Tuesday, August 08, 2006


(Rachel Blake backwards)

Found at Flickr here in a round about way (from subLYMONal entering Nanite gives you Flickr. Go to Flickr web page and enter “Nanite”. You’ll find an image of the nanite glyph. Click on the glyph and you get People Search: lehcarekalb) twelve images of pieces of paper give the following message:

TO: Dr. Hackett
Apollo Candy

FROM: G. Downs
Engineering Development Center
Atlanta, GA

Date: July 21, 2004

RE: Test Study

Dr. Hackett,
Initial research shows release of the psychotropic compound to be a success. The acid and flavoring agents of the beverage disguise the taste. More tests are necessary to reach optimum viral spread. My superiors are eager for you to join our effort, once you have extricated yourself from your current situation.

Remember this:

Mel0Drama's Hackett letter (again)...

And this conversation between Mel0Drama and Rachel from her blog:

Mel0Drama: I work in the archive of the Engineering Development Center. It was a punishment. I asked Hackett too many questions. But he never could have guessed... the ARCHIVE was the last place he should have sent me to work. I have the proof. The DOCUMENTS are all there. Sealed in a vault. Untouched by human hands. Ready to convict. And, I need you to help me expose them.

Me: So, why don't you just post your evidence here and get done with it?

Mel0Drama: BECAUSE NOBODY BELIEVES ME. They have to see for themselves. They have to see the documents. Sitting in the company vault. On the company mainframe. Please. It's a fair exchange.

Me: What is?

Mel0Drama: I'll hide your video, secure it for your users to access online. Password-protected. On a CORPORATE mainframe. Untouchable. All you have to do is tell your followers to go to my archive portal and hear my story... once they do, I'll place your video in the archive vault. They can watch it through my portal!

Me: No. Here's how I work. You host my video, keep it secure. If I'm satisfied people can see it, that The Hanso Foundation can't hack it, that YOU'RE not part of the Foundation yourself, THEN I'll put the word out to my friends to check out your "evidence" about Hackett and whatever the heck you think he's doing. Deal?

Mel0Drama: ... Deal.

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