Monday, August 14, 2006


Fragment Code 38

The one that got away… I was e-mailed this clue on Friday. An observant reader told me that the word “chocolates” could be found on the TiVo remote of the subLymonal ad in the August 11th issue of Entertainment Weekly. It turns out that CHOCOLATES is the 38th Fragment code and we missed it completely. Our apologies to RaynhamGuy for not seeing the connection.

The video is of the bearded man saying, “Whether through nuclear fire, chemical and biological warfare, conventional warfare, pandemic, overpopulation..." A number of images flash across the screen (similar to Psychological Video) including a nuclear detonation, a biohazard sign, a laboratory, an aircraft carrier, and scenes of refugees.

Fragment Code 39

Fragment code 39 A0Y8 was found in Times Square on the ABC Super Sign today. The video is of the bearded man saying, "Founders and masterminds of the DHARMA Initiative. By now, you also know there are many research goals for our joint venture."

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