Thursday, September 14, 2006


Another coded message has been found at posted a large binary string as the “Apollo bar image” today at 10:41am from Sri-Lanka. (Hint: to find this entry look in either the recent finds or search for "Sri Lanka" in the locations.)

The binary translates (skip code 12) to the following lines:

Reading top to bottom, from the left the message is decoded as: "You lived in 3 different apartments. Be waiting outside your second at 7:45 PM. I'm sending a car. Hope you remember the brand of iron you hit me with, because that's the code."

Malik has set up a meeting, presumably tonight (?) in NYC at quarter to eight with Rachel. He has instructed her to remember the name of the iron because that is the code. But what he should have said was "code word." Since Malik is sending a car the driver would know her only by the code word. Very clever!

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