Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The ERI page has changed today. Click on the X:Y image to get the following…

A message from Persephone appears:
“This is Persephone…
Want to know more about this “Crucial Force”?
What’s the magic word?”
Enter “conspiraspies” (see D.J. Dan clue) to be taken to this page…
(Note that the X:Y image has a somewhat faded image of the tower from the D.J. Dan website imbedded within it. I've been told that by clicking on the word "offshore" it will take you to the D.J. Dan website but have been unable to reproduce this. Update: Click on the word "offshore" in the close-up view of the letter and you are redirected to the D.J. Dan site. All of the clues today interlock together. D.J. Dan links to ROT, ERI connects to D.J. Dan, etc.)

Click on the cassette tape for the image of a tower? or possibly a buoy? in the rain with a blipping light which I suspect is more Morse code. (We’ll try and decypher this later.)

Click on the tower to return back to the letter page.
Click on the piece of paper that has “# 8067” printed on it. This is a map that says, “Satellite Interference”.

Click on the image to return back to the letter page. The last document will now be clickable and reads “#AS815 – Unexplained Growth”. Click on the document. It enlarges but not much is available here to see. Click on the red circle and you will return to the letter page. The letter reads,

“…believe this is something we can both agree on…

Dr. Mittlework, in recent years my honorable government has turned a blind eye to the questionable activities of your off-shore research station due to the lucrative business partnerships the Hanso Group has offered the proud people of this nation. Your joint venture in the Paik Motors, for example, is a matter of great national pride, and we wish to continue doing that level of business with your firm.

However, I need to present my superiors with an accounting of your activities. Since the construction of your offshore antenna, we have had numerous disruptions in the local telecommunications infrastructure, the navigational systems of our fishing fleets and ever our ability to access our satellites from the area appear to have been impaired.

Additionally, we have begun to receive reports of deformed fish and other aberrant changes in the wildlife around your electromagnetic research facility. Given this, it is simply impossible for me to continue to tell my government that your research is outside of our national interest.

My influence in parliament is not unlimited. If this scandal over your off-shore antenna project reaches a national scale, I fear the Hanso Group’s fiduciary role will be severely crippled, and your multi-million dollar research venture may be forced into open international waters or even fired upon by naval units.

Consider this warning to be light in animus, but weighty in its urgency. I require a response within the next 48 hours, or I shall be forced to take up the matter with my superiors.

Hoo-Gon Choi
Ministry of (blotted out)”

Click on the signature for a close-up of the letter. Click on the signature to return back to the Hanso Foundation page.


Electromagnetic Research investigations in progress

While we know a great deal, there is still much to learn about this fundamental force. Such investigations are the domain of The Hanso Foundation Electromagnetic Research Initiative. http://www.thehansofoundation.org/#section=genomic

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