Thursday, August 03, 2006


Fragment Code 23

Fragment 23 “VOU8VPNPS5X” was hinted at and then found in the comments at The Lost Ninja blog today here. The transcript is reproduced below. The video is of Mittelwerk saying, “So now we have to take radical action."

“I need your help NOW!
by Lost Ninja
posted on Aug 03 12:21pm

Hey, and I'm not going to muck about with any jibber-jabber. If you live in Sydney, I need your help right this second. I get emails all the time from people saying they've seen something cool - but I just got an email from someone swearing they saw a glyph!

scsi_chicken, who emailed me the LOST A-Team video last night, just sent me this:


I was on the monorail just now and while going along Pitt St, I think, I know I saw a glyph in a comic book shop window! We were going way too fast for me to make it out, but the black edges were there, a symbol was there and I swear I saw a code. Now I'm in Darling Harbour at work so I can't get to it, bugger! Help!


Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I can't get there either, so I need YOU to get down there and check it out, pronto! If there is anything (and i really trust scsi's word) take a photo and email it to me - - if it's a glyph, we'll get it out! And if it does.... MAJOR props to scsi!

Only 9 hours til part one of the finale!


The code was found in this comment:
“the code on the king's comics glyph is vou8vpns5x...
curse you slow loading HansoExposed
posted by kingofthesouthernvampires on Aug 03 02:56pm”

Fragment Code 24

Fragment Code 24 “750NZF8X” was found in a text messaging service in the UK mentioned by The Other Girl here The text message gives you this link to the glyph. The video fragment is the bearded man saying, "The equation is the brainchild of the mathematician, Enzo Valenzetti."

The Other Girl’s message is as follows:

August 3rd
Brand new code!

Yes indeed, I have got wind of a brand new code - number 23 now if my calculations are correct - thanks to some quick-fingered work by my text-happy mates.

As you've no doubt already seen elsewhere on the web, code 22 was found on Gary Troup's Bad Twin website - it's 89RMCOCDC6D.

Then yesterday, I heard rumblings that Ninja had been informed that someone had seen another on a poster around Sydney, and then I got a call telling me to 'be more mobile'. Well - frankly, I was a little confused, and then I figured it out! I'll let you do the last little bit of hunting for yourselves, but you need to head to the Channel 4 mobile portal - you access it by texting Mobile to 83188. This'll get you the link you'll need to find the next glyph. However, seems that you need to be in the UK for it to work - sorry Stateside/Aussie followers :(

Found beneath the image of the glyph was this message:

Fragment Code 25

Fragment Code 25 “NZ59” was found in an Australian Yahoo video here. Click "Watch Ep 223's Secret Clue" at the bottom of the page. The video is of Mittelwerk saying, "So when you go in, you have to keep up with story."

Fragment Code 26

It seems as if TLEC was emailed fragment 26 code E8KNI8L today.Hmmm… when did they become in-game?

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