Saturday, August 26, 2006


We had the good fortune to have one of our associates, Annalisa, present at the Tysons Corner (VA.) Apollo Candy Bar give away on Friday. Here is her report and a few photographs from the event.

“What a crazy day! First, let me start by saying that… things were late… So, lots of people were there at 11 but the candy bars didn't show up until 12… There was no banner or anything, but the local ABC was handing out their usual t-shirts. (“ABC News 7 on your side.” I was kind of hoping for a Hanso or Dharma shirt.) Then the Apollo candy bar people showed up (five in all) and quickly handed them out. A lot of people left quickly, but the die-hards hung around…

The Apollo Greeters

…But no golden ticket! All the boxes where searched; the Apollo people didn't seem to mind. I spoke to the lead guy and he said that they were given a script to follow (no one I spoke to actually heard it) and they were told that they had to take at least ten pictures per hour until all the bars were gone. I can only assume that they were looking for demographic information on the crowd. And save for two other strollers in line, the group was mostly in their very upper twenty to thirties. Maybe five from the forties range.

All in all, I think it went well. And the chocolate is not all that bad!



Rummaging for Golden Oracles

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