Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Fragment Code # 48

Fragment Code "0UJ2" (zero you jay two) was found today on the Channel 4 UK website. Towards the bottom of the page is a video labeled "Burn a hole through the heart of the foundation" and the glyph is displayed here. This new video fragment is Mittlewerk saying, "...and they believe we are bringing them the cure."

Apollo Candy Bar Give Away

A somewhat anticlimactic answer was discovered today during the first Apollo Candy Bar give away event in New York. The website had been previously guessed at when the Apollo Candy site first went live. While the website has not yet been activated, a few very savvy players have been able to capture images from the site. Whether they are test images or are part of the site remains to be seen. (More on these images later if they prove to be in-game.) Lostpedia was the first to report on the image of the bars. There has been no indication that a so-called "golden bar" has been found but if my name were Veruca Salt...

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