Friday, August 25, 2006

FRAGMENT CODES # 42, 51, 52 & 53

Fragment Code # 42

The illusive fragment Code # 42 VE5SMC was found today on Lostpedia. This page for user “Rachel Blake” has a hidden message in Morse code (select the open area under User: Rachel Blake). Translated this message says, “WHAT LINKS HERE OX2A” which is “42” and links to User: HACKALLBEER (RACHEL BLAKE). (See bottom of page). Click on User:HACKALLBEER then “42” to find the hidden glyph. Whew! Who found that convoluted code? Speaker, D.J. Dan, Alvar Hanso himself? The video fragment is of Mittelwerk saying "...exactly. You find the best way to get it done... precisely... surgically."

From Lostpedia
.-- .... .- - .-.. .. -. -.- ... .... . .-. .
----- -..- ..--- .-

Fragment Code # 51

Fragment Code "GZ2I" was found today by hovering your mouse at the bottom of DJ Dan's “Eyes On The Man” link. The video fragment is of the bearded man (Alvar Hanso) saying; "A radio transmitter has been erected on the island."

Fragment Code # 52

And fragment Code "ZFTLZAGO014H" was found at Australian TV 7 site. Click "Lost" under “T.V Shows – Entertainment” (near bottom of the page) to reveal this glyph. This video fragment is of the bearded man (Alvar Hanso) saying, "Your research is intended to do nothing less than save the world as we know it."

Fragment Code # 53

Fragment code # 53 “TROPICS” was found today at Monster.Com. Go to the site and take the following poll:

Monster Poll
I would be most LOST if I were in this position:
* Anger management therapist
* Simian veterinarian
* Genetic engineer
* Personal assistant
* Organ courier

On the results page you’ll find a banner ad for LOST Paradise. Click on the “Click Here >>” button in the ad and you will be re-directed to Enter the code “TROPICS” for the video fragment of Mittlewerk saying, “They think they're infected with a virus carried by local macaques.”

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