Monday, September 04, 2006


Richer Broader Deeper Fragment Code 62

The Richer Broader Deeper webpage has what seems to be another glyph code. Click on the “Breathe Sports” link (the baseball) and then click on the stadium seating under the jet ski. The word “QUARANTINE” will appear in lettered signs. This clue comes from the ROT thread discussing packed stadiums and fans.

The video is of Mittelwerk who detects Rachel filming his speech. He then says, "Is there something... reflecting... in the back?" Rachel says, “Oh, God!” and Mittelwerk yells, “Somebody grab her!” An unknown man says, "There she is!"

Mittelwerk’s speech is interrupted when he notices a reflection from Rachel's camera. The Hanso Foundation logo can be plainly seen on one of the boxes. This is the fragment that comes just before Rachel is chased down by Mittelwerk and his “associates.”

Retrievers of Truth Update

Using the password “Steinbeck” at the ROT page you’ll find the following new forum thread:

With the end zone in sight the team must call the next play. - 09/4/06

iobiSeeingYou 11:22am Hanso's presence amongst us has diminished greatly.

Fiberoptician 11:24am Yeah, and it's really weird. They were all over us like outta-town relatives.

iobiSeeingYou 11:25am Things are changing.

DSLerator 11:28am Times, they are a changing.

Fiberoptician 11:30am Hey did BB ever come up with those season tickets?

BroadBandBeatnik 11:31am It's over fiber?

Fiberoptician 11:40am What, my dreams of rooting for the home team in a packed stadium? Offering my encouragement to all the players on the field as well as those at home on their couches? No my friends. It's not over because I am there. I will always be there. For every yard of field gained and lost… I am there. For every touchdown scored… my hands will be in the air. I am a part of that throng you so casually dub, the fans. Loyal to our team and our city with painted faces, chests and hands.

iobiSeeingYou 11:42am Ok Fibe we get it.

DSLerator 11:43am No, they don't get it. You tell 'em Fiber!

Fiberoptician 11:55am Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night shall keep me from my ticketed seat. I'll be there early to tailgate and late into the night even if we're assured defeat. Because I am the spirit, the core, the heart and soul. It's not just about beating this team or that team but about that road… that trip to that super bowl. And while we may not make it - and it has been a while - we will always keep our head held high.
Because at the end of the day, the season, the year, you know what they'll say? They sure did try.

DSLerator 11:57am YEAH!!!!

iobiSeeingYou 11:57am Ugh.

BroadBandBeatnik 11:59am The man is dedicated. I'll give him that.

Fiberoptician 12:09pm See you all in the stands! Happy Labor Day and I'm out.

DSLerator 12:11pm Yeah, Happy Labor Day to all the fans who've read us and helped us out.

iobiSeeingYou 12:13pm Happy Labor Day to all that have labored with us in this cause.

BroadBandBeatnik 12:15pm Keep the faith and keep up the good work.

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