Saturday, August 12, 2006


D. J. Dan Live Broadcast

The two-hour D. J. Dan Live Internet Broadcast Marathon last night/this morning ended in a raid by lab-coated members of the Hanso Foundation. Before the interruption, however, we gleaned a few new pieces of information. First, Dan added a new segment to his show called, “Conspiracies in the News,” in which he reveals real stories in American newspapers as conspiracies. Next, our man, the fixer (called Malik by D.J. Dan and Ironman by some others) interrupted the broadcast with a cryptic message for Rachel and then rattled off a series of numbers: 240 249 68 61 37 118 75 233 231 150 36 184 157 51 144 180 253 50 173 30 222 192 13 82 1". Then, again, in a leap of unbelievable intuition someone found the answer to this clue quite quickly. We’ve been told that if you look up these page numbers in Bad Twin and take the first letter of each word of each page you get the message, "I know where he is, I can set it up." We are not sure what this message refers to yet but assume TPTB will certainly feed it to someone soon.

We were mildly disappointed with this broadcast as the quality of questions posed by callers was mediocre at best. We also heard from Speaker, Ninja, Fenris and David from TLEC which screams scripted. And, as usual, did not receive any real information of any value. We suppose at this stage of our Experience this should not surprise us but we also hope for that one bit of information that may answer at least some of our unanswered questions.

I will not include a transcript of this broadcast because of its length. However, you can listen to the broadcast in a number of places on the Internet. Point your browser at any of the other Experience blogs to find it.

Fragment Code 37

Also, in his broadcast D.J. Dan hinted a number of times about a new glyph. And that it would be found in a major U.S. city and that it was taped up to the door of the building in a city that rhymed with “Fresh Air.” A few players located this establishment and copied the glyph which is 4R19Y0UXB6Y. The glyph and more information can be found at our Video Segment site. Video Segment site.

Fragment Code 38 note: D.J. Dan also alluded to the fact that another glyph would be released in Times Square sometime on Monday.

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