Wednesday, September 13, 2006


HANSO EXPOSED MORSE CODE MESSAGE was updated today with a hidden message. After logging in you will see a flashing asterisk next to the /Send. Save sequence * links (see image below).

Click on the flashing asterisk to find this MP3 message. This Morse code message is just over 4 minutes long, which when translated reads:

“M –
I wish it were that simple. Fact is, as much as I want to, I still can't trust you.
I want to believe you are the man who helped me in Paris, but de Zylva's name was not unknown.
You could be Mittlewerk himself, springing a trap under my feet.
I need confirmation it's you.
I need you to tell me something only you could know.”

Rachel is obviously demanding proof that Malik is who he says he is. No time like the present to take precautions, huh Rachel? There is a lot of speculation that he will divulge some secret concerning her parents. I believe it will be much more simple than that – perhaps a discussion about their meeting in a hotel room or in the basement of said hotel. Or a code word only he would know. I do not think a great reveal will be given to us regarding this meeting. If anything, we’ll most likely have more questions than answers after they meet in Norway.

So far, we have seen message from Malik to Rachel in the following forums:
The D.J. Dan Live Broadcast and “Bad Twin” the novel, Inside The Experience (Speaker), The Lost Ninja, The Other Girl, and now Hanso Exposed. I would venture to say that we will see a message from one or the other in every major webpage that has been included in the Experience. Look for the next clue(s) to be found in ROT, Rachel’s Secret Blog, Let Your Compass Guide You, etc. If I were betting I’d say that we’ll end up at Rachel’s Stop Hanso page.


The newest TV Guide (September 18th-24th Issue) contains the following Lost Experience article:

"Lost's Numbers Finally Add Up

ABC's online Lost supplement, the Lost Experience, delivered a major payoff on September 8th. An unlocked video detailed how a mathematician was commissioned by the United Nations in 1962 to calculate the timetable for humanity's extinction.

The resulting Valenzetti's Equation was based on factors represented by Egyptian Hieroglyphics, each of which was assigned a numerical value: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, a.k.a. what would become Hurley's cursed digits. Though the Hanso Foundation created the Dharma Initiative to stave off the forecast apocalypse, the foundation's impatient acting president Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk is itching to unleash a virus that will snub 30 percent of the world's population.

Fans who followed the Experience may someday experience deja vu when watching LOST on TV. Says Michael Benson, senior vice president of marketing for ABC: "There's no reason [the Experience's events] can't be integrated into the program."

- Reported by Matt Webb Mitovich"

I would question the evidence surrounding the use of the phrase major payoff! In reality, there is very little useful information that has been revealed by the video that has not already been found and pieced together by the community of people researching the Experience. A few minor pieces of information have been released via the video – the use of the virus on people and the 30% mortality rate – but no real useful information has actually been disclosed.

Is this an unsuccessful attempt of a non-player to explain the numbers? I think it may be! While the idea may be correct there are some major problems with this statement. Is the Valenzetti Equation really based on factors represented by Egyptian Hieroglyphics? While hieroglyphics are represented in both the series and the Experience there is no reason to believe that each of the hieroglyphics have been assigned a number. Rather, the numbers represent factors that may contribute to the decimation of mankind. At least, that is what I took away from the Sri-Lanka video.

The most intriguing part of this article though is the fact that TPTB have acknowledged that the players of the Experience may see part of their months of research and labor payoff in the form of an inclusion of some form from the Experience into future episodes of Lost. Wouldn’t it be nice… watching a future episode of Lost and they mention Malik or Mittelwerk or Rachel Blake or even a guest appearance by one of them? This is very exciting and extraordinary news for the extreme fans of Lost and The Experience. I, for one, can’t wait!

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