Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Speaker on WhereIsAlvar.com - Fragment Code 64

It looks like Speaker may have a glyph clue started at WhereIsAlvar.com. He is seen in an oversized Golden Oracle image with a t-shirt with writing on it. A simple flip of the image reveals the shirt says “Jonah 61.” Glyph fragment code 61 can’t be too far behind. We’re not sure where this is heading but it looks like a new glyph hunt is under way.

Fragment Code "XQGRMH" was found by following a clue left by Speaker at www.whereisalvar.com (see above). If you go to www.myspace.com/jonahadkins (Jonah the mapmaker) and select all on the page, you'll see more in his "About Me" section than you would normally. It says, “It's just me, Jonah! In Reader Mail 10 & 1/Seek he who is the good son.” Follow his clue and find Speaker’s Reader Mail 11 and you'll see Macaulay Culkin posted the link The Speaker. The fragment code can be found at the bottom of the page hidden under the title.

The video fragment is of Mr. Beardy saying, "…only by manipulating the environment, by finding scientific solutions to all of our problems..."

Also, Speaker has hinted that an important hint or clue will be found on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. It would probably be a good idea to watch them (or at the very least DVR them.) My guess, we’ll see a glyph during a commercial or better yet a surprise appearance by Hugh McIntyre!

Fragment Code 63

Fragment Code "7C8R" has been found. The glyph aired after the most recent episode of Lost on the UK's Channel 4. The video fragment is of the bearded man (Alvar Hanso) saying, "We will be able to change those core factors and give humanity a chance to survive."

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