hope this finds you (well)
    Eliza Vasquez, M.D.”

    It seems Alvar Hanso was sick when in Madrid, Spain and sought medical treatment but had to be sent to a hospital. The doctor who treated him had some interesting observations.

    After reading the letter, click on the name at the bottom of the screen (the ARG creators are big on signature clicking) and you will see the following message:

    “The Hanso Foundation – Copenhagen”

    The screen fills with the images from surveillance cameras at the Hanso Foundation in Copenhagen.

    These three camera images show the following areas of the building:

    Cam1 shows an empty parking space. An occasional employee passes in front of the camera. Cam42 shows Alvar Hanso’s desk with a large pile of documents with letter opener, a CD in jewel case and some newspapers, and the Cam23 shows what looks to be an elevator, the occasional employee passes in front of this camera also.

    Click on the camera image frames and the date on the screen is updated. The items disappear from Hanso's desk in this order each time you advance: On September 13, 2004 the printout is removed from the desk, on March 25, 2005 the disc and file is removed and on June 15, 2006 the letters, which are held in place by a letter opener in the shape of a dagger, are taken. Afterwards, Persephone will greet you with…

    “Is he a recluse or a prisoner?
    Why would he allow such evil things
    to be done in his name?”


    A small box appears which reads:
    “Disturbing isn’t it?
    And there’s more.
    So much more. I can help
    connect the dots…”

    Click on the box and another box appears with a log-in box beneath it:
    “Do you want to know the rest?
    Then enter the name of the director of the VIK
    Institute… Armand… ?”

    Enter “Zander” and Persephone responds:

    “Cool! Thanks Sorry for all the cloak and dagger stuff but I have to be careful who I trust.
    I think Mittlewerk is the key to all this - I need to find out what he is up to with all of these programs! I'm gonna...”


    I believe that there was more text here but I did not get a screen print and could not remember the rest. Anyone else pick up the additions? This is where the Hanso Foundation website explodes. There is a lot of flashing light, screaming, broken glass, crying babies, explosions, electromagnetic incidents and then this final message from the Hanso Foundation.

    The screen reads in red letters:
    The Hanso Foundation site has been hacked by malicious infiltrators seeking to blemish the good work of many dedicated researchers. Until a legal investigation is completed, the site will no longer be accessible to the public. Namaste.

    NOTE: If you haven't realize by now the goal of the Lost Experience Alternate Reality Game is to locate Alvar Hanso and find out what happened to him. Someone close to him, that cares, is searching for him in the guise of Persephone. It is our goal, people, to help her find him!!!

    Another note: Look for June 19th to be a big day in the game. Not only does the Verizon forum have a thread posted for that future date but the Hanso "recluse" hack camera surveillance scenes end on this date also!

    To return back to the Hanso Foundation a back door has been found. Go to the Retrievers of Truth website, enter the "porter" password. Open the "I have a very bad feeling about this" thread date 04/19/06. It looks like the word "people" is a back door back into the Hanso Foundation site.


    The guys at the Verizon forum are at it again. Weird posts though as one is dated two days into the future. Hmm....

    And there is this post under this heading: The best place to hide something is right under our noses. - 06/19/06 "Have you been to the lately?" They discuss the videos found at this site and mention that D.J. Dan has a videocast. His is the fourth from the left in the bottom row of videos. And it looked like our Verizon guys have hooked up with someone special… they didn’t come out and say but I think we may be hearing from Persephone, Dr. Bole or D.J. Dan very soon through them. And, who would have thought that D.J. Dan was a Serenity/Firefly fan? "You Can't Stop The Signal!" was posted in his videocast today. Joss and I are with you, Danny boy!

    In the Thread called: Speak up if you got something to say - 6/16/06 our heroes look like they are being quizzed about the Hanso Foundation. The last two lines of the conversation are interesting and read:
    BroadBandBeatnik5:50pm A wise man once said we are all merely players in this game.
    Fiberoptician6:00pm Ha! Well in that case I'd prefer to be the board.