Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Personal note:
Traveling on business…
Room 423 Undisclosed Hotel, San Diego, CA.

The Post:
Rachel has created an entry today in which she says she received a phone call. Since no one knows where she is she recorded it here:

  • Phone call portal

  • User Name: RBlake
    Password: FalseDegree

    This site requires a user name and password. Enter the information provided by Rachel, click select and you can either listen to the file or download it here:

  • GidgetGirl phone call

  • Transcription:

    Rachel: Hello? Hello?

    Woman: Yeah.

    Rachel: Who is this? Hello?

    Woman: Just another Monday morning quarterback.

    Rachel: GidgetGirl? How did you find me?

    GidgetGirl: Is that really important?

    Rachel: Where have you been?

    GidgetGirl: Hiding! Which is what you should be doing.

    Rachel : I am hiding.

    GidgetGirl: If I can find you so can they! But they’re leaving you alone for some reason. Why, Rachel?

    Rachel: I can’t… Why are you calling now.

    GidgetGirl: No! Don’t do that! Don’t avoid the question.

    Rachel: I’m not!

    GidgetGirl: It doesn’t make sense. For me, I’m involved. The man I love, say what you will about him, about us, he’s involved. I can’t get away, but you… Rachel you’ve a choice.

    Rachel: Like you had a choice to fall in love with a married man? I don’t have a choice. I have to do this and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you any more.

    GidgetGirl: (Pause) I have something for you. A package. I think it’s time we met.

    Rachel: Where?

    GidgetGirl: Here, in Paris.

    Rachel: But I’m in Italy, I can’t…

    GidgetGirl: Tomorrow. Check your e-mail. I’ll send you the meet location. It’ll be encoded but you’re smart. That shouldn’t be a problem.

    Rachel: And how will I know you? What’s your name? Please? You know my name!

    GidgetGirl: You made it clear… That’s all I know. (Pause) You’ll know me.

    Rachel: O.K.

    GidgetGirl: One more thing…

    Rachel: What’s that?

    GidgetGirl: No cameras! You’re reckless Rachel and reckless will get me killed.


    The password FalseDegree brings back memories of Mittlewerk's fake degree at CalTech. And the reference to “Monday morning quarterback” goes back to a conversation between Rachel and GidgetGirl when Rachel said the very same thing. It seems to me that some of the clues here are circling back on themselves.

    The voice of GidgetGirl sounds very much like Darla from the Hanso Call Center who left a message concerning Sri Lanka for Hugh McIntyre in the very first clue of the Experience. There is no doubt in my mind that they are one and the same. But is that a South African, British, or Australian accent? And now we know that GidgetGirl/Darla is Hugh’s love interest.

    Rachel is to meet GidgetGirl in Paris. She will receive an encoded e-mail disclosing the location. I assume that the e-mail will also help her recognize GidgetGirl when they meet or perhaps Rachel already has photographs of GidgetGirl (see the GWC badge in an earlier post). But what could the package be? And why Paris? Even with the warning not to I’m willing to say Rachel will bring a camera and a recording device to this meeting.


    Anonymous said...

    The girl with the accent could also possibly be the character called Prude in the "Bad Twin" book. She was Australian and worked for a detective agency called Intercontinental Detective Agency which does lots of work for the Widmore Corp., hinted that it was the Widmore subsidiary.

    ameliacrater said...

    That there's a private investigator in the mix occurred to me, too, because we know from Dr. Perez's letter re: A. Hanso's heart/blood conditions that she has hired an investigator to find him.

    Another Bad Twin connect: the book talks about "Trent's Last Case" a mystery about the suicide or murder of Hanso-like millionaire Sigsbee Manderson, a part played by Orson Welles in the 1952 movie. Could it be that's where the OWelles LYCBYG file name comes from?

    Anonymous said...

    Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

    Anonymous said...
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