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Most of us stayed up late last night to listen to the final ramblings of D. J. Dan and crew (we’re going to miss you, Johnny!) And after the normal fare of nanites, doughnuts, aliens and other lesser conspiracies were given the opportunity to witness (hear) a sting operation concerning Thomas Werner Mittelwerk! During Rachel Blake’s call-in interview an anonymous caller phoned in and told Dan that he was monitoring a military or police frequency. The following transcript is of the last moments of the D. J. Dan Live Broadcast and that transmission:

James: Hi, D. J. Dan. My name is James. I’ll get right to the point. My friends and I, we have this little global network going on where we enjoy eavesdropping on all kinds of signals; civilian, corporate, scientific, military…

D. J. Dan: Yeah, yeah James I’m with ya, I’m with ya.

James: And right now at this very moment. Excuse me (clears throat) we are listening to… (Aside: yep, hold on!) We are listening to an encoded highly secure government frequency. I don’t know if its police or military but if you’ll allow me I want to patch you through.

D.J. Dan: Patch us through?

James: You and Miss Blake and the rest of your conspiraspies have to hear this.

D. J. Dan: Alright?!? Go ahead patch it through right now.

James: O.K. Hold on one second…

Sound of radio transmissions…

Alpha Leader: Report

Zulu Team: Zulu in position. Disable lift control?

Bravo Team: Bravo front lobby secure.

Alpha Leader: You have visual on target?

Bravo Team: Yes sir, tenth floor!

Alpha Leader: Is that confirmed?

Bravo Team: It’s a white coat and black ponytail.

Alpha Leader: Lunatics and their hair!

Bravo Team: Ninth floor now.

Alpha Leader: Confirmed tenth floor.

Bravo Team: Look’s like we’ve got a staircase between levels nine and ten.

Alpha Leader: Count on nine?

Bravo Team: We count three. No, four.

Alpha Leader: Armed?

Bravo Team: I’m sure! Target moving towards the elevators!

Alpha Leader: Bravo, we’re moving!

Bravo Team: We’ve been made!

Alpha Leader: Zulu, cut power.

Zulu Team: Cutting

Bravo Team: Alpha, go, Go! Go!

Alpha Leader: Bravo take nine I’ve got ten.

Zulu Team: Power cut.

Bravo Team: Then why am I seeing lights?

Alpha Leader: They’ve got auxiliary

Bravo Team: Freeze!!

Sounds of automatic machine gun fire.

Voices throughout: Freeze, get down, freeze!

Bravo Team: Behind you, behind you.

Alpha Leader: I see him, south corridor.

Bravo Team: Nine clear. I’ve got him cornered in an office. He’s barricaded.

D.J. Dan (in background): Who do they have barricaded?

Alpha Leader: We need a ram.

Sound of door being broken down.

Alpha Leader: Hands behind your back, knees to the floor.

Zulu Team: We’ve got him.

Bravo Team: No that’s not Mittelwerk. They look alike. Repeat, our target’s still loose.

Zulu Team: Where is he?

Voice of Mittelwerk: Gentlemen, I’m sorry to have to do this…

Bravo Team: We’ve got a radio over here.

Voice of Mittelwerk: I can’t have my work compromised. You should run!

Bravo Team: This place is wired. Go! Go!

Sound of people running…

Voice of Mittelwerk: Namaste!

Sound of large explosion and then radio silence…

So it would seem that Rachel’s Sri-Lanka video alerted the authorities to Mittelwerk’s activities. And they tracked him down (most likely in the same building we saw in the video) and attempted to arrest/subdue him. Of course, Tom Mittelwerk was once again one step ahead of those who followed and escaped. But most importantly, he destroyed any evidence of wrong doing when he detonated the building.


