Thursday, August 17, 2006


Fragment Code 42

Fragment Code "44KU2VKQ" was posted today at the Ninja’s website (see quote below) here. The code began working on at about 9:15am.

Ninja’s plea:
“I've received word about another possible glyph sighting in Sydney! A ninja wanting to be known only as Mr X emailed me just now to say that, while on board a yacht heading in to dock near the Andrew (Boy) Charlton pool, he thinks he spotted a glyph right down by the water, near some weird scultpture looking stuff.”

ROT Discussion (Trevor)

Rot was updated yesterday and it seems there is discussion concerning sign language and a glyph. Evidently, there is also some information coming in on the Trevor (Nanite) Flikr page. His page was updated with a glyph for "Chocolates". The Chocolates glyph caption is “call tom k yegato”. Head to and type in Chocolates you get “call tom k yegato.” Using the letters “TOM K YEGATO” to the corresponding numbers on a phone, you get the number 866-593-4286. When you call this number, you’ll hear the recording of a man in an English accent saying, “Sod off, I'm watching the tube.” The recording pauses then plays for a total of three times, then in a woman’s voice, “Thank you.” and hangs up. If you go to YouTube and search for "rblake" you'll find a video called "The Chocolate Factory" by CHARLABEELK which is another anagram for RACHEL BLAKE. In the video, there is a sign language translator wearing a glyph t-shirt! Note: TLEC is working on a translation of the sign language on the video and it does not appear to be the same content as that spoken in the video. More to come later…

The Chocolate Factory seems like an homage to Roald Dahl and Willie Wonka and plays straight into the great Apollo Candy give-away next month. Next we’ll see the five-golden tickets and the tour of Oompa-Loompa Land!

It seems that some players who know sign language have interpretted the message to read that Mittelwerk and Hackett had an argument concerning the chemistry of the Apollo Candy bar and that Hackett may be on the run. We'll try to keep this message updated.

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