Saturday, September 09, 2006


Speaker (Inside the received this (image on left – filename “ironman_1”) in his e-mail box today. The same image reversed (right) reveals that this is a hexadecimal string, which contains a hidden message (and that really brings back some early memories of the Experience.) After running through an Ascii converter the code gives us this: "rewsna ym wonk ydaerla uoy neht era uoy kniht i ohw tuoba gniklat eruoy fi nadjd ot ni llac uoy draeh ti si thgif eht ni uoy gnipeek si ecneicsnoc --m" When the message, which has obviously been flipped backwards, is reversed it gives us this recognizable message: "M--Conscience is keeping you in the fight is it? Heard you call in to D.J. Dan. If you're talking about who I think you are then you already know my answer."

This is an obvious message from Rachel to W. Malik, or the ironman, as he was christened by fans, and her confirmation of a meeting. This refers to the coded message left by Malik on the D. J. Dan’s live call in show on August 11, 2006. If you recall, Malik rattled off a series of numbers (240 249 68 61 37 118 75 233 231 150 36 184 157 51 144 180 253 50 173 30 222 192 13 82 1) that corresponded to the first letter of each word on the page number listed in the code from the novel “Bad Twin.” That message read: "I know where he is, I can set it up." We’re not sure who “he” is (we have our guesses) but it sure seems to be leading us in an interesting direction.

Note: Remember D. J. Dan’s first live broadcast was originally aired on and the call in number was 1-800-942-4704. This may or may not be significant.


Lambda Iota Epsilon

And for those of you who received the following message from concerning the job for “VP or Public Relations…” It is most assuredly fake, but a nice diversion.

“As you may know, the founder of the Hanso Foundation, Alvar Hanso, has been a member of the prestigious Lambda Iota Epsilon fraternity for over 30 years.

We would like to inform you that based on our recommendation they will for the first time ever, open up a position for a non-fraternity member. The position, VP of Public Relations will require someone with a keen awareness of Lambda Iota Epsilons goals and how that can fit into the public at large, especially in regards to future recruits of the fraternity.

Applications can be sent via email to the fraternity at Also you can visit their site for more information on the fraternities history and membership process.


The three things that set it off as bogus are the subject “VP or Public Relations” rather than VP OF Public Relations, the use of the word fraternities rather than the correct fraternity’s and the misspelling of the word namaste. P.S. The initials for Lambda Iota Epsilon are LIE. Quite! And they didn't even leave a URL to their website!

Note: See the side-bar for the hot link to the website.

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