Rachel Blake’s Final Video has been pushed up to YouTube for those who did not get to view it last night. The final video contains the two components of the Sri-Lanka Video and a new portion of Rachel in Narvik, Norway. Here is the transcript (with notes):

Rachel Blake looks down into the hidden camera in her purse so that the viewers can identify her. She rings the doorbell of a very modern looking house. The video title: “Rachel Blake, Navik, Norway” crawls across a black screen. Then, a butler (?) opens the door and allows Rachel entrance into the home. Her camera is running and we catch quick glimpses of the walk from the front door to another room. Classical music plays in the background and we see a man standing in a highly modern Nordic-looking room. It is Alvar Hanso himself, older and looking extremely tired.

Alvar (to the butler): Leave us.

(He motions Rachel to sit with his hand.)

Alvar: (Sighs) Rachel Blake.

Rachel: You recognize me?

Alvar: How did you get past security?

Rachel: I have contacts inside your Foundation. The nurse who comes in regularly to take your blood was called away on a family emergency. I’m her replacement.

Alvar: (quiet laughter) Clever. So, did you come to draw blood?

Rachel: How can you joke, after everything you’ve done?

Alvar: You’ve brought in a recording device.

Rachel: No. This is between you and me.

Alvar: I can hear it Rachel, it’s in your bag. You must have thought you could walk into my home, armed with nothing but the truth, and extract a confession from me.

Rachel: Something like that.

Alvar: (quiet laughter again) I think your idealism is touching. And, since it’s the truth you came for, I suppose that is what I should give you. On tape.

Rachel removes the hidden camera from her purse and places it on the coffee table in front of Hanso.

Alvar: The men you see here work for the Foundation. They do not work for me. Their job is to keep me inside. To keep me from talking to anyone of importance. I’m a prisoner…

Rachel: No! You are not dodging the blame.

Alvar: No. No, I’m not. I am to blame for training Thomas Werner Mittelwerk. For grooming him, to be my successor. For giving him all the tools he needed to do the awful things he has. He cannot kill me, but he can keep me locked up while he kills millions of…

Sounds from another room startle them and Rachel covers the camera for a moment.

Alvar: He is the one who has done all of the things that you have exposed. And much worse. All in my name. And yours.

Rachel: Mine?

Alvar: That’s why you came. The reason why you’ve investigated the Foundation. You wanted to learn more about the trust fund that paid for your upbringing. You wondered how a single mother, could pay for an education, and all the advantages you were given. But you are a beautifully intelligent young woman, and you were able to trace the funds back to the Foundation. You searched, and even as you realized all the evil that was being done, even as you turned against everything that the Foundation now stands for, you kept on, because you knew the path would lead, to your father. And now I need your help, even if I don’t deserve it. I may never leave this house alive, and it’s only a matter of time before the guards realize who you are. So take this confession, get it to the press, to the authorities, to anyone who will listen! Make a scandal, Rachel. You are the only one who can bring down Mittelwerk, and set me free. Go now Rachel; finish this once and for all. Go!

Rachel: So long…Dad.

The video fades to black…

O.K. So, we know the Sri-Lanka video was important in exposing Mittelwerk and we now know where Alvar Hanso is (a prisoner in his own home?!?) We also know that Mittelwerk escaped and destroyed the building in the process. And how does all of this connect to Lost?

Will TLE2 entail the escape of Alvar Hanso? Perhaps, even with his daughters help?
What will become of the Hanso Foundation? Will we ever hear that soothing music again? And where is Thomas Werner Mittlewerk? Will Rachel do what Alvar Hanso asks of her? We know what she has done to find her father but what do you think she’ll do to free him?

So, what is the next step? What happens after The Lost Experience? I know that I’m still Jones-ing for more information. Where do we go from here? Do we wait for another Lost Experience (TLE2) or is it done? I assume the “numbers” (don’t they dictate everything - pun intended) will tell all. If enough viewers played the Experience then perhaps we’ll see another ARG. They certainly set it up as if to leave room for the next phase of the Experience. Only time and TPTB can tell…

P.S. Thanks Damon, Carlton, Javi, Andrew, the actors and all the people known collectively as TPTB, et. al. I had quite the Experience this summer!

P.S.S. In the next few days I will be posting my thank you and re-cap to the players of the Lost Experience here and the transcript of the last D.J. Dan broadcast.

Thank you… and namaste!

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