Sunday, September 10, 2006


It seems The Lost Ninja has received an e-mail this evening that is also strange in content. And it appears that Rachel and Malik are using the Experience blogs to send each other messages.

The Lost Ninja posted this entry with the following image:

“Apollo news and one weird email!
by Lost Ninja
posted on Sep 11 10:48am
Hey, and this is just a quick heads up to let you know the Third Phase of The Greatest Heist In History has just kicked off and I'm about to run, not walk, run to the post office and get them on their journey. Well, what are you waiting for, I hear you ask?
I just got sent this weird email that I needed to shoot to you. The thing was tricked out so it looked like it had bounced back to me - but I don't ever remember making this image! Ninjas, can you help a brother out?
I've gotta scoot now, but I'll be back later - I've got some red hot theories running through my mind now that we've got all the Sri Lanka video, and I'm keen to share :)

Click here for larger image.

With the image rotated and flipped the following message can be found:

zt == zo yjoml oyd gsot yp dsu. ejsyrbrt vpmdvormvr zo jsbr esd nio;y pm gsi;yu rwio[,rmy/ zyjodod s ,syyrt pg fiyu/ z;pus;yu/// zd[rslomh pg ejovj. zobr nrrm ytpin;rf nu yjr brtu trvrmy fods[[rstsmvr pg sm p;f gtormf/ fr zxu;bs/ zer s;;
dse upit zdto z;smls bofrp/ zupi ertr vs[yitrf sy yjr rmf. smf ury. yjrtr upi ertr.n;sdyomh yjpdr z;pdy [tpfivrtd om zdsm zforhp mpy s errl ;syrt/ zsmf. zo jsbr ypepmfrt/// fof fr zxu;bs jsbr dp,ryjomh yp fp eoyj yjsyz zfp upi lmpe ejsyd nrvp,r pg jo,z

Using a keyboard transference code (1 key to the right) we come up with the following message. But who is de Zylva?

"R -- I think it's fair to say, whatever conscience I have was built on faulty equipment. This is a matter of duty. Loyalty... Speaking of which, I've been troubled by the very recent disappearance of an old friend, de Zylva. We all saw your Sri Lanka video. You were captured at the end, and yet, there you were, blasting those Lost producers in San Diego not a week later. And, I have to wonder... did de Zylva have something to do with that? Do you know what's become of him?"

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