Friday, September 15, 2006


D. J. Dan has changed his next podcast air date again. Click on the “Podcast Archive” link to see the following message:

“Podcast Archive

Next podcast...

CONSPIRASPIES!! Due to recent and reliable reports stating the 74-storey golden robot Zanthazor will return to orbit once again, disrupting the Earth's ionosphere at precisely 7am Pacific Standard Time on September 22 (thank you, Garthazoid!!)...

...Tonya and I have NO CHOICE but to reschedule my worldwide broadcast to 8pm PST on Sunday, September 24!! For those of you who have already put in for a vacation day, my sincerest apologies, but look at the bright side! Now's the perfect time to do yourself a solid and and spend the day in your official DJ Dan Certified 60 Megaton Bomb Shelter!

Until the 24th, ConspiraSpies, stay suspicious, stay vigilant, shield those eyes from Zanthazor's golden rays, and KEEP SHUTTING DOWN THE MAN!!”

Considering it would take a massive Gamma Ray Flare to disrupt the Earth’s ionosphere we believe the change was made for other more mundane reasons. However, we suspect that a number of people who were complaining now are breathing a sigh of relief and a number of people who took a day off of work (yours truly included) to listen to D. J. Dan on the 22nd are now complaining. In any event, many more players are going to be able to tune in and listen than would have on Friday. And that is the real reason the change was made!

Now, if he’d only tell us where to tune in …

P.S. For those who didn’t know, the biggest man-made explosion in history was a 60 Megaton Hydrogen bomb dropped on a Siberian island from an airplane in a Cold War military demonstration by the Soviets. (One Megaton is the explosive force of one million tons of TNT. [Energy released by 1 megaton H-bomb (fusion): 5.0*1015 Joules]).

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