Saturday, August 26, 2006


People Magazine Speaker Ad

September 4, 2006 – Vol. 66 – No. 10 Issue (page 50) of People magazine has another Speaker ad:


It’s the question that’s been on our lips ever since Rachel Blake, a.k.a. “Persephone,” first hacked the Hanso Foundation’s website.

She showed us their lies. She showed us THF’s crimes against man and nature. She uncovered evidence of a sinister plot called the SPIDER PROTOCOL – evidence that is unfolding for us, even now, at

But, things became too dangerous. Rachel went underground.

Finally, she sent two emails. Urged us to go to and find the Apollo Bars.

I found one! Stamped into the chocolate was

That very same question: WHERE IS ALVAR?

People from all over the world are uploading pictures of themselves with their Apollo Bars. They’re showing The Hanso Foundation the faces of our resistance. And they’re looking for the special Apollo “Golden Oracle” Bars…

The “Golden Oracles” are in limited supply, but Rachel assures us, once enough are found, she has something else to show us. Something HUGE.

I’m looking for my Apollo “Golden Oracle” Bar right now. Why aren’t you?

Let’s find the truth together! Join me, Speaker, at ad

On the opposite page of the Speaker ad is an ad for There is a young man seated in an empty stadium pictured. The seat next to him has the “Hanso Foundation” and its logo inside the seat number placard.
Also, pictured is an image of the website. On the page is a glyph which reads The Hanso Foundation’s logo is in the center of the glyph. At the bottom of the ad is: “>>

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