Monday, September 11, 2006


The Other Girl posted a very strange coded message this morning about a weird e-mail she received that was packed full of numbers.

Here is The Other Girl’s message:

“Morning folks, trust you've all had restful weekends. I'm posting early for a change today, as I was going through my postbag and found something weird - got sent an e-mail just with all these numbers in it - and what was even stranger was that it was fixed to look like it had been sent by me! Needless to say, it hadn't and it looks like I've been hacked. Which got me thinking.... anyways, I was looking on Speaker and Ninja's blogs, and they appear to have had something similar happen. I gotta admit, so far I'm drawing a blank, so if you lot feel like applying your considerable brainpower, I'd be most appreciative....”

Using an Octal decode format (base 8) the numbers decode to Rachel's reply to Malik as follows:

"I knew you were behind that. I just knew. He never told me, you know?

When I hit the ground I was sure I was dead. The camera was broken, they were dragging me to my feet... and then a burst of gunfire in the air. These were SCIENTISTS, unarmed. They hit the ground. But not Mittelwerk. He kept coming until de Zylva turned the shots in his direction. Once Mittelwerk was face down on the ground, de Zylva grabbed my hand and we were gone. With the camera.

He didn't talk. He said he was de Zylva, that was it. We knew Mittelwerk was already in pursuit, but we stuck to tunnels that had been dug out during various wartimes. We had some close calls. The goal was the American embassy in Colombo, but when we got there, we knew that was impossible. It was being watched -- the airport, too. de Zylva said The Hanso Foundation had too much influence in Colombo to take the risk.

And, then, they caught wind of us again. We knew we could be caught at any second, and the only important thing was that video. EVIDENCE of Mittelwerk's world-wide decimation plot. I'd planned for this. All I needed was a secure, high-speed connection. The Hanso goons knew it too. They surrounded the place while I was uploading. We barricaded ourselves, de Zylva knew an escape route. I barely got out, made my way to a friend of de Zylva's who could get me to India. I swear, I waited for de Zylva. But he never came.

I'm so sorry."

Click here for the original e-mail coded string (For those purist who might want to plug it in themselves) (Note: click open to view the string or save to download it) and click here for a decoding website and the following for other types of
additional Ascii translations.

We presume that Rachel's first few sentences, "I knew you were behind that. I just knew. He never told me, you know?" deal with Malik and de Zylva. It seems that they were friends and that Malik enlisted de Zylva's help. We certainly embrace the addition of new characters but would appreciate more content than, "He helped me. Then he died!" This is too much like inserting magic into a science fiction novel to rescue the hero from certain death. "And, with the wave of his magic wand our hero was saved!" In our opinion, that is a very sophomoric approach. Especially at this late phase of the Experience.

Rachel seems to be explaining away a great deal here. Tunnels from previous wars? And how was she able to send her message? There is no mention of technology or computers, let alone a high-speed connection. How was she able to code then send the messages to Malik?

And, “EVIDENCE of Mittelwek’s world-wide decimation plot”, sticks out to us as an unusual phrase. Could EVIDENCE be a new password for something? We’ll be checking Rachel’s StopHanso blog-site for any new updates. We believe we’ll see something this week.

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