Thursday, September 07, 2006


An update occurred today on the D.J. Dan website today. Click on the Podcast Archives to see the following message. It looks like another live show... this time on a Saturday (September 23rd 8AM PST 10AM Central) during the day. Should see a huge turnout for this. Details have yet to be released. When they are I'll post them here!

"Podcast Archive

Next podcast...

ConspiraSpies - loyal ConspiraSpies, suspicious ConspiraSpies, lonely ConspiraSpies (you KNOW I read those emails!) - I have just one question for you:


They thought they shut us down. They thought they had us scared. The Hanso Foundation thought they could just swing that pastel hammer of oppression at our noggins and expect us to flinch!! But, did we flinch? Heck n- well... okay, maybe we flinched a little. Pastel hammers of oppression hurt, ConspiraSpies! But are we gonna hide in the shadows with our heads in the sand? Or are we gonna take it on the chin and give 'em one back?

That's right! It's time to liven things up with another LIVE SHOW!!!
September 23, 8am PST, it's a DJ Dan Special Live Event: "The DJ Strikes Back!"

This time, it's personal."

Time to dust off those old questions for D.J. Dan. My advice... send your most lucid and thought provoking questions... or better yet your craziest theories and conspiracies.
D.J. Dan's e-mail address is:

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