Thursday, August 17, 2006


Transcript of D.J. Dan Broadcast

  • My D.J. Dan Marathon Broadcast Transcript

  • Speaker Ad - People Magazine

    The newest edition of People Magazine (August 21, Vol. 66 No. 8) ran another advertisement for Speaker (see transcript below). The Speaker ad can be found on page 35 and is opposite the Jeep ad (page 36) that has “Tribalwars” on the curb. On the backside of that page (or page 37) is a Verizon Chocolate advertisement. We know a glyph clue is buried somewhere here but have been unable to find it. Post a comment or e-mail us should you find it!

    Transcript of ad:

    Will "THE HANSO FOUNDATION" Get Away with Murder?

    The hacker Persephone exposed their crimes on She shot straight and true. But, just as she was about to give us the WHY behind Hanso's LIES--she was SHUT DOWN.

    Enter: Rachel Blake and her blog:

    It soon became clear: Persephone and Rachel were one and the same. Having shed her mask, Rachel became a standard for everyone to rally around. She was fighting for us, and she wanted answers:

    Was THF president Dr. Mittelwerk's research into ancient shipping lanes related to the fact Alvar Hanso's grandfather once captained a slave ship called "The Black Rock?"

    Did Mittelwerk really have mathematicians working in secret on an equation predicting humanity's end?

    And, what about Mittelwerk's top-secret SPIDER PROTOCOL? Could THIS explain his search for a mysterious island near the equator? Could THIS answer why he'd equip an ocean freighter with hospital wards labeled "QUARANTINE?"

    In QUARANTINE, no one can hear you scream.

    The questions mounted. Rachel found the answers. She got 'em on tape.

    But the truth is deadly. Rachel's hidden fragments of her video are all over the web. Find the pieces and put them together at


    Help solve the puzzle with me, Speaker, at

    Fragment Code 40

    Fragment Code 40 56LHZJDCL7A4 was found today via the
    Ninja’s Blog.
    Click on Celebrity Survivor (at the bottom of the post). You’ll find yourself at the Celebrity Survivor Page. Then Click “Read Full Entry” link and finally the word “LOST” to uncover glyph # 40.

    The video fragment is of the bearded man (Alvar Hanso) saying, “…panic. It's always been my belief that we ignore warnings at our own peril. And thus, the D.H.A.R.M.A. Initiative was born.”

    Fragment Code 41

    Fragment Code "XWZW" was found today in a commercial on E4 (Australian T.V.) and recorded by a commenter over at the Speaker’s website Inside The Experience.The video fragment is of Thomas Mittlewerk saying; "We must be absoultely certain we are hitting precise genetic targets."

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