Friday, August 11, 2006


We called the above D.J. Dan phone number (800-942-4704) this evening (10:09 Central) and recorded this conversation:

Woman: Hi. You calling for D.J. Dan?
The Alternative One: Yes.
Woman: Where are you calling from?
The Alternative One: Southeast Wisconsin.
Woman: Oh, Wisconsin, Well, D.J. Dan’s not here yet. He won’t be here until 11 o’clock Pacific time. What time zone are you in?
The Alternative One: Central
Woman: Central. So, I think that means that he’ll be on at 1 AM your time.
The Alternative One: O.K. And he’s on at this phone number? Or…?
Woman: Yep, just call him on back and try your luck and maybe you can get through to talk to him.
The Alternative One: What about the site? Do you know anything about that? Is there going to be streaming audio there as well?
Woman: I don’t know anything about that. But try back. Try back in a couple of hours.
The Alternative One: Thank you. Appreciate it.
Woman: Bye.

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