Friday, July 21, 2006


Rachel has posted another entry today and there is a great deal to take in. Click on the words, “FIND THE VIDEO NOW.” This will take you to the Retrievers of Truth page. Follow if you will... There were reports today that the ROT forum group gave a clue on AIM about Pedro Armendariz, the actor. We were told to focus on his work, not his life. It was later learned that he played a role in the movie adaptation of "The Pearl" called "La Perla" written by John Steinbeck. This led to "Steinbeck" as the new ROT password log-in. (Also found in the source code) Find the thread, “3 will.. 3 will… ROCK YOU!” This conversation, then, holds the clue: Fiberoptician 11:56am You'd be richer, deeper, and broader my friend. Oh yeah. There was this other thing, wasn't on the menu it was called hoo-gonchoi. And also this conversation: Fiberoptician 12:03am You know, if you go downtown, amongst all those tall buildings, you're bound to see a light in the window of one of them. At the webpage find “Fuel Passions” and click on it. You will find a hot link in a window on the building under the dot of Clicking on the window opens up a login box. The username is "rblake" and the password is “hoo-gonchoi”. In the pop-up window click on the word “clip.” The video will then download (4:14). Whew and wow!!

  • St. Germain de Pres Video Quicktime

  • St. Germain de Pres Video YouTube

  • Transcription of Rachel video:

    Key unlocks a door.

    Rachel: (whisper) I’m in Hugh and Darla’s flat. Looks like our turncoat I.T. guy was right. Mittelwerk didn’t know about this place.

    Rachel is frightened of her reflection in the mirror. Sound of voices in the hallway. Rachel finds a note from Hugh (see Rachel's blog for image).

    Rachel: Heading to the racket club. Didn’t want to wake you. Can you be ready by 3? I’ll swing by and pick you up. Hugh. If I was Darla I’d hide it… behind the video of Gidget.

    Video fast forwards.

    Rachel: O.K. guys, here it goes. An I.D. with my face on it. (see photo montage below) Healthway Alliance. A plane ticket. Sri Lanka. That was the island? All those injections for Sri Lanka? What the hell?

    Rachel finds a remote control and presses play. Another video begins on the T.V.


    Darla: Rachel, um, I guess I feel a bit ashamed coming to you like this. But please understand why I had my friend deliver this package to you in the park. (sigh) By the time you’re watching this, I’ll be, ah, see that’s the reason. The end of that sentence is always dead and God knows, I don’t want to be that cliché. By the time you watch this I’ve left the bloody country. I’ve left him. I’ll have run. I made you an ID pass. Use it. Mittelwerk's about to do something awful, Rachel. I'm not quite sure what, but I know you, you'll find out. Just one last bit, um, if Hugh's still, you know, around . . . Look, I know how you feel about these people and about us but I love him, Rachel. There’s still a good man in there. He got caught up but he’s been helping me. Sri Lanka was the last straw for him too. And believe it or not, but he’s been protecting you. Mittlewerk’s convinced, at least for now, he doesn’t want a martyr on his hands. But that doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind. Especially after you uncover what’s happening in Sri Lanka. Whew, so, be safe, love and get the bastards for me will ya. Once this is all said and done we’ll have martinis in Monte Carlo. You know, I never met the big man, Hanso but something tells me he’d be pr… (video ends)

    More static

    Rachel: (looking through the package) Spider Protocol, Trial J. And this is the ship. Paik Heavy Industry. The Hanso Foundation. The Helgus Antonius its, its a hospital ship? Oh, God, why are all the wards labeled quarantined?

    Contents of the Package (as appears on Rachel’s blog page):

    Photo # 1: Confidential - Spider Protocol – Healthway Alliance – Melanie Walker (photo of Rachel Blake) – Badge # M-4937-HWA – (At bottom of screen) # 0120208945-ASR9
    (N0te: I'm being told that the code 3of9 bar code at the bottom of the Melanie Walker badge reads, "Andrew Shea.")

    Photo # 2: Confidential – Spider Protocol – Classified - # 0120208945-ASR9 – (Background document) Districts Land Use 1981 – 1984 1:100,000

    Photo # 3: Map of Sri Lanka

    Photo # 4: Boarding Pass
    Name: Melanie Walker
    Frequent Flyer Nbr: ASL-486005934105
    Ticket Nbr: 0122123004920512-0052
    Seat: 15-A
    Gate: A-6 Please confirm Gate assignment
    Date: 15JULY2006
    Flight: ASL-1707
    Depart: (CDG) Paris, France 10:15AM
    Arrive: (CMB) Colombo, Sri Lanka 3:55PM
    Coach Class
    Confirmation: 7UBASRA
    Request: window
    Seat: 15-A
    Barcode # : 0000910025367852

    Photo # 5: (Structural view of “Helgus Antonius” with red areas of quarantine)
    BUILT: 2001
    NAME: Helgus Antonius
    LENGTH: 321.0 m
    O.A.: 45.6 m
    BEAM: 9200
    TEU: 107200

    (Red Square) QUARANTINED
    * DEADWEIGHT TONS: 61,441 MT
    * LENGTH: 294.13 M
    * WIDTH: 32.26 M
    * DRAFT: 13.50 M
    * CAPACITY: 4,578 TEU


    Video Observations:

    1. Solid wood door (and key given to Rachel by The Fixer)
    2. Kitchen table and chair
    3. Kitchen sink full of dishes (Live bug crawls along edge)
    4. Kitchen counter with Sprite can, urn and kitchen knick knacks
    5. White statue on the kitchen counter (Indian in nature? Persephone)
    6. Large gold-framed mirror
    7. Bobble-head on the piano wearing a Jeep shirt (Jack Shepherd)
    8. Un-made bed and full-length door mirror
    9. Caricatured animal masks on wall
    10. Hugh’s letter to Darla and clock (the time on the clock is 12:39)
    11. Lamp, chest of drawers
    12. Wooden floor
    13. Entertainment shelf with books, videos, stereo equipment, T.V., etc.
    14. Video cassettes: (in order left to right) “Max & Sam – Provincetown”, “Steve “BMOC” 96' “, “Chris - Jackson Hole 91' “, “Video of Gidget”, “Jordan's 28th B-DAY” , “Stu - Sumo Tourney”
    15. Lamp and table
    16. Envelope with the following items: Melanie Walker, Healthway Alliance I.D. Badge, Boarding pass to Sri Lanka, Districts Land Use and 1981-1984 document, and map of Sri Lanka
    17. T.V. Remote control
    18. Darla video (in the same apartment)
    19. Lamp and table
    20. Map of Sri Lanka
    21. Photo of land mass?
    22. Spider Protocol – Trial J document
    23. Schematic drawing of the Helgus Antonius


    Is Melanie Walker a character from Batman? What is the Healthway Alliance? Is the Helgus Antonius quarantined to keep an infection/virus in or out? Does TRIAL J imply that there was TRIALS A through I? And what is the Spider Protocol? It is odd, however, that the Fixer told Rachel that much would be revealed when she went to Darla and Hugh’s flat, when in reality all we ended up with was more questions.

    See Spider PROTOCOL document transcription in my post dated Friday, June 30, 2006 RACHEL BLAKE ICELAND POST 03 / D. J. DAN PODCAST 06/30 / D.J. DAN WEBPAGE UPDATE / ROT CLUE UPDATE

    And Mandrake Wig posted to his blog at:

    New ROT newsletter:

    Dear friends,

    I'm a truly honored to have so many loyal and dedicated fans and supporters. I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you and discuss my work and the science of what I do but alas, that would be too time-consuming for the both of us.

    I understand you all took my advice to heed change. Or at least a few of you read my words and took note of it and that's all I can ever ask. Remember don't ever dwell on the changes that confront us on a daily basis but face them head on and allow them to evolve your life and yourself.

    I won't tax your time or your brain today with a long message but I would like you all to take a moment out of your busy schedules to sit down in a quiet place, relax, and think about all the good things in your lives. While they may seem few and far between they do exist. It is easier to think of and focus on the negative but not always the healthiest or the most productive way to utilize your mental energies.

    When the mind is at rest it is at its most productive. Maybe that's why the yellow lab will rest up to 18 hours in a day. Think about that my friends and have a wonderful day.

    Yours truly,
    Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole


    ameliacrater said...

    I remembered Hoo-Gon Choi right away because of this unforgettable phrase: "Consider this warning to be light in animus, but weighty in its urgency..." It's part of the ELECTROMAGNETIC RESEARCH INITIATIVE--06/13/06 clues. "Light in animus"? He must be a pretty mellow dude if he can take stuff like mutant fish and aberrant wildlife lightly...

    By the way, my storyline theory is holding up. It's Darla who mentions Sri Lanka in the phone call to Hugh.

    The Alternative said...


    My memory must be fading... and with these large posts I tend to lapse. What is the connection between the Hoo-Gon Choi and the ERI?

    The Alternative said...

    Ah, yes the Korean Minsiter of ??? that wrote the letter to Mittelwerk complaining about the offshore antenna and the deformed fish. Slow sometimes.... thanks for jogging the memory.

    LostinGreensboro said...

    Darla's video contains more that what appears in your transcription. I am just viewing it tonight (7/21) so I don't know if it was changed from when it was first posted. After "I'll have run" add: "I made you an ID pass. Use it. Mittelwerk's about to do something awful, Rachel. I'm not quite sure what, but I know you, you'll find out. Just one last bit, um, if Hugh's still, you know, around . . . "

    The Alternative said...
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    The Alternative said...


    Thanks for the update. You are correct. This line was missed in the original transcription. I have added it to the blog and credited you for the find. I'm not sure if it was lost in lag time or simply not there but I have confirmed that it is now. Thanks!

    The Alternative One

    The Alternative said...

    Added by LostInGreenboro additional video that may have been missed during our first run through, this text: "I made you an ID pass. Use it. Mittelwerk's about to do something awful, Rachel. I'm not quite sure what, but I know you, you'll find out. Just one last bit, um, if Hugh's still, you know, around . . . "