Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Rachel updated her blog again today and she is still in Sanremo (or San Remo for you purists). Rachel has recorded a “conversation” and apologizes for the bad sound quality (I think this may be for all the posts calling her an amateur earlier on). Click on the word “CONVERSATION” and you will be directed to this page:
http://au.blogs.yahoo.com/lost-ninja/ then under the “LOST RADIO” (left sidebar) is a link called “The Truth”. Click on that to get the following page:

Execs on the beach...

Rachel gives us the following log-in information:
User = rblake
Pass: = organharvest

Once you’ve enter the user name and password execs on the beach will reappear as a hot link. Click on it to hear the audio file named

No Yes Men!


“Thomas Mittlewerk: I admit that the fire sets us back but all we’ve really lost is time.

Unknown Woman: And Vigi Benoffski. If his family goes public…

Thomas Mittlewerk: They won’t! I’ve seen to that.

Unknown Woman: We’re already funneling millions into your mental programs without knowing if this equation is even…

Mittlewerk: You say it like its an insult, “Mental Programs.” The Mental Health Appeal is the centerpiece to all our future plans.

Peter Thompson: Tom, we’re not disputing the theory. But take a step back, how can we know with any real certainty that we are working with the real Valenzetti Equation?

Thomas Mittelwerk: Because Peter, I am certain!

Unknown Woman: What does Hanso have to say?

Thomas Mittlewerk: Hanso is totally on board.

Peter Thompson: Yeah, it’d be nice if he made an appearance.

Thomas Mittlewerk: You want to see Alvar Hanso, Peter?!? Why don’t you watch the orientation film, he talks all about the Valenzetti Equation. I’ll send you the DVD.

Peter Thompson: It’s not for me, Tom, it’s for our partners.

Thomas Mittlewerk: (Sighs) Then let me be clear… this IS the equation. Now, if you believe the web geeks legend says Valenzetti never even kept a copy of it for himself and that’s true. He offered it to the U.N. They didn’t want it! But Alvar Hanso did. Hanso wanted to carry out research. Good work based on the Valenzetti Equation and in exchange Valenzetti donated it to us.

Peter Thompson: No, he donated it to Alvar Hanso. We have no real way of knowing if he gave us the real equation.

Thomas Mittlewerk: Do I work for you, Peter or do you work for me? Who cured your cancer? Tell me? I want to hear you say it!

Peter Thompson: You did, Tom!

Thomas Mittelwerk: Then this conversation is over.

Sound of person walking away.”

Does the woman in this audio sound like Tonya or what? And did I detect a bit of the D.J. Dan sound quality to Peter Thompson’s voice? The plot just thickened!

Valenzetti Equation?


And Found said...

Guess what? Dick Cheever's blog now has a video!

The Alternative said...

Tell me, how is the Dick Cheever Blog "in-game"? Show me some proof please!

The Alternative One

BigFishyBob said...

"Does the woman in this audio sound like Tonya or what? And did I detect a bit of the D.J. Dan sound quality to Peter Thompson’s voice? The plot just thickened!"

That's probably because the are using the same actors for different roles! :P

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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