Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FRAGMENT CODES 54, 56 & 57

Fragment Code 54

Fragment Code, "NARVIK" was found today on Take the poll on the main page and click the results button.

Monster Poll
I would most like to take a work sabbatical at this exotic location:
Sri Lanka
Vik, Iceland
Copenhagen, Denmark

On the results page you’ll see another banner ad for Narvik Travel, (“Narvik Travel – For those who believe getting LOST is an art form. Click Here.”) which links back to

The video fragment is of T. W. Mittelwerk saying, "We have tried to change those values by manipulating the environment in many, many ways."

Fragment Code 56

Fragment Code, "OUDW" was found on an old post on Lost Ninja's blog. If you click the hot link "Snakes on a Plane" it takes you to the new glyph and code. (How this was found remains a mystery.).

The video fragment is of Thomas Mittlewerk saying, "We need not take any more lives than is absolutely necessary. Yes?"

Fragment Code 57

Fragment Code 57 "307L97BDB9" was found today at Rachel's Secret Blog. There is a new “Link” (right sidebar) on the page. Click on the number “57” to be redirected to this image. The code can be found by arranging the flashing letters and numbers, top to bottom, left to right.

The video fragment is of “Dr.” Mittlewerk saying, "...and the bodies of the dead must be brought to this station immediately for full genetic workup."

